Jordan & Saudi Arabia Cozy Up as MBS Continues Regional Tour

The regional tour by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince comes just a few weeks ahead of a visit to the region by President Joe Biden, intent on reviving the so-called "two state solution."

Lebanon Closes Egyptian-Syrian (shhh, Israeli) Natural Gas Deal

The World Bank, which has pledged financing, and the United States still must approve the deal.

Israel to Export Natural Gas to European Union, Through Egypt

This signing of the MOU is “another step on the way to Israel’s positioning as a natural gas power.” the Ministry of Energy stated.

US Said to be Mediating Egypt-Saudi Talks on Red Sea Islands’ Sovereignty

Report: Tiran and Sanafir islands could be transferred to Saudi sovereignty if negotiations succeed, paving the way to Saudi normalization steps.

As House Probes UFOs, US Army Vets Claim Sighting 8 on Israel-Egypt Border

The three vets said they had been told by a senior officer to “keep your mouth shut.”

Islamic State Attacks Natural Gas Pipeline in Northern Sinai

The blast caused a fire but no casualties, Egyptian security officials said.

It’s All Theater: Israeli Police Action on Temple Mount Coordinated with Egypt and Jordan

“In the eyes of the Palestinians and the Jordanians, this is the most comfortable Israeli government in many years and the wave of condemnation of Israel is nothing but a political show..."

Egypt Condemns Israeli ‘Escalation,’ Claims ‘Settlers Stormed Al Aqsa Mosque’

Egypt called on Israel to stop "any practices that violate the sanctity of Al Aqsa Mosque and other religious sanctities as well as the identity of East Jerusalem city."

Regional Foreign Ministers Land in Israel for Negev Summit

Several urgent issues are on the agenda, beginning with the impending JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran.

PM Bennett Thrilled on Eve of ‘Negev Summit’ – and There’s Lots to Celebrate

At least three of the participants in the hastily-organized Negev Summit share trepidations about the 900-pound mullah in the room.

Lapid, Blinken & Foreign Ministers of UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt to Meet in Historic...

The impending renewal of the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran is expected to top the agenda, along with issues relating to regional energy.

Israel Urging Biden to Sell Egypt F-15s: Better They Should Buy from Russia?

Both sides of the aisle in Congress insist the Biden administration condition the sale of military equipment to Egypt on its improving the human rights situation.

Newly Discovered Jewish Genizah in Cairo Grabbed by Egyptian Government

The Cairo Jews contacted the US embassy, but so far nothing is known about the fate of the precious documents and artifacts.

Bennett in Egypt for Talks with Al-Sisi

A new direct flight route between Tel Aviv and Sharm el-Sheikh is also scheduled to start during Chol Hamoed Pesach.

CENTCOM: US to Sell F-15 Jets to Egypt

“We have good news in that we’re going to provide them with F-15s, which was a long, hard slog,” says U.S. Central Command head Gen. Frank McKenzie.

Israel and Egypt Agree on Direct Flights from Tel Aviv to Sharm el-Sheikh

Flights are expected to begin during the intermediate days of Passover in April.

Egypt’s El-Sisi Has Taken a ‘Strategic Decision to Deepen Ties with Israel’

Report: Egypt is in the midst of adopting a new approach to Israel, striving to deepen economic ties.

IAEA Helping Egypt and Saudi Arabia Develop Nuclear Power, says Director-General

Meanwhile, France said a decision on whether to revive the 2015 nuclear deal was days away, and that Tehran had to make a decision.

Israeli Natural Gas to Flow to Egypt via Jordan

The pipeline runs to the Israel-Jordan border near Beit Shean, and then from there south to Aqaba and into Egypt.

Foreign Minister Baerbock Tells Egypt’s Al-Sissi German Arms Exports Conditioned on Human Rights

The al-Sissi government has been waging an unprecedented crackdown on dissidents.

Congressmembers Express Concern About US-Brokered Energy Deals for Lebanon

US lawmakers are concerned the deals provide a future "blueprint for circumventing" the Caesar Syrian Civilian Protection Act.

Biden Administration Blocks $130M in Military Aid to Egypt Over Human Rights Concerns

However, the White House has approved a $2.5 billion weapons sale to Cairo, which includes 12 Super Hercules C-130 transport planes and three radar systems.

CT Scan Shows Pharaoh Was Circumcised

The scientists discovered, among other things, that all of the Pharaoh's teeth were accounted for.

Ancient Christian Manuscripts from Mount Sinai Monastery Go Online via Israel’s National Library

The new, free collection includes images of 1,600 manuscripts, dozens of rare photos, and color footage taken after the Six-Day War.

Europe’s Largest Gas Pipeline Group Buys 25 Percent of Israel-Egypt Company

An Egyptian company will buy 85 billion cubic meters of gas, worth an estimated $19.5 billion, from Israel’s Leviathan and Tamar offshore fields in the Mediterranean Sea over a period of 15 years.

3 Egyptians Dead, Hundreds Hurt in Scorpion Attacks

Scorpions can also be found in the homes, as they sometimes are in Israeli communities in the Negev.

IDF Thwarts Massive Drug Smuggling Op on Egyptian Border

Unlike recent similar incidents, the clash with the smugglers did not include an exchange of fire.


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