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September 20, 2014 / 25 Elul, 5774
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Arab Attacks Against Jerusalem’s Jews at Record High

Palestinian youth hurl stones at Israel Police forces (unseen) during clashes with Police after friday prayers in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras Al Amoud on February 28, 2014, Jerusalem, Israel. Police today in order to prevent riots limted the entrance for Muslim worship to men over age 50. Photo by Sliman Khader/Flash90

Arab violence in eastern Jerusalem.

Arab attacked Jews 157 time in eastern Jerusalem in the month of March, according to a report on Galei Tzahal. Those attacks included stone throwing and firebomb attacks.

That was up from 150 attacks in February, 120 attacks against Jews in January and 140 in December.

For the last year and a half there were no less than 80 attacks against Jews – every month.

80% of the attacks involved stone throwing and 2% involved firebombs. Most ended without injury.

The majority of the attacks happened in the Old City, the City of David and on or near the Mount of Olives.

These attacks were reported by a private security agency, hired by the Ministry of Building and Construction, to protect Jews in eastern Jerusalem, as for some reason police presence in these high-violence areas is minimal.

JewishPress.com has been reporting for the past few years on the multitude of attacks against Jewish visitors to the Mount of Olives and adjoining areas.

New York Family Rescued From Arab Lynch Mob in Jerusalem

Fifth Day of Attacks on Mount of Olives Jews

The Long List of Arab Riots Throughout Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem

Pics: Egged Bus Attacked by Arab Jerusalemites on Mount of Olives

Jewish Children Attacked on Mount of Olives Before Jerusalem Day

Arab Terror Attack and Jewish Protest on the Mount of Olives

Meanwhile, despite putting all their priorities and efforts into it, the police have had no success finding the “price tag” graffiti vandals.

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52 Responses to “Arab Attacks Against Jerusalem’s Jews at Record High”

  1. Just shoot back or through rocks back at them

  2. Ussama Mirza says:

    because people are fed up from the killers of humanity

  3. Lynn Bateman says:

    Wake up world. …

  4. even though how much this people will do to the people of GOD in due time they will win!!!

  5. Isreal is the chosen nation of GOD>> He allows all this things to happens

  6. stop them already

  7. David Landau says:


    The Qur’an recognizes the Right of the Children of Israel to the Land of Israel
    The Qur’an has Moses say to the Israelites about the Land of Israel:

    “And when Moses said to his people: ‘O My People, remember God’s blessing upon you, when He appointed among you Prophets, and appointed you kings, and gave you such as He had not given to any being. O My People, enter the Holy Land which God has prescribed for you, and turn not back in your traces, to turn about losers” – Qur’an, Sura al-Ma’idah (“The Table”), 5:20-21

    “And We brought the Children of Israel over the sea (10:90); And We settled the Children of Israel in a sure settlement, and We provided them with good things” (10:93)
    Qur’an, Sura Yunus (“Jonah”), 10:90, 10:93

    The Qur’an says that God commanded the Children of Israel to fight for the Land of Israel
    Israel was even meant to fight for the Land:

    “Hast thou not regarded the Council of the Children of Israel, after Moses, when they said to a Prophet of theirs, ‘Raise up for us a king, and we will fight in God’s way’. He said, ‘Might it be that, if fighting is prescribed for you, you will not fight?’ They said, ‘Why should we not fight in God’s way, who have been expelled from our habitations and our children?’ Yet when fighting was prescribed for them, they turned their backs except for a few of them; and God has knowledge of the evildoers” – Qur’an, Sura al-Baqarah (“The Heifer”), 2:246

    The Qur’an says that God will return the Children of Israel to the Land of Israel at the End of Days
    The Qur’an confirms the special link between the People and Land of Israel. The Tanach repeats this constantly. The return of the Children of Israel to the Land of Israel at the End of Days is also proclaimed by both Books (Tanach and Qur’an).

    The Qur’an speaks of the final return of the reunited House of Israel, both Jews (House of Judah) and Lost Ten Tribes (House of Ephraim), to the Land of Israel:

    “He desired to startle them from the Land; and We drowned him and those with him, all together. And We said to the Children of Israel after him, ‘Dwell in the Land; and when the promise of the world to come comes to pass, We shall bring you a rabble” – Qur’an, Sura al-Isra (“The Night Journey”) – Bani Isra’il (“Children of Israel”), 17:103-104

    “Surely, We sent down the Torah, wherein is guidance and light; thereby, the Prophets who had surrendered themselves gave judgment for those of Jewry, as did the masters and the rabbis, following such portion of God’s Book as they were given to keep and were witnesses to” – Qur’an, Sura al-Ma’idah (“The Table”), 5:44

