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January 24, 2017 / 26 Tevet, 5777
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Cholent Saves Diaspora Yeshiva from Arab Attack

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Diaspora Yeshiva on Mount Zion

Diaspora Yeshiva on Mount Zion
Photo Credit: Diaspora Yeshiva

On Friday night, 15 Arabs rioters from the Silwan/Shiloach (City of David) broke in and attacked Jerusalem’s Diaspora Yeshiva on Mount Zion.

The Arabs attacked the Yeshiva students inside with stones and blocks, according to a report on B’Chadarei Chareidim.

Fearing the Arabs were armed with guns, the students initially ran away for safety, but they then returned to defend the yeshiva and themselves from the Arab terrorists.

The students began to fight back, throwing chairs at the rioting Arabs, boiling water, and eventually even throwing the Cholent at the rioting Arab infiltrators.

Cholent is a traditional Jewish stew that sits on the fire throughout Shabbat, and is usually eaten for lunch.

After the Cholent was thrown, the Arabs ran away.

Police arrived a half hour after the attack was over.

It’s not known what the students ate for lunch on Shabbat.

Shalom Bear

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  1. KentBarcus814 says:

    Remember, then: keep the cholent HOT!..

  2. The religion of peace. Baahaaaaa. The Arab squatters kill one of their own because he was gay and they blame Israel. You can’t argue with or have peace with this scum. Just get rid of them

  3. DrJLD1 says:

    What took the police so long to respond? Are the authorities actually interested in protecting Jews from Arab attacks?

    From actions undertaken in the last few weeks by the palestinians and hamas (no caps on purpose), it seems like they are provoking an Israeli attack. They think they know something the Israelis don’t concerning weapons, defences, etc.

    If Israel attacks, it had better be like “shock and awe,” followed by an intense and overwhelming ground attack.

    The Americans have discovered over time that piecemeal attacks and “limited” objectives don’t work.

    Either one means to win a war, or one must not do anything. It is not a good idea to issue threats that won’t be backed up by the full power of the IDF.

    Drawing red lines and issuing ultimatums with this kind of enemy are counter-productive. Israeli successes have always come from surprising the enemy, and not from announced “actions.”

    I have misgivings about an attack on Gaza, as I believe the pals. want a war, which they believe they can win.

    Hammer them when you want, and not when they want. If the Americans are advising you on this, ignore their lessons, as they always stop short of real victory. It’s their curse.

    If Israel cannot or will not finish this properly, then they should spend their time doing what they do now…but, continue to ramp-up work on missile defense.

    Do things the right way and SHUT UP. Make the pals. guess, leave them blind!! Or do nothing right now…wait until you certainly have the prospect of secrecy!

  4. JudithYvonneDowla says:

    Operation Aaron’s Rod. Exodus 7:9-12,15; Numbers 17:1

  5. It’s time to keep Uzi’s around.

  6. would have worked even better but maybe not because they are used to living in it lol

  7. That looked like something good to eat! Glad it saved the kids! Glory to G D!

  8. Uzi Kattan says:

    They need to arm themselves with bats, hammers axes and knives since Israel makes it difficult to get pistols.

  9. my mum made the worst cholent in the world even the dog wouldnt eat the leftovers

  10. Roman Druker says:

    What is a Cholent?

  11. Roman Druker says:

    What is a Cholent?

  12. David A Matz says:

    Terrible waste of cholent albeit quick thinking.

  13. JoelCheskySalomon says:

    Country Yossi recommended this use for cholent…

  14. the arabs need to get out of Israel and go back form whenst they came

  15. For those that don’t know what Cholent is…….Cholent is a traditional Jewish stew. It is usually simmered overnight for 12 hours or more, and eaten for lunch on Shabbat. Cholent was developed over the centuries to conform with Jewish laws that prohibit cooking on the Sabbath.

  16. ING ARABS exterminate them kids can’t even enjoy the holy Shabbos

  17. Arab mob or Arab Muslim Mob, translation a jihad happening. Not all Arabs are Muslim and the Muslim ones are the Problem not the plain Arab ones.

  18. We have been hiding the majority of the Jihad/Muslim/Islam problem behind generic terms like Terrorist, mob, Arab, rebels, it is way past time to stop that, a Muslim doing their Jihad is always a Muslim doing jihad is obeying the Islam law to do Jihad.

  19. Migo Steirer says:

    Boiling water might be an effective mean of defense.

  20. best kept secret the stuff does amazing things

  21. YochevedRotenberg says:

    Best use of cholent yet! 😀

  22. אוריאלשוורץ says:

    hysterical! a true chasidic story.

  23. Cholent – the goo that saved the orthodox Jew! Chant – the prayer that protects Cholent the fair that protects So there you have it! The Jewish experience is both food and prayer! 😀

  24. אוריאלשוורץ says:

    they should of waited till after eating the chulent and then attack 🙂

  25. Below the article is a video about Cholent!

  26. Sheesh! It took the police 1/2 hr to get there AFTER the Arabs had left!!!!

  27. Too bad no cholent was left to throw at police when they came “half an hour late”… (late again… AGAIN!!!)

  28. Loren Renee says:

    Good job guys!! I’ve never been a fan, but I’m anxious to give another try next Shabbat!

  29. AvrahamRosenblum says:

    For some reason I feel compelled to post this story, and add a few of my own beans to it. In the BT world, cholent has drawn to, and kept more of us in Classical Torah Learning than all the philosophical lectures, codes, and Kabballah that could be thrown at us. This is further proof of cholent’s ability to preserve and protect B’nai Torah from harm. Quick thinking guys! I pledge a kiddush in your honor!

  30. RabbiFriedman says:

    Its high time to rain in on the Arab hostiles. The police incompetent,lazy,corrupt, anti-religious need to be reconstructed. The minister of police needs to be replaced with a hard hitting enforcer! The present government is cowering! There needs to be a REGIME change in Israel.

  31. AronSafran316 says:

    My mother worked at the Diaspora Yeshiva many years ago – Those Arabs were lucky she wasn’t there or they’d really have gotten an ass whipping! 😛

  32. MikiBacsi169 says:

    It’s typical of the police force. By the time they arrived all students could have been murdered. But if the police and/or army can’t defend Israeli civilians how come most of those civilians are unarmed?


  33. BruceKline says:

    I also don’t like cholent.

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