Ramadan Violence Summit Takes Place as Arab Terrorist Shoots Another Israeli in Huwara

Sunday’s summit took place as a Palestinian Authority terrorist attacked an Israeli couple while their vehicle was passing through the flashpoint village of Huwara.

Israel Vows ‘No Settlement Freeze’ Despite Claims to Contrary After Jordan Summit

Netanyahu: "Construction and regulation in Judea and Samaria will continue according to the original planning and construction schedule, without any changes. There is and will not be any freeze."

Jordan to Host Summit in Hopes of Restoring ‘Calm’ to Judea, Samaria & Gaza

Jordan: The summit is intended to "end unilateral measures [by Israel] and a security breakdown that could fuel more violence."

Leaders of Egypt, Jordan, PA Meeting to Discuss Israeli Government

The discussions will center on Jerusalem's policies in Judea and Samaria.

Israeli Volunteers Repair Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira’s Egypt Tomb in Covert Operation

The work at Damanhur was carried out in collaboration with Egyptian officials, with volunteers cleaning the grave and its perimeter, restoring damaged windows, and repainting the tomb’s walls.

John Kerry Shakes Hands with Nicolás Maduro – Will He Collect the $15 Mil....

The State Department said the handshake was "unplanned,” and “immaterial," despite its denouncement of Maduro only days earlier.

Palestinian Authority Approves Gaza Offshore Gas Deal

Hamas doesn't want to openly bicker about their share of the gas, as that would take away focus from “igniting” the region.

Egypt Confirms Gaza Natural Gas Field Deal with Israel

So, Israel and the PA will each get their cut -- and Hamas?

Shin Bet Chief in Egypt for Meetings After Death of Terrorist in Shechem

Bar's visit is aimed at cooling down Egyptian dissatisfaction with the recent IDF arrest operation in which a top Fatah terrorist was killed in Shechem.

Dozens Killed in Egyptian Church Fire

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el Sisi offered his condolences by phone to Coptic Christian Pope Tawadros II.

Russia’s FM Lavrov Meets in Cairo with Egypt’s Pres. El-Sisi

On Saturday, Ukraine's Black Sea port of Odessa was targeted by Russian missile fire despite a deal reached the day before to release shipments of millions of tons of grain from the port.

Report from Cairo: Egyptian Doctors Warn Against ‘Hitler Shot’

“The Hitler shot has been around for a while and we in the medical community have been aware of it for some time."

Israeli Media Outlet Exposes Lapid’s Plan for Revitalizing 2-State Talks

Yes, Virginia, there is a 2-State solution, and it’s being cultivated behind the scenes by Israel’s latest prime minister.

Russia Building Egypt’s First Nuclear Power Plant

The United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) expressed “full support” for the project.

Jordan & Saudi Arabia Cozy Up as MBS Continues Regional Tour

The regional tour by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince comes just a few weeks ahead of a visit to the region by President Joe Biden, intent on reviving the so-called "two state solution."

Lebanon Closes Egyptian-Syrian (shhh, Israeli) Natural Gas Deal

The World Bank, which has pledged financing, and the United States still must approve the deal.

Israel to Export Natural Gas to European Union, Through Egypt

This signing of the MOU is “another step on the way to Israel’s positioning as a natural gas power.” the Ministry of Energy stated.

US Said to be Mediating Egypt-Saudi Talks on Red Sea Islands’ Sovereignty

Report: Tiran and Sanafir islands could be transferred to Saudi sovereignty if negotiations succeed, paving the way to Saudi normalization steps.

As House Probes UFOs, US Army Vets Claim Sighting 8 on Israel-Egypt Border

The three vets said they had been told by a senior officer to “keep your mouth shut.”

Islamic State Attacks Natural Gas Pipeline in Northern Sinai

The blast caused a fire but no casualties, Egyptian security officials said.

It’s All Theater: Israeli Police Action on Temple Mount Coordinated with Egypt and Jordan

“In the eyes of the Palestinians and the Jordanians, this is the most comfortable Israeli government in many years and the wave of condemnation of Israel is nothing but a political show..."

Egypt Condemns Israeli ‘Escalation,’ Claims ‘Settlers Stormed Al Aqsa Mosque’

Egypt called on Israel to stop "any practices that violate the sanctity of Al Aqsa Mosque and other religious sanctities as well as the identity of East Jerusalem city."

Regional Foreign Ministers Land in Israel for Negev Summit

Several urgent issues are on the agenda, beginning with the impending JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran.

PM Bennett Thrilled on Eve of ‘Negev Summit’ – and There’s Lots to Celebrate

At least three of the participants in the hastily-organized Negev Summit share trepidations about the 900-pound mullah in the room.

Lapid, Blinken & Foreign Ministers of UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt to Meet in Historic...

The impending renewal of the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran is expected to top the agenda, along with issues relating to regional energy.

Israel Urging Biden to Sell Egypt F-15s: Better They Should Buy from Russia?

Both sides of the aisle in Congress insist the Biden administration condition the sale of military equipment to Egypt on its improving the human rights situation.

Newly Discovered Jewish Genizah in Cairo Grabbed by Egyptian Government

The Cairo Jews contacted the US embassy, but so far nothing is known about the fate of the precious documents and artifacts.

Bennett in Egypt for Talks with Al-Sisi

A new direct flight route between Tel Aviv and Sharm el-Sheikh is also scheduled to start during Chol Hamoed Pesach.

CENTCOM: US to Sell F-15 Jets to Egypt

“We have good news in that we’re going to provide them with F-15s, which was a long, hard slog,” says U.S. Central Command head Gen. Frank McKenzie.


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