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July 22, 2014 / 24 Tammuz, 5774
Israel at War: Operation Protective Edge
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IDC Advocacy Room IDC Fights War on Another Front

Student Union opens ‘hasbara’ room in effort to fill public diplomacy vacuum.

Hikers Find Human Skull and Bones in Gush Etzion Cave

ancient skull discovered Gush Etzion

Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesman

A surprised group of hikers in Gush Etzion stumbled across human bones in a cave near Ein Tzurim, according to police.

The hikers immediately called 100 (Israel’s 911), and the police came to investigate.

The police, once on the scene realized that this wasn’t a murder scene and called the Israel Antiquities Authority. A preliminary examination by their experts indicate that the bones are apparently those of Jews from the Second Temple period.

Davidi Perl, the mayor of the Gush Etzion Regional Council discussed the discovery with Tazpit, “We’re talking about a very interesting discovery, and in retrospect, an incredibly important historical find that may add light on already existing evidence regarding Jewish life in this region thousands of years ago.”

ancient bones discovered Gush Etzion

Perl added an observation, “We should wait for an unequivocal statement on the findings. But if it is determined that the findings demonstrate the presence of ancient Jewish presence in Gush Etzion, then this is an additionally significant and strong proof that we lived here in Gush Etzion, and are a link in the chain of generations of the people of Israel. On the way [in Gush Etzion] is the Patriarch’s Path, the main road linking Hebron to Jerusalem and from there going up to Beit El and city of Shechem (Nablus).”

It should be noted that the area of western Gush Etzion and Beit Guvrin, artifacts from the Second Temple and the Bar Kokhba revolt have been repeatedly found, demonstrating the long term Jewish history and continuity in the region.

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52 Responses to “Hikers Find Human Skull and Bones in Gush Etzion Cave”

  1. I hope they were buried!

  2. Donald Lee Peckinpaugh says:

    Congrats on the find! Thank you Hikers!

  3. Hinda Blas says:

    Mazel tov. This is terrific!

  4. now rebury them with dignity don't stuff them into some mus.

  5. Andy Brown says:

    The dry bones will rise again!

  6. Bill Ades says:

    It is a lie! These are Palestinian!!!! (Yeah right)

  7. What a wonderful discovery

  8. These were Jewish remains can’t you read Jews have know reason to clam otherwise. In less you are a Jew hater Bill Ades in which though shall not hate in the case you are a Christian .

  9. I hope they find their murderer and do the same to them… LOL. Sorry, but I felt a twisted mind right then come on strong. Love it when they find history from the ancient past.

  10. Seth- I am a Christian and I do not hate the Jewish people and I love Israel. You are continually in my prayers. The Jews are the chosen people, blessed and highly favored by G-d.

  11. Keith Jones says:

    Interesting. But lacks detail. How did they I’d them as Jewish? Any artifacts found? Were they using the cave as housing?

  12. Aleph HaOhr says:

    Hope this will send a strong message to the Palestinians that these bones are proof and facts that the Jews have been there dwelling in Israel long before they started grabbing the land.

  13. Bill Ades says:

    Seth Benjamin kindly delete that derogatory comment against me. I am Jewish and if you’d like I will be happy to accept a friend request from you so you can see all my posts supporting Israel and decrying anti-semitism (which happens almost daily). I do not want my name to appear in Google search engines next to the term “Jew hater” especially being that I’m Jewish and active Israel and IDF supporter. Thanks in advance

  14. I read your first post Bill, and it was an obvious “tongue in cheek” remark, so why would anyone hold this against you?

  15. Chaiya Eitan says:

    This is a great discovery! Attesting to our presence here for thousands of years.

  16. AC Stubbs says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    OK then with that reasoning, American land should be returned to the Native Americans and the present inhabitants should return to their ancestral lands. Just sayin…………

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ok I am just trying to understand this thinking and not offend anyone. But it seems to me that according to this way of thinking then American land should be returned to the Native Americans and all the present inhabitants should return to their ancestral homelands.

  19. Bill Ades says:

    Exactly. It was an anticipatory remark of what the BS that Abbas and his cronies would pass along. Seth seemed to think I was serious and replied in kind

  20. Jed Dunkin says:

    I will be happy to explain, in America the people came from Europe and started settlements and taking land by force, as they had never been there. In Israel our ancestors actually lived there but were driven out of the land by the Babylonians and then they returned only to be driven out again. So they are not occupying Israel but returning home to land that was stolen from them.

