Interview about Aliyah with Jake Turx, Senior White House Correspondent

What is going on in Washington and an honest conversation about Aliyah with Senior White House Correspondent for Ami Magazine Jake Turx.

Jewish Call to Arms! Get Ready to Defend Yourselves!

Rav Nachman Kahana speaks about the importance of moving to Eretz Yisrael right away, and those who can't should get ready to defend themselves!

Last Call for Jews in America to get off the Train before the Inevitable...

We speak with Rav Nachman Kahana about chaotic current events in America and his call for Jews to return home before it is too late! 

The Secret of the Final Redemption

In this week's show we discuss with Rav Nachman Kahana the Torah Portion and how Yaakov tries to reveal to his children the secret of the final redemption.

The Doors of Israel are Closing. Which Side do You Want to be On?

In this episode we speak to Rav Nachman Kahana about this weeks Torah Portion and current events in Israel and the world.

What is the Real Purpose of Kohanic Blessings?

In this episode we speak to Rav Nachman Kahana about the real meaning of Kohanim and what happens when they bless the nation.

Rav Nachman Kahana’s Personal Aliyah Experience

In this episode Rav Nachman speaks about his personal experience with coming on Aliya to Israel.

Is Israel the Last Safe Place for the Jews?

In this episode we speak to Rav Nachman Kahana about the Parsha and the state of world Jewry.

WARNING: Not for the Weak at Heart!

In this episode we read over a very powerful Dvar Torah on this weeks Torah Portion of V'Yeitzei from Rav Nachman Kahana.

Come Home Now and Save Yourselves!

Rav Nachman Kahana makes a powerful plea to Jews living outside the Land and criticizes the spiritual leaders around the world for not encouraging...

Live Show with Rapper Nissim Black

In this episode we speak with African American Hassidic Rapper Nissim Black about his Aliya experience and his thoughts on the importance of living in the Land.

The Parasha and the US Elections

In this episode Rav Nachman Kahana speaks about the connection between this week's Parsha of Chaye Sarah, this results of the US election and his brother HY"D

Four Eulogies by Rav Nachman Kahana

The words of Rav Nachman Kahana on Parshat Vayera.

The Inseparable Bond – Avraham/Sara, & Kayin/Hevel

In this episode we read Rav Nachman Kahana's insightful Dvar Torah for Parshat Lech Lecha.

Is American Jewry Facing it’s “Moment of Truth”?

Rav Nachman Kahana speaks about the moment of truth facing American Jewry and it's connection to Parshat Noach.

Is Hashem Winnowing Out the “Undesirable Jews” in Exile?

For Parshat Breishet Rav Nachman Kahana has a very strongly worded Dvar Torah encouraging Jews to come home before it is too late!

Rav Kahana to the Jews in Exile: “It’s Your Fault we Don’t Have a...

This Erev Yom Kippur we speak with Rav Nachman Kahana about his thoughts in this new year and he explains how it's the Jews that choose to remain in exile's fault that we don't have a completely religious country today in Eretz Yisrael!

If You Live in the Exile, You Need to Protect Your Assets Now!

In this episode we sit down and discuss the fundamentals of Jewish wealth management, the risks one should be concerned about in this uncertain times storing your wealth in the exile, and finally a practical way to hedge in this new year against a possible financial downturn.

A New Year’s Letter from Rav Nachman Kahana to Hashem

In this episode we hear Rabbi Nachman Kahana speak about his innermost thoughts before Rosh Hashana.

Judean Rabbi Urges Jews to Return Home Like it was 1938

In this episode we speak to Rabbi Ari Abramowitz about the situation of global Jewry and the necessity for them to return home immediately.

Is Uman a Jewish Obsession?

Rav Nachman Kahana shares his thoughts about those who leave Eretz Yisrael to travel to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

Let’s Talk about Moshiach

In this episode we have a candid talk about the fascinating subject of Moshiach with singer Ari Goldwag.

Will Military Rule Replace Our Democratic System and Lead to the Final Redemption?

In this episode we listen to Rav Nachman Kahana where he discusses where he thinks current upheavals are leading Israel on path to our final redemption!

Moshiach is Here! Now What Are You Going to Do About It?

In this fascinating episode we have a candid conversation with Rabbi Pinchas Winston about the concept of Moshiach, and reveal if perhaps we are living in his era today!

Should we Ignore All the Rabbis Who Tell Us to Stay in America?

In this episode we speak with Rabbi Danny Myers of Beit Shemesh about the sensitive and delicate question of when we should be listening to our rabbis and when we should take a broader perspective of their words

Term Limits for US Pulpit Rabbis so they can Lead their Congregants to Israel?

In this episode we speak with Rabbi Kenny Cohen formerly rabbi of Young Israel of Century City (LA) as he proposes that American pulpit rabbis need to lead by example and move to Israel.

A Jew Living in Exile is a Mental Illness

In this episode we will discuss more current events revolving around the opening of Yeshivas and Seminaries in Israel and why we need to bring them home now!

An Unadulterated Honest Discussion with an American Rabbi about Aliyah

In this episode we speak with Rabbi Steven Pruzansky who was the rabbi of one of the largest Orthodox shuls in America, Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck, NJ, who has made Aliyah this past week.

Member of Knesset Explains New Regulations Allowing Yeshiva Students to Study in Israel

In this episode MK Rabbi Yitzchak Pindrus speaks with us about new government regulations allowing Yeshiva students and Seminary girls to come and study in Israel and his efforts to make all Jews feel welcome home in Israel.

American Hasidim are Secretly Organizing to Make Aliyah!!! [Audio]

In this episode we will be talking with Yehuda Singer, who is going to give us an update into groups of American Hasidim who are organizing to make Aliyah under the radar!


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