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July 28, 2014 / 1 Av, 5774
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CNN Tweet Reporter Explains: Only Calling Sderot Israelis Scum

CNN reporter reassigned following tweet referring to Sderot Israelis as "scum." But her excuse (and CNN's) is ironic.
CNN's Diana Magnay reassigned after calling Sderot residents "scum."

CNN's Diana Magnay reassigned after calling Sderot residents "scum."
Photo Credit: screen capture Mediate.com

Yesterday The Jewish Press reported that CNN international correspondent Diana Magnay who was reporting from Israel, near the Gaza border had referred to a group of Israelis in Sderot as “scum.” As noted in that story, Magnay deleted the tweet, but not until many others had already retweeted (and some favorited) it.

This was the tweet that led to Magnay’s reassignment which was announced today:

CNN's Diana Magnay deleted this tweet after sending it. Too late.

CNN’s Diana Magnay deleted this tweet after sending it. Too late.

Today, Friday, July 20, it was revealed that CNN has re-assigned Magnay to Moscow, following an uproar over her “scum” tweet.

“After being threatened and harassed before and during a liveshot, Diana reacted angrily on Twitter,” a CNN spokeswoman said in a statement to The Huffington Post.

“She deeply regrets the language used, which was aimed directly at those who had been targeting our crew,” the spokeswoman continued. “She certainly meant no offense to anyone beyond that group, and she and CNN apologize for any offense that may have been taken.”

What seems to have escaped the notice of both CNN and Magnay is that the defense used to at least partially justify Magnay’s imprudent tweet simply underscores how tone deaf both the station and the reporter are in this situation.

They seem to think that it was only problematic if Magnay was referring to all Israelis as scum. They were quick to point out that actually, she only meant the Israelis who were near her and whom she found annoying were scum.

Imagine this: CNN and its reporter, Magnay, are justifying her loss of temper by pointing to the annoying behavior of people (who live there) standing near to where Magnay was reporting. And yet she was reporting from Sderot, on the Gaza border, where the people she was referring to as “scum” have been living under constant rocket attacks for nine years. Indeed, over the past few weeks, the people acting less than hospitably towards Magnay have experienced up to hundreds of rockets and or rocket alarms each day.

The fact that Magnay lost her cool in a live combat situation reveals a lack of professionalism. The fact that she and her employer felt she was justified in losing her cool at the Sderot residents for annoying her, yet was criticizing them for acting inappropriately under pressure, makes it even worse.

What next? How about a nice desk position editing stories about local fashion shows?

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools.

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180 Comments (Click to Comment)

180 Responses to “CNN Tweet Reporter Explains: Only Calling Sderot Israelis Scum”

  1. ugly person here!!

  2. Esther Lerch says:

    Oh, so only the Sderot people are scummy as far is she is concerned! No bias at all! Nothing to see here, move along. LOL

    Now, if she had been standing in Gaza City (without getting assaulted) and called the nearby residents “scum,” would that be a problem?

  3. Mordechai Motti Luzia says:

    Revoking her visa will be justified too CNN Considered Israel as apartheid state so act like one kick her ASS out Straight to Gaza

  4. Knate Stahl says:

    And CNN News isn’t anti-Semitic? What more proof does one need?

  5. You are a reporter, who granted you permission to judge anyone or anything???? You were not justified to say hurtful, mean ,thoughtless, rude things about anyone, or people will think of you as being all of those things.

  6. Knate Stahl says:

    Had she referred to any Palestinians as scum, there would be world demonstrations, there would be violence, she would lose her job and the UN would issue a proclamation of discrimination against her and CNN.

    But call Israelis (Jews) scum? Oh, yeah, that’s okay.

  7. She should be fired!!!

  8. David Cohen says:

    Assign her to Mogidishu.

  9. Cnn is promoting worldwide violence through there reportage owned by a satanists

  10. Nathan Katz says:

    fair and balanced

  11. very ugly… in heart & mind!

  12. Emil Pieski says:

    Yea, those Jews don’t want to just sit around and get murdered. Go figure.

  13. She looked in the mirror and saw scum.


  15. Masume Tan says:

    Fired that btch

  16. (read my whole post here…) I emailed CNN and thanked them for her comment, because since she is their representative I now know they have switched to tabloid journalism, apparently support Israel’s enemies (she agreed with their opinions, so she must support them) and that they are no longer participating in unbiased journalism, and I appreciate knowing what news companies to ignore.

  17. Lori Lowenthal Marcus… Please read through this petition for CNN rot permanently remove Ms. Magnay from CNN… This is a petition that i have started we now have 71 supporters… i don’t feel that Her excuse and CNN’s apology are good enough. #CNN #RemoveJournalist #DianaMagnay #AntiSemitic

  18. She could ALWAYS try reporting from the OTHER side!! At least in Israel she has the right to her “SCUM” opinions! Let’s see how that would FLY amongst HAMAS! NO REALLY, LET”S SEE!!

  19. Don Hogue says:

    CNN, fire her now! Just sent CNN an email saying as much. If you feel the same way simply Google CNN and at the bottom of the page hit ‘contact us’.

  20. Maybe she should have to live in Sderot for a year minimum and experience the daily rockets before she makes such stupid judgments.

  21. She must have had a very poor upbringing….words like “scum” get used a lot in third class neighborhoods

  22. Send her to Tahrir Square.

  23. And she’s allowed to stay? Why?

  24. R.d. Morgan says:

    CNN is horribly biased….She and Wolf Blitzer are both “Scum.”…

  25. Jim Little says:

    Look BITCH ,you are the scrum! You.should be fired,and rest assured that you will be held accountable for the trash conning out of you filthy mouth.Even looking at your pic disgust me!

  26. Gregg Stern says:

    She should be fired

  27. Judy Richka says:

    And she should be a virgin standing next to Allah oops she is not a virgin

  28. The poor thing; probably looking for attention!!!!!!

  29. Boot her out of Israel

  30. Ita Benjamin says:

    Now, if she had been reporting from Gaza, and the locals there had cheered the missiles falling on Sderot and threatened her, you can bet she’d have been silent about the whole episode.

  31. Mehdi Akalai says:

    She is right you know. Israël is scum #1

  32. Fire the bit-h. End of story. If they don’t do so, hopefully their viewers will bail out and watch another news network.

  33. she needs to be fired NOW!


  35. Then I guess should someone consider her scum, they can call her that, too? I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there that just might!

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