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August 30, 2014 / 4 Elul, 5774
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Updated: 3 Killed in Brussels Jewish Museum Shooting

Brussels Jewish Museum

Brussels Jewish Museum
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Two men and a woman were killed in a shooting at the Brussels Jewish Museum on Saturday morning. A fourth person who was seriously injured is in the hospital.

Twelve people were treated for shock.

Belgium’s interior minister told Belgian TV that the attack might be anti-Semitic.

Witnesses say the attack was done by a single shooter.

Belgium media is reporting that a suspect has been arrested, and police are looking for a second suspect.

42,000 Jews live in Brussels.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the attack was the result of the unending incitement against Jews and the state of Israel, in Europe.

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66 Responses to “Updated: 3 Killed in Brussels Jewish Museum Shooting”


  2. Loren Renee says:

    Horrible. Blessings to the families.

  3. Why open saturday ? It was Shabbat ? Strange.

  4. In Paris Jewish Museum (Rue du Temple) is closed by shabbat .

  5. Leda Tilton says:

    The interior minister said it “might” be ant-Semitic. Duh?

  6. Beverly Bass says:

    MIGHT be anti-semitic??? If this was any other group of people, it would be outright a race /religious crime…the Jews in Europe are facing the rise of neo-Nazism again which was for so long unimaginable ,,but here it is.

  7. Reuven Ofir says:

    Jews have left Norway. Are leaving France. Now will start leaving Belgium. Soon Europe will be Judenfreii. Will the antisemites celebrate then? Will they then stop worrying about Jews, hating Jews? Who will they hate next when no Jews will be there to hate?

  8. First….Questioning whether the museum is open on Shabbos…is irrelevant. If the reason for mentioning this is to blame the victim…totally unacceptable!! As to 4 Jews murdered….and questioning IF it is biased……….that questioning is merely another notch in the belt of those who try to deny and make light of the resurgence of world-wide anti-semitism.

    It will be interesting to follow the worlds reaction to this horrific event – and to see if this event makes front page news as it does when one of another "group" is gunned down.

  9. In belgium its not run by Jewish people. Thats why they were open on shabbat. And there is a fourth victim who is fighting for his life…

  10. To Armand Miralles: Armand, the Jewish museum is not only made by the Jewish community but by the city of Brussels and many people working a the museum are non Jews… that's why it's open on saturday. too bad for the visitors and workers but the situation is getting worth here and your kipa you can only wear it home , don't you dare in Brussels to go around the corner and show that you are Jew… you can feel it when your out of your house, a good advice without making any panic : stick with your folks and don't go out alone at night , time are changed for us, this is not Brussels anymore but : BRUSS- HELL.

  11. 'la Belgique est le pays le plus faible d'Europe

  12. Israel is the only country that can protect Jews!

  13. The bias against Israel shown by the current administration in Washington has emboldened attackers of both the verbal and physical variety.

    I love my country and its people. I am ashamed and disgusted by my government.

  14. Judith Dowla says:

    Not always can Israel protect the Jewish people but they do their best.

  15. Judith Dowla says:

    Let us track down the snipers immediately. And then go from there.

  16. Jeffrey Zurel says:

    Lived in Belgium for 35 yrs. For your info:
    Total Jewish population of Belgium = 35,000!!
    Antwerp = 15,000
    Brussels = 20,000
    Balance live in smaller cities eg Liege, Gent, Bruges.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I don't love all the American people…the majority dumb a**** voted Øbama in twice. I feel sorry for the ones who didn't vote for him…they have to suffer also.

  18. Judith Dowla says:

    Why pick on the Jews? Ah, the proverbial scapegoat. Got to blame someone besides me, myself and I. As they point at a Jew, how many fingers are pointing back at them? :)

  19. Praying for them and there families

  20. Mary Taylor says:

    I am so saddened by this news. We Christians owe so much to the Jewish people. Jews and Christians around the world are so hated, we must support one another in love and prayer.


  22. I'm trying to tell my fellow westerners what Islamic terrorists are up to. They are following the Quran to the letter, as it says in the Quran a faithful Muslim must do. And their overarching goal is to make an Islamic state out of every country in the world. And the Quran tells them in no uncertain terms that they are justified in using violence, deceit, and pretext to accomplish their holy duty. My fellow westerners need to know this or they are fish in a barrel — vulnerable and defenseless.

