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During a press conference on Monday evening in Jerusalem, a reporter for Channel 2 News in Israel asked the Secretary of State about Jonathan Pollard and if he might be released. Clinton went into a long background on Jonathan Pollard being arrested for spying and concluded that Pollard will not go free.

A full report on the press conference will appear in tomorrow’s edition.



Partial Transcript:

Q. On the matter of Jonathan Pollard, we’ve been here for a long time. Don’t you think it’s a matter of justice and even a humanitarian issue that after almost 27 years in jail he should be released?

A. With respect to Mr. Pollard, he was, as you know, convicted of spying in 1987. He was sentenced to life in prison. He is serving that sentence, and I do not have any expectation that that is going to change.



  1. B"H…following are some ideas re: saving J. Pollard.
    In addition to and/or instead of approaching directly the governments and public organizations in the USA and Israel we should try at least two other ways to help Jonathan Pollard, namely:
    1. Organize mass prayers for the immediate release of Yehonatan Ben Malka by boys and girls of pre-bar and bat-mitzvah age, in Israel and possibly also in the USA, IDEALLY on the lawn of the White House – the latter idea was suggested by a FSU Jew who reacted to my talk on the Russian radio),
    2. Contact as many former Soviet Jewish activists (Prisoners of Zion and refuseniks) as possible asking them to use all their remaining contacts (from the time when they were prisoners or refuseniks in the USSR and later, immediately after leaving the USSR/CIS) to ask the US President to release Pollard.
    Talking to them (at least to those who have not openly shown their unwillingness to do something for Pollard!) we can ask them to remember how they themselves were feeling in the USSR ("empathy" is the word) and why their message will be much more impressive than that of people who were luckier than they (in my case, e.g., 37 years ago I was still in Odessa /today it is Ukraine/ waiting for an exit visa which I received in due time without any special problems!).
    The above ideas I have expressed talking on the REKA (Russian-language radio) and the Hebrew "Kol ba-Rama" radio, and also in private conversations with anyone ready to hear…
    In case we manage to carry out the (1) the advantage is that the prayers will be more honest and pure (uncorrupted, to be more precise).
    In case (2) , in addition to the pros of using what might be left of those Jews' "weight" we can evaluate their role in the public and political life of the year 2012's Israel…
    INFO on the Pollard case is not lacking. In the article "The Ugliness of Ingratitude" by Rabbi Lazer Brody (Israel and the Jewish World bulletin published by the TORONTO ZIONIST COUNCIL, July 2, 2010).
    the website is mentioned. The first and best source of information is, to my opinion, Jonathan's wife Ester Pollard. She should be contacted in any case. I have been reading articles and readers' letters about him in the HaModia English-language weekly. Some materials from the above mentioned sources I have translated into Russian and disseminated via a few friendly websites.

    All the best.
    Yours sincerely,
    Efim Maidanik 17.07.2012.

  2. B”H

    Three excerpts from three articles on Jonathan Pollard published some 25 years ago.
    (I)“… Jonathan Pollard spied for Israel and revealed American secrets. For that he should be punished, fairly and without malice. But he acted for Israel and on its behalf out of support for the Jewish state. For that, Israel owes him something. That something is called loyalty. A state does not throw over and turn its back on someone who, indeed, was guided and directed by it. Israel should have helped Pollard before this and it should not throw him to the sharks now, no matter how upset this may make American non-Jews OR JEWS of the Establishment persuasion” (Article “Jonathan Pollard,” March 20, 1987).
    (II)”The flood of articles and statements by various American Jews in the wake of the Pollard affair constitute a morbidly fascinating exhibit of the deep insecurity afflicting a community that so publicly boasts of its feelings of political and civic security. The unrestrained attacks by Jewish leaders and columnists on Pollard, the blistering criticism of Israel, the exaggerated charges and reactions that are so patently an effort to distance themselves from the Jewish state, all reveal the unpalatable reality of the Jewish establishment that never could and never will overcome its basic fears of the ghost of anti-Semitism past. In the deepest recesses of the consciousness, it suspects that “it” could happen in America, too (…) The real lesson of the Pollard affair is not to write painfully embarrassing articles of self-delusion and libations to the non-Jew. The real lesson for the American Jew is that it is time to come home. Home to Israel (Article “The Real Lesson,” March 1987).
    (III)”It will never go away, the stain that besmirches the garment of Israel, a stain that every Jew of conscience must atone for. It is the tarnish of perfidy done unto Jonathan Pollard, a blotch that discolors us and is a disloyalty that transcends, by far, anything that Pollard is accused of (…) That Jonathan Pollard is sitting today in prison under a LIFE SENTENCE, is an outrage whose anti-Semitism stinks into the heavens. But the work of the gentile cannot begin to compare to what was wrought against Pollard by Jews whom he trusted and for whom he risked all (…) The information given to Israel never hurt the United States. And yet, he was treated more harshly than U.S. Marines who blatantly endangered the U.S. by allowing Soviet agents to roam the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. And yet, when Pollard fled for his life to the ones for whom he had risked all – he was given to drink the bitter cup of treasury. He was turned away. He was, in effect, given over to the authorities.
    I expect little if anything from the Israeli government but I hope for much more from ordinary, decent Jews(…) Write and keep writing, and get hundreds of friends and acquaintances to flood the office of…” (Article “The Pollard Stain,” January 1988).

