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February 28, 2015 / 9 Adar , 5775
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Hamas’s Ismail Haniyeh Hospitalized

Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh would replace Abbas chairman of the Palestinian Authority if elections were held today.

Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh would replace Abbas chairman of the Palestinian Authority if elections were held today.
Photo Credit: Mostafa Ashqar/Flash90

It’s rather ironic that after spending 50 days hiding in a reinforced bunker underneath Shifa hispital, and just after coming out to celebrate “victory” with his fellow Gazans, Hamas terror chieftain Ismail Haniyeh had to return to Shifa hospital, but this time as a patient.

Israel Channel 2′s Ehud Ya’ari reports that Haniyeh went to the hospital last night after not feeling well.

It’s now believed that the Hamas terror chief had a heart attack.

Heniyeh’s son denies the reports that Haniyeh is ill, and says his father went to the hospital to visit those injured in the war against Israel.


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55 Responses to “Hamas’s Ismail Haniyeh Hospitalized”

  1. Pam Wong says:

    that’s so sad to hear!!! :) :D :D :)

  2. Daniela Sztulwark Well said :)

  3. Cacao Blanc says:

    To much whisky …

  4. Hey Israel, send him a “get well” card.

  5. Black phantom want to get your soul!

  6. Hope he moves to a lower level.. Hell!

  7. Phoe Nix says:

    Ready to meet 72 virgins goats or camels

  8. The IDF should send him 1 guided get well missile.

  9. It is God’s judgement

  10. Norma Biblow says:

    We know what Shifa means in Hebrew: garbage!

  11. Dani Katz says:

    How do I send a double bacon burger with an extra shmeer of shmaltz and salt to the hospital?

  12. Gail Tunick says:

    #free Israel from hamas

  13. Saly Mikael says:

    Send him. Coca cola ….and. Vitamin. D ,,,

  14. These people are sick. Israel dropped a lot of bombs inside Gaza and Hamas claim victory.. What a victory??????

  15. Judka Lisker says:

    He didn’t like the virgins

  16. Lee Mann says:

    now go and get the scum


  18. eliminate him 2 like the others. He’s already old but what is in his heart & mind are still evils.

  19. Dani, what kind of salt did you mean?

  20. One guided get well missile with a generous dose of boom on it to eradicate his illness from spreading called hate

  21. Bob Gillespie says:

    I wonder why he's do happy. What did Hamas achieve exactly?????

  22. Drew Webb says:

    I imagine someone high up in Govt/IDF is pondering How can we safely send him a get well missile :-)

  23. Fern Roth says:

    how will they blame Israel?? hope he needs a heart transplant over there…and has to come crawling into ISrael for treatment..the ultimate revenge!!

  24. Jeff Chazen says:

    Ya sure. Who believes these people?

  25. David Ifergan says:

    israel poisoned him. the same way as Arafat

  26. Marc Cohen says:

    Rabid Dogs need to be put to sleep anyways.

  27. Murray Levine says:

    I was always under the impression that for one to experience a heart attack that they actually had to have a heart.

  28. They have to believe that they beat Israel.
    Can you imagine if that savage bastard admitted defeat?
    They would tear him to pieces.
    If that happens, please call me, I would like to be one of those to tear this savage bastard to pieces.
    What he has done to the citizens of Gaza is the biggest crime that they have had against them.

  29. Free Gaza from Hamas

  30. David Gomez says:

    I look into face in the picture, and think, what a foolish man, on his way to hell…

  31. Dunbar N Tuason Ist says:

    The Lord Hand is in this.

  32. John Fischer says:

    It's amazing that we accept, these terrorists hiding under a major hospital. Was hoping for a weeks notice to evacuate hospital and a bunker buster destroy their reinforced bunker.

  33. Norma Biblow says:

    Hope they did and if not, that G d pays him accordingly!

  34. These people are pathetic descendants of Amalek. They have proven to G-d that they are so jealous and full of hatred for His chosen people, which now will allow G-d to pour His anger out on all of them. All these jihadists will experience not only physical but spiritual death. G-d doesn't want to hurt His creatures but is now justified in doing so. Key word justified. Mida keneged mida.

  35. These people are pathetic descendants of Amalek. They have proven to G-d that they are so jealous and full of hatred for His chosen people, which now will allow G-d to pour His anger out on all of them. All these jihadists will experience not only physical but spiritual death. G-d doesn't want to hurt His creatures but is now justified in doing so. Key word justified. Mida keneged mida.

  36. Harold Taback says:

    And of course the impartial UN does not consider using the Shifa hospital as Hamas control center !

  37. Liz Alessi says:

    I am really surprised that he did not go to an Israeli hospital for treatment. No doubt he would have received free treatment on "humanitarian grounds".

  38. Alan David says:

    send all teffilos of gratitude to Hashem for all His help in this conflict and keep all the teffilos going dont stop and become complacent or self delusional that it is man's doing in all the war

  39. He got a shock when he saw all the dollars burnt when the money man was killed Hipp Hipp HOORAY

  40. I hope it's a heart attack

  41. got he a shock when he saw how many women and children he had killed ?….or when he saw the destroyd tunnels? ….or when he saw the general panorama of the Gaza Strip ????..it are many questions for him !

  42. He is getting what he deserves. Pain

  43. Anonymous says:

    If the world was fair, Haniyeh is one person who deserves Ebola. What a creep!

  44. What a CREEP! Hiding for 50 days and nights while his people had to pay the price for his cowardice … are the citizen of Gaza really THAT stupid not to see what's cooking with their glorious Leaders ???

  45. Miriam Neumark says:

    You are probably 100% correct Ronny ^_^

  46. Hope he DIES – then goes to his type of "heaven" — and finds ….well, some of us think we know what he'll find. Then, those of us who love Israel and the Jewish people will celebrate…!

  47. Miriam Amselem says:

    This monster is a murderer and I hope someone sticks a lethal chemical into his IV.

  48. Miriam Amselem says:

    Maybe someone should stick a lethal chemical into his IV

  49. Maureen Isabel Mundell says:

    Hope this savage suffers a major heart attack.

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