    “O believers, be not as those who hurt Moses, but God declared him quit of what they said, and he was high honored with God” – Qur’an, Sura al-Ahzab (“The Confederates”), 33:69

    “We gave the Children of Israel the Book, the Judgment, and the Prophethood, and We provided them with good things, and We preferred them above all beings” – Qur’an, Sura al-Jathiyah (“Hobbling”), 45:16


  8. We need to ask Amos Oz opinion about these events.

  9. If Israel’s Public Security Minister wasn’t afraid of his own shadow, we wouldn’t see those pictures

  10. Ira Abramson says:

    The cowards hide behind ski masks!

  11. Rod Borghese says:

    There will never be Peace between Muslims and Israel because their Quran tells them. ….And fight them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah . – Quran 8:39 http://quran.com/8

  12. Enough is enough. Stop them!!!

  13. Enough is enough. Stop them!!!


  15. Seems like one is as bad as the other :(

  16. Seems like one is as bad as the other :(

  17. time to start shooting

  18. time to start shooting

  19. The cowards hiding their faces!

  20. Or ignoring it??!!

  21. Usani Utum says:

    Blame Israel government for police inefficiency

  22. strike hard against these criminals and cowards arabs.
    G’D bless Israel!

  23. O Phooey! Let them do their jobs.

  24. when u just allow it, why would it stop? FIGHT BACK SWIFLTY! SEND A REAL MESSAGE.

  25. Alan Saul says:

    Push them all out of Israel and close the country. Pull the people out of the West Bank and cut off all aid to the Palestinians. Let them fend for themselves

  26. They are cowards, shoot them where they stand.


  28. The beginnings of the next Intifada? Shoot the little bastard rock throwers where they stand.

  29. No, no rocks…small chunks of lead moving at high velocity!

  30. Camel pee drinking bastards!

  31. Wade Young says:

    shoot the camel jockeys

  32. Tony Mark says:

    The only solution
    1 pal = 1 flash ball. …. Preferably in the face

  33. Why the masks ?
    Are they afraid to show themselves?
    Maybe someone would recognize them and visit their family members. In the evening!

  34. Its time that Israeli Police did something to teach these little bastards a very good lesson, and to hell what the world has to say.

  35. Same in America do we chase the weed man or do we find the terrorist?

  36. Yechiel Baum says:

    over the centuries, Jews have always been forced by the pagans to love apart from the rest of the world by living in ghettos.

    Jews are experts in living in Ghettos so lets make Jerusalem a JEWISH GHETTO and since those philistines kids do not have to go to school for a proper education to benefit mankind, to take the kids and send them into minefields and detonate the mines and rid the world of philistines and mine.This would eliminate the problem from humanity.

  37. How long Jewish people has to be in suffer on they own land? Government is too weak, I can't believe it. that should be taking any action against those animals.

  38. Alan Kardon says:

    When will you be giving classes?

  39. Alan Kardon says:

    You say " using their minds appropriately. " What minds? You will need a very good microscope to find them.

  40. Judith Dowla says:

    Yes, your points of view make good sense. Hiding behind a mask is fine for a masquerade party or for Mardi Gras, let alone Halloween. The women keep their faces hidden accordingly to protect them from other men. I wonder how well that works.

  41. Judith Dowla says:

    I have heard Sergey that effective communication can do wonders in making good changes. A meeting of the minds that makes good sense to both sides. Sometimes a mediator is required to discuss with Group A and Group B separately and then together. A democracy in miniature. Do you have any suggestions to take away the suffering and fear from being assaulted physically and emotionally left, right and center. Please share your theories or ideas. We are all open to solutions.

  42. lol, Realistically we should feel sorry for them because they are brainwashed at a very young age. So I guess that's all they know.

  43. Judith Dowla , MY FRIEND, I wish to my people SHALOM, but not that way , what leftist wants to give up land and sacrifice himself for arabs. I am originally from Kavkaz , Kabardino Balkaria Repablik , we have different approach to those issues , what was created by leftist. Leftist in my opinion is the first enemy of JEWISH PEOPLE AND EREZ ISRAEL. We kavkazi Jew very strictly against betrayer. Jewish people has to be UNITED, no separations or another exuse

  44. Uzi Kattan says:

    The 'police' will act to arrest Jews who fight back while doing nothing against the Arab violence.

  45. Uzi Kattan . Government must protect they own people. I don't care what Obama or freaking Europe could say. I am kavkazi JEW, we first of all thing about family, who cares what neighbor would say.



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