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Arab Terrorist disguised as a journalist.

An Arab terrorist dresses as a journalist stabbed an IDF soldier at a checkpoint near Hebro at the Zayit junction around 1:30 OM on Friday.

The terrorist was wearing a “Press” vest. The attack was filmed by a Hamas affiliated TV network who were standing nearby and broadcasting live.


At this point, it is unclear if he was an actual journalist, or just disguised as one.

The terrorist has been eliminated.

The IDF soldier is in moderate condition and conscious. He’s being treated at Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center.


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  1. Jews will be safe when ALL arabs are expelled from Israel and shipped to Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Iran.where they belog to be among their own people. Islam is the newest religion on the planet and they need some time to civilize and to appreciate the value of life—not martyrdom.

  2. Dear God in heaven when will the Jewish people be allowed to live in peace. The real cowards behind these attrocities will never show there faces , it is so hard not to hate all arabs but praise God they are not all evil murderers. If Israel had something the west wanted we would soon see america and europe stand up for the Jews. Shame on you America , shame on you britain, shame on you europe. God will hold you all to account. The bible says , God will bless those who bless Israel.

  3. Are you referring to the 950,000 Middle Eastern Jews that were robbed of everything, brutally treated and eventually had to flee from their homes and land in Muslim countries in 1948? Some in Iraq, whose families were there since Babylonian times, tried to stay but were driven out in 1972. Luckily their coreligionists took pity on them and took them into Israel.

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