Israeli Natural Gas Starts Flowing to Egypt

Netanyahu said it was a big day for Israel, which was turning into an energy superpower.

Geula Cohen Was Right

Geula Cohen, brave woman, you were right and so many of us were dead wrong. Which is why so many of us are dead, before our time.

Israel Approves Gas Export to Egypt Before the Leviathan Offshore Rig Becomes Operational

The government approved the export of a total of 60 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas from Leviathan, and 25 bcm from Tamar over the next 15 years.

Israeli Electricity Authority Accepts $500 Million Settlement From Egyptian Gas Companies

Egyptian gas companies halted deliveries of natural gas between 2011 and 2013 after terrorists blew up the pipeline in the SInai.

Egyptian Vocalist Who Sang ‘I Hate Israel’ Dies at 62

The lyrics are written in a stark, simple repetitive style which Abdel Rahim sang in a traditional Shaabi dialect, making it a massive hit across the Arab world.

President Rivlin Remembers the Fallen of Sinai Operation on Its 63rd Anniversary

"We will not rest until quiet returns and our neighbors understand we can live together, that it is better to live in peace,” the President said.

US Appoints New (Jewish) Ambassador to Cairo

The new US Ambassador to Egypt earned a graduate degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

Egyptian Army to be First to Operate Hundreds of Upgraded T-90 Tanks

According to information released by the Egyptian army, it is preparing to arm more than 1,000 new T-90s, upgraded to billions of dollars, for deployment.

In Egypt, Anti-Regime Protests Continue a Second Night

Cairo-based international journalists were reminded Saturday evening to “abide by internationally recognized professional standards” in covering the protests.

Egypt Again Faces Protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was forced to end his reign in 2011 by mass protests in Tahrir Square.

Russian Ambassador to Egypt Dies in Cairo

The Russian government did not reveal the cause of death.

Egyptian Judo Association: Mohamed Abdel Aal Refused Israeli Winner’s Handshake over Bad Refereeing

This is not the first time an Egyptian judoka refuses to shake the hand of an Israeli rival who had defeated him.

Sisi Warns Hezbollah Against Armed Conflict with Israel

If Hezbollah launched tens of thousands of missiles at Israelis, the president said, "this would have a significant impact on the Middle East, and the region will find itself in a major conflict."

Turkey, Russia, Laying Claim to Mediterranean Off-Shore Gas

Since 2009, offshore oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean have been the subject of territorial disputes between Turkey on one side and Greece, Cyprus and Israel on the other.

Lufthansa Resumes Flights to Cairo After 24-Hour ‘Safety’ Suspension

It is still not clear why the airline chose to suspend its flights to the Egyptian capital, and the company hasn't offered any explanation.

British Airways, Lufthansa, Cancel Cairo Flights over Security Concerns

The UK foreign office issued a travel advisory to British nationals planning to visit Egypt, saying "there is a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation."

In Humiliating Blow, Egypt Prevents Hamas Leader from Leaving Gaza

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh had planned to travel to Iran, Turkey and Qatar to raise funds • Gaza media claims Egypt and Israel are working together to undermine the terrorist group's ties to Iran.

Egypt Pushes to Finalize Agreement between Israel and Hamas

Egyptian pressure on Hamas is meant to soften the terror group’s stance vis-à-vis Israel and the PA while detaching it from Qatari influence.

PA Calling Trump’s Peace Deal a Bribe While Entire Region Plans to Attend Bahrain...

Judging by the positive reaction to the Trump plan across the Western-affiliated Middle East, everybody who is anybody has already jumped on the American bandwagon.

Trump’s Deal: Rail, Highway Connecting Gaza and PA, $50 Billion in Economic Projects

This is a well thought out plan, aimed at the actual source of suffering of Arab society, and offering realistic solutions. Heck, I'd love to see Israel adopting these principles.

Morsi Buried in Cairo Against his Family’s Wishes

The last thing President al-Sisi needs is a shrine to Morsi some 80 miles away from Cairo, to be frequented by enemies of the regime.

Police Bust Massive Drug Haul on Egyptian Border

Police seized hundreds of kilograms of drugs worth millions.

Report: Israel Testing Gas Flow to Egypt Ahead of Renewed Commercial Supply

The estimated revenue from both contracts, as reported last year by the partners in both reservoirs, is about $15 billion, with about half the money going into Israel's state coffers in royalties and taxes.

Israel, Egypt Agree on Compensation Over 2011 Gas Pipeline Sabotage

Radical Islamic terrorists repeatedly sabotaged the gas pipeline during the Arab Spring in 2011.

PA Sticks with Tradition of Missing Opportunities in Bahrain Economic Conference

Naturally, the PA's "the moon or nothing" approach continues the catastrophic Arab tradition that began with the wholesale rejection of the 1947 partition plan.

Mubarak: ‘Deal of the Century’ Will Blow Up the Region

Mubarak challenged President Trump's solution. "Projects, investments and cooperation? But what is the political path?"

Trump Admin, Congress Close to Designating Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood as Foreign Terror Organization

President Donald Trump reportedly “views the Muslim Brotherhood as a key national security threat.”

This Week: 40th Anniversary of the Curse of Camp David

If there's one thing Israel must learn from the idea of Land for Peace it is to cease being a satellite of the US, give up US military aid, and seek alliances with more superpowers.

Egypt Evacuating its Mission to Gaza

Everyone expects a major IDF retaliation strike this evening.


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