Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

Hamas and other Gazan terrorists have launched four rockets into the sea in the past day, according to a JPost report.

The army believes that the Gazans are testing their rockets in order to increase their rocket launching capabilities.


Army radio reported earlier this month that Hamas is smuggling in products to rebuild its rocket and tunnel capabilities.



  1. True, 70 soldiers 2 civilians didn’t die for nothing. A different strategy is required to combat this rocket manufacturing and this entire rocket existence operation. I have something in mind. These rocket capabilities should be tackled in Gaza, this is for their own good the good of gazite civilians because they are the only ones who suffer when hamas targets them for sacrificial offering. I am serious this is their manual … sacrifice as many civilians as possible women children first. This is the USA media that has those manuals terrorist propaganda against their own people just to somehow show the world it was us.

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