Residents of the south are infuriated with senior IDF and government officials for saying that it was safe to go back to their homes in the south of Israel.

The mayor of Ashkelon, Itamar Shimoni said, “When are we going to learn that you don’t talk to terrorist organization, you eliminate terror organizations. By us there hasn’t been a cease fire, and things haven’t returned to normal. We’ve stayed in our protected areas.”


He added that when a terror organization is still able to threaten a sovereign states, it because [the state] only did half the job.

Residents of the south, who just recently returned home, are now leaving to safer areas in the country for Shabbat.



  1. Israel went to the peace talks in Egypt, gave the army a bit of respite, in tne meantime attention was 100%on Israel and ISIS got busy with no interference. So this is what the indignant west can expect, and NOT from Israel! what irony

  2. I always remember ariel sharon a no-nonses man a man of timber & calibre NEtanyahu wakeup to carillon call to defend isreal of today & tomorrow from the ravenous hamas beasts netanyahu wake up to the realites of time harden your heart & deafen your ears to fight the war against hamas & its arab sympathizers take no pity on hamas & their women children or their lands kill them all& confiscate their lands

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