Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel / Flash 90
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the recent opening ceremony for Holocaust Remembrance Day at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem

Families of victims of terror have sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu asking him to stay away from Memorial Day ceremonies at the Mt. Herzl military cemetery.

The Israeli national holiday of Yom Hazikaron — Israel’s Memorial Day — falls on the fourth day in the Hebrew month of Iyar,  which this year is Sunday, May 4.


“Please spare us and other families of the victims of terror from your speech this year,” reads the letter drafted by bereaved parents Yossi Tzur and Ron Kerman.

“Please do not come to the ceremony on Mt. Herzl and please do not speak.

“Since last year’s ceremony you released murderers three times. Three times that you tore at our hearts and ripped at our flesh! If we were really that important and you really joined us in our grief, you would have had the ability to prevent us from suffering once again for nothing.

“We’ve heard plenty of cliches, slogans and hollow promises in your speeches. You do not mean a word of it and we no longer believe in you and any word you say. Your words will fall on deaf ears; leave us alone and let us be together in peace and dignity with our loved ones.”


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. I am really disgusted with this – if we can’t put aside our politics on Memorial Day then what have we become? Netanyahu is not just the man, he is THE OFFICE of Prime Minister of the State of Israel & on Yom Hazikaron this overides everything. lets not forget that he is also a part of a “bereaved family” & agree with him or not, he has a very difficult job in very difficult times.

  2. Why do Jewish people think Obama is so great and continue to vote for him in the US? He has never had a true interest in Israel and do not treat the Jewish people very nice.He has been very disrespectful to Israel and its people.Just wondering.

  3. adam you dont have an idea do you, we did not come back here after 2000 years to see our corrupt cowardly governments give away our holy sites and land to the enemy – if you want to know am ysrael , please go to my facebook page and see the outpouring, the internet revolution for the soldier attacked by arabs yet again, and how the entire nation is totally fed up withour soldiers being endangered day after day after day. how much blood the politicians of israel have on their hands for endangering soldiers and citziens is beyond us ever knowing.our leadership forgets the citizens of israel are jews not goyim, not arabs, jews.they destroy our homes, they hunt us down on fake charges, they take away our rights, they give away our holy sites to the catholic church to the enemies of israel. you are disgusted?? still???

  4. Laura, I think it’s because domestically, his competition was even worse. Romney would have gutted Medicare and Social Security and I have no doubt that had that happened, I’d be dead right now. In the long and short of things that might not matter, but I have friends who I believe would think differently on that. I don’t like Obama and I can’t wait to elect his replacement providing it’s Bernie Sanders and not Hilary.

  5. Hy Chris Roman and Howell Selburn, american jewish communities from east and lest coasts think Obama is Great and voted twice for him and his gang, because liberal views are more important than Israel and Jews. I personally have a lot of friends who ever voted democratic. You have now a new phenomena: a nazi Jewish antisemitic leftist society who support Obama-Jstreet.

  6. I usually supported Netanyahu in the past, I don’t anymore. Other nations and leaders could be blamed (especially since Jews are so heavily invested in the affairs of foreign nations and politics these days especially on this page) but ultimately leaders of Israel have only one constituency to appease–Israel. Mr. Netanyahu has allowed the endangerment of Israelis to appease outsiders. He shouldn’t be allowed to have it both ways. Perhaps he should consider repatriating first.

  7. Oh my
    We need to bound together we r so small in numbers compared to the world filled with haters envy jealousy violence ignorance
    We must find a wAy to coexist stay strong and refuse to buckle under pressure from outsiders whose true faces r often hidden behind a mask
    We must survive and increasingly get stronger
    Invent return to sender some of those gifts from those haters

  8. Israel cannot- should not – and probably legally has no right to give up murderers of Israelis in exchange for political favours to appease a peace process that has nothing to do with territory.

    Arabs have 22 Arab states- one Jew free Palestinian state called Jordan- remember in 1946 the Hashemite took 77% of Palestine – no Jews- and declared itself a new state.

    Now Israel is only 30% of its mandated size. The issue of settlers is about Jews not territory. In Gaza the removal of Jews was the condition not the issue of territory for Palestinians. Once removed the Palestinians began to attack Jews in Israel.

    So yes Leaders in Israel have forsaken their people. Israel is a country – Jews are a people- if the pre condition is to use Jews as currency in peace talks than who can say that is a violation of Jewish rights.

    The Arab world did in fact cleanse Arab Jews from their Arab Jewish homes- 22 Arab states have no Jews- that is JEWS not Israelis!

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