  23. There is no such thing as "moderate muslims", nor is there a "radical Islam."
    The people being called terrorists are simply following the Quran, Hadith, and Sira and the life of Muhammad who spent his entire career waging bloody slaughter, raids, raping, plundering and taking slaves.
    This is what Islam IS!
    The sugar coated "religion of peace" version was created for western consumption and is a lie.
    If Mohammed was alive today, he would be a member of Al-Qaida!

  24. I think it's important that muslims know how many people – around the world – despise their wicked, violent, death-cult of a religion.

  25. Mary Taylor says:

    The US government treats its enemies as friends and its friends as enemies. My beloved country is being torn apart by political correctness. I hope we can get good people in office this November or we're lost!

  26. Simply horrible. My heart goes out to the families.

  27. Fico triste quando recebo uma notícia dessas…

  28. Judith Dowla says:

    Mary Taylor Why do certain kinds of people detest the Jews and Christians so much. What are their specific gripes anyway.

  29. Mary Taylor says:

    Judith Dowla, if you don't know already, I can't explain it to you because you wouldn't understand.

  30. How is it possible someone can say the attack MIGHT be anti-Semitic, given the resurgence in Europe lately of the European age-old causeless Jew hatred…sickness, I should say!?? Seems like the Europeans are replaying the 1930's, so let's hope they don't sink into the depravity now as they did 70 years ago.

  31. Judith… That's only because we have very weak Israeli leadership. We need a guy like Moshe Feiglin to be PM Immediately.

  32. Mordichai Shuchat says:

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe spoke many times speak, negotiate with terrorist there will be attacks all over the place it's about time Prime ministers in Israel take full responsibility of any attacks since it's a result of releasing terrorist from prison and negotiating with their leaders

  33. Belgium is almost occupied by the muslims
    and the goverment is so week
    its no place for Jews inymore

  34. :( my Prayers being sent for all affected

  35. Is that possible? Yes because Belgium is almost subjugated by the Muslim population they had so graciously accepted in their country Now They should wake up enough of this hypocritical politicalcorrectness and send them all back to their country of origin -They do not and they will not integrate into our European society

  36. Prayer to all families amen

  37. May they rest in peace

  38. Our heart felt condolences to the families we share your sorrow

  39. Philip Carl Salzman says:

    Why they will hate Israel, of course.

  40. Philip Carl Salzman says:

    Judith Dowla Jews and Christians are condemned by the Quran, Hadiths, and sharia law. Muslims are taught that it is their duty to Allah to subjugate and annihilate Jews.

  41. Donn Gross says:

    Jackie: This has NOTHING to do with America, logic or reason. It is passion, insanity and madness.

  42. Jen Beal says:

    I set here and cry the tears are for all of us, these are our brothers and

  43. Ronny Mol says:

    Dear Mary Taylor, you seem like a respectable person. Become a Noahide and live by the 7 Noahide laws and every common sense law.

  44. Ronny Mol says:

    Boruch Dayan Emet. G-d is the true judge. Every Jewish community outside of Israel will see this type of incident until the Jewish leadership of these communities wake up and say it is time to make aliyah for self protection. Say tehillim (psalms 121) and start packing. The Jewish bible does NOT speak about the communities outside of Israel in regards to the Messianic age we live in. Why? Maybe they got wiped out. Something to think about.

  45. tragic, so sorry for the families involved. My condolences to families,I wish you all long life

  46. no place like home when there is nowhere else to go

  47. true, but their roots are already dead in islam

  48. Donn Gross yes islam is a death cult. Glad I was not born into it

  49. go home to Israel…be safe and be blessed!

  50. Its a cultural museum open to everybody to show the contribution of the Jewish Culture in Belgium and Europe in a old part and famous block in Brussels where they are o lot of shops of antieks open too….its a very open place with no high security . my town….

  51. COME HOME my Belgium and European cousins, no matter what level of Yiddishkeit , you are welcome and needed in our country

  52. This just one more instance of the increasing worldwide attacks on Jews. We need to do anything and everything we can to strengthen and support Israel. It is the only home we have. Politicians wring their hands and say how terrible these crimes are, but if they truly meant any of it, why are we not hearing about prosecutions of any of the perpetrators, anywhere in the world? History has shown us time and again that one thing is always true; we are on our own.

  53. maniacs. every one of them. and every one of their "supporters". grotesque death cult.

  54. Rivkah Lange says:

    So very sad and senseless. Prayers for all…..

  55. Not a bad idea Judith .

  56. Every Jew I know who came to the USA or Israel from Belgium has always told me that anti-Semitism was always present in Belgium and that's the people of Belgium we're talking about.

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