    The above articles are published in the 7-volume set of selected writings from Rabbi Kahane HY”D, covering the years from 1960 till 1990.
    The readers of The Jewish Press who still remember his name can compare the situation 25 years ago and now. I fully agree with the words in a letter from the Yeshivat HaRa’ayon Established by Rabbi Meir Kahane z”tl addressed to Dear Friends of the Yeshiva:
    “This set is a must for every home. It is as timely today, as it was when the Rabbi wrote them.”.
    There’s only one thing I regret: the set is still out of reach to many millions or RUSSIAN(only)-speakers. I have been translating selected articles into Russian and disseminating the translations through some friendly websites… In that, I need help of those Jews who want to keep the “Jewish Idea” living and spreading. I am fully aware that such articles can turn many potential olim (immigrants) who consider moving to Israel. However we know from our Torah luminaries that “99% of truth is 100% lie.” Rabbi Meir Kahane obm is the best “reference” in the matters of truth.
    E. Maidanik 17.07.2012.

  3. How is it, that the terrorists have gotten their people released, but we can,t do anything for John Pollard. Double standards Hillary. The man helped save Israel. These are dark days. I feel we need more ACTION rather than prayer. Hashem gives us the sun the rain, we must do some work. Lets all get together as Jews and save this man.

  4. She doesn't have the power to set anyone free. However, the US government did discover that some of the Gitmo detainees were not terrorists after all, and they were released. One Gitmo detainee — Ahmed Ghailani — was tried in a civiliant court in Manhattan, convicted, and given a life sentence. (I was serving on a grand jury in the same courthouse at the time of that trial and you would never have known that anything unusual was happening.) The rest of the Gitmo detainees should be tried or released.

  5. Pollard earned his life sentence. He is a traitor to America, betraying its secrets in return for money. Furthermore, he has been eligible for parole for over 16 years and has never applied; all the people trying to use their influence to politicize the clemency process might do well to get him to submit the application. In any case, though, Pollard will be released on November 21, 2015, regardless of who is President.

  6. To even mention the Soviet Prisoners of Zion in the same post as Jonathan Pollard is really beyond the pale. The Soviet Prisoners of Zion were being held captive by a totalitarian anti-Semtiic communist dictatorship. The United States, on the other hand, has treated Jews as well or better as any country in the world ever has and it deserves some gratitute from us. Jonathan Pollard, however, betrayed that country, compromising its secrets in exchange for money. There is no comparison.

  7. Mes connaissances en anglais sont un peu insuffisantes et je n'ai pas bien compris ce qui avait été reproché à J. Pollard . Mais s'il est un American Dreyfus, alors il est innocent ! Tout le monde n'a pas l'air convaincu . Tu m'expliqueras ? Je suis d'accord avec toi, 27 years, c'est beaucoup !

  8. B"H
    I am not sure Mr. Hall understood my message and suggestion. FSU Jews while in prisons and labor camps there needed – AND RECEIVED – help from their fellow Jews. The least they (the minister Edelstein and Jewish Agency Chairman Sharansky and others) can do now is to do just a little for Jonathan Pollard using their tremendous resources.
    The treatment of Jews by the United States is a separate question. If we learn to differ between the real help and a long list of openly hostile actions of all US administrations toward Jews in general and Israeli and FSU Jews in particular (WW2 is one example and closing the door to the US before the so called "dropouts" in October 1989, another) we can better understand reasons for the treatment that Jonathan Pollard has been receiving (information about his case is easily available).
    The position of Mr. Hall is very cruel and absolutely non-Jewish one.
    E. Maidanik 22.07.2012

  9. Mr. Hall. With all due respect, Mr. Pollard finished paying his dues to the American society long time ago. At this point of time, it is pure harassment on behalf of the American government. Many top officials of the American government recognize that Mr. Pollard was given an unproportioned prison sentence and that he is no longer poses a security risk. Then why is he still in prison if not for pure anti-Semitism on behalf of some officials of the American government. Therefore, those demonstrations are long overdue while Mr. Pollard is still alive, because if he dies in prison, his live will be on our conscience.

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