  21. Simple Question: What kind of a Jewish State are going to have in a few years when the majority of the population of Israel is Muslim?? There is only one realistic solution… Two States,side by side,Palestine and Israel,living in peace,with a shared Capital in Jerusalem.

  22. Larry H. Gentry says:

    Will a true Palestinian state actually ensure peace? Don't fool yourself, the Palestinians could have had peace long ago if that was what they really wanted.

  23. Violet Helms says:

    That has been suggested for years , and it has been refused by the Palestinians. It was offered and refused. There is no peace with people who simply want Israel gone. :-(

  24. @irisheyes… We've been trying to tell Washington that but they just don't see it our way.

    Seriously, someone in Israel should ask Washington why they are so keen on a peace treaty when the US Government to this day has not honored one single treaty… not one… made with Native Americans in exchange for their land. Not. One. Treaty. Has. Been. Honored. So how can Kerry, Obama, or any American politician sit at the head of a negotiating table and act as though they have the right to take the moral high ground?

    My people and other Tribes made treaties with Washington and today Washington still takes pieces of reservation land whenever it suits politicians to sell or lease that land to a corporation for its mineral and timber rights.

  25. Jed Dunkin Please don't try this "explanation" on Native Americans. It does not suffice. When Europeans came, my ancestors welcomed them, shared with them, and taught them how to survive in the New Land.

    It was akin to trying to stroke a snake. Europeans didn't want to share our land, they wanted to take it all.

  26. Ron Danko says:

    WRONG … the 2 states are Israel and Jordan!!

  27. The "palestinans"(sic)never existed in history! The secular,agnostic,anti-Judaism anti-Zionist Israeli governments created the myth that there is a so-called "Palestinian(sic)people and advocate for a two State solution! Shame! Shame!

  28. There is no difference between israeli governmentsleft,center or Right when it comes to creating an Arab Muslim State(so-called Palestinian) out of our Promised land including all our religious sites! Shame

  29. Shas political Head Aryeh Derei gave up half of Hebron to Arafat when he headed shas during PM Netanyah previous Prime Ministership! He threatened Netanyah then, if you do not give us additional funds,we shall leave the coalition and you will not be ableto give Arafat part of Hebron. Netanyah payed Shas the funds. Later Derei was convicted for stealing government funds and sat for years in Israeli jail!

  30. When Derei was released from prison,he weasled himself back to head Shas. He now approaches left wing parties in the opposition, to form a coalition to win in the next elections and has declared he is willing to give up Jewish religious sites to the Arabs for a huge price, as he did with PM Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו in Netanyahs previous past Premeirship

  31. Degel HaTorah(Agudah) spokesperson a so-called rabbi/lawyer named Albatroll has taken to the Tv shows declaring they are for a coalition with the left and our ready to give up Jewish Biblical sites(all religious sites.!

  32. The Degel(HaTorah) party spokesman Albatroll on a Tv program asked in person ex head of Labor Leftist party Sheli Yeachmovitch that they were ready to join Labor and other lefts in a new coalition. Yeachchomovitch shrugged off the proposal. Albatroll begged her several times with "we are for peace like you, we are ready to give up lands(with Jewish religious sites), we are on the same line. "Please, please accet us" Sheli Yeachmovitch shook her head no! And added, we have alot of differences with Degel HaTorah and kept on rejecting the proposal of a coalition with Degel HaTorah(Agudah-Litvaks and Chasidim)!! Shame! Shame! They are all ROWSHOYIM!!!

  33. Denying the Jewish people its religious,historical,national and security lands is the most heinous racism namely anti-Semitism!!! Beware! The sacred Talmud declares "A cures of a rabbi shall com to fruition"(Talmud Makous 11;a) Gentiles will never have a majority in our ancestral, religious,historical,national and security Jewish Biblical land!!

  34. The sacred Talmud our sages declared"A Rabbi's CURSE shall come to fruition)! Take heed John!!!

  35. PEACE SHALL ONLY COME WITH THE ARRIVAL OF THE MOSHIACH the real Jewish messiah, who has not come, yet! We await the real Jewish messiah the Moshiach!

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