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December 6, 2016 / 6 Kislev, 5777
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Syria, Eat your heart out

Egypt Turning Into Syria as Youths Thrown off Roof (Graphic Video)

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Egpytian Roof Throw July 6

Photo Credit: YouTube / Milliyet.TV

In a graphic reminder of how close Egypt is to the edge, if it hasn’t crossed that line already, Islamic supporters in Egypt were caught on camera throwing  two youths off the roof of a building. If that wasn’t enough, they began beating the boy’s crushed bodies, reminiscent of the act of cannibalism that underscored the complete breakdown of civilization in Syria, when a Syrian rebel ate the heart of a Syrian soldier, on camera.

The youths were celebrating the overthrow of the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohammed Morsi. The Islamists decided to put an end to that.

Islamic and revolutionary opponents have been fighting in the streets since the military coup. The Islamists seem to have an actual majority in Egpyt, where between 30% – 50% of the nation are illiterate.

Warning: Graphic!

As an aside, following the precedent of Hamas’s violent coup in Gaza, Judea and Samaria will clearly descend into the same chaos and anarchy if Kerry has his way, and a Palestinian state is created on this side of the Jordan river.

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  1. brute force of islam to be continued during the month of fastings starting on 9th july 2013 for 40 days.

  2. brute force of islam to be continued during the month of fastings starting on 9th july 2013 for 40 days.

  3. brute force of islam to be continued during the month of fastings starting on 9th july 2013 for 40 days.

  4. Ton Schall says:

    Islam, religion of peace….NOT. (graphic video)

  5. You are absolutely right about the state and beasts are to be held behind fences. Best they be killed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Barbarians! Just like their lying looting raping murdering pedophile "prophet" Mohamed!

  7. Sani Fornus says:

    Uncivilized idiots

  8. Total disgrace. Obama never should have supported Morsi and his thugs.

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