At least one man and woman were killed and one other person was injured in a shooting spree near Ansbach, Germany on Friday.


Unconfirmed reports say that several people were killed. It is not yet known if it a terrorist attack.

Police reportedly have captured the murderer, who fled in a silver Mercedes Cabrio



  1. We have four killed here in NJ, and three in PA, by one gunman, in a matter of days. All three suspects have facial hair like ISIS fighters wear. You know, shaved bare-faced between the soul chop and the chin, the moustache and the rest of the beard cut short. But you will have a hard time finding their photos online.

    And there is no mention as of yet of any radical Muslim sympathies; but it is to be suspected, judging by the hair upon their heads.

    And the national press is ignoring this one, because of their unreasoning sympathy for the radical Muslims, and the irrational fear of generating the fear which they normally so love to generate. The cowards; they are afraid of ISIS sympathizers.

    ISIS sympathizers in my own community…

    I guess, the fight has now arrived.

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