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January 24, 2017 / 26 Tevet, 5777
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IDF Finds Dozens of Tunnels in Hebron

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The IDF found dozens of secret tunnels in Hebron.

The IDF found dozens of secret tunnels in Hebron.
Photo Credit: IDF

The IDF uncovered dozens of tunnel networks throughout Hebron as well as in Judea and Samaria that they weren’t previously aware of, according to a YNet report.

The tunnel were located inside homes, with the entrances hidden underneath furniture and heavy appliances.

The IDF also uncovered 20 underground bomb factories, as well secret rooms hidden under various homes.

The IDF was not aware of the extent of the tunnel system before the search for Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaar and Naftali Frankel began. They’ve sent special units into the tunnels to search for the kidnapped boys.

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  1. The IDF doesn't leave a stone unturned. I'm convinced that the boys will be found. Keep praying!

  2. Blow up every tunnel that will not harm anyone. Just desecrate them making them totally unusable period. YES Vivian…we must pray for the boys.

  3. Larry H. Gentry says:

    The people who live in the houses where tunnels are found, are they prosecuted for law violations or terrorism? Especially those who live with and work on the bombs?

  4. Marcio Gekker says:

    They dig tunnels because they are not humans they are rats.

  5. RATS!!!!!! never will get a human condition bcz are subhuman

  6. Search their mosques

  7. Chantal Marciano Modes says:

    Only a monster would snatch an innocent child! For anyone to think differently is purely the result of extreme brainwashing. Even if one thinks the Israeli goverment had made mistakes those misdeeds do not compare even remotely to the constant terror comitted by these barbarians! The same ones who destroyed the twin towers, beheaded innocent journalists, ben gazhi… Etc. wake up world!!!

  8. Gary Katz says:

    Neil Shepherd Uh, excuse me, but Hebron was the home of Abraham and his family, thousands of years before the Arab invasion. Perhaps you also think Native Americans are the Zionists of America.

  9. Avi Hayon says:

    old school for them,masques would be first place to look,right now the can't move them,bcz road block's,just waiting,for them to make a second mistake (the first was taking them )a least we find out who Obama is,

  10. Joseph Schwartz says:

    Neil Shepherd Pick a Muslim country and try to practice your religion and see where that gets you. In Israel everyone is free to practice their faith.

  11. Alan Kardon says:

    Some good coming out of this horrible event caused by the terrorists kidnappers.

  12. Perhaps they are being moved from tunnel to tunnel. After a tunnel has just been searched, the assumption will be that they will not return there again.

  13. It is logical to assume that all houses that are entrances to the tunnels or that are entrances to underground bomb factories will be destroyed, To be clear, not just the tunnels and bomb factories, but the houses over their entrances. This may ultimately save Israeli lives so the search effort will have secondary benefits. The owners of the houses should also be charged and tried. I'm not sure what crimes but I am certain there are many.


  15. Yes Mihaela, you are absolutely right however….I assure you animals do not do those atrocities at all! So let's apologize to animals when we degrade them on comparing them with the primitive barbarians!!! :o)

  16. With apologies to the rats, Marcio. :o)

  17. Yes, all those tunnels and those houses covering them ought to be destroyed and the savages in those houses punished very seriously and severely!!!

  18. Yes the mosques….why haven't they searched these pits of terrorists and arms and hated spits???

  19. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Geeze,, these people are amazingly evil, not , just evil

  20. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    What other countdy has people with tunnels under their couches

  21. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Why doesnt Israel start its own organizations with publiv awareness of these horrors and genocide of their people in their own land..And yes, every Christians knows its your land, and the Abraham promises from God, there is no such thing as a Palestine in 1000 years of history..

  22. If the savages leave the weapons behind…there will be peace all over the world! If the Israelis leave their weapons behind….there will be a most atrocious bloodbath by the primitive cut throats! BTW… it is the palestinians who are occupying Israel's territories!!! Hear these 6 minutes video:

  23. If Israel is never to know peace, neither with Palestine.

    The Palestinians are so freaking MISERABLE with their Allah and his restrictions on their lives the only way they have to escape the chains of Islam is to die. Any other attempt to shake off the bondage of Islam result in dying also, but if you go out with a suicide bomb, it's all over in an instant… if you simply try to escape Islam, there is torture before death.

    Islam is a sick, depraved religion.

  24. Neil Shepherd Hey whatchamecollit, wash your mouth before you mention MR. HERZL and ZIONISM! You're a disgusting ignoramus idiot. Go read the history of the Middle East and see this brief video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHC8KC5cLs8&feature=em-uploademail

  25. I do hope so much Larry. Israel is so lenient, I wish Israel attacked them each time they do it. i.e.: each time a rocket is thrown, I hope Israel will throw 50 at them!

  26. Neil Shepherd Since you love the savages so much you go live with them, then come back (if you are let to come back) and tell us. HAHAHAHA!

  27. My dear Dixie, we should be done being careful not to hurt them when trying to give them well deserved punishment. By thus preserving these savages you are promoting 2 things:
    1. Showing Israel as weak thereby empowering them more and more…
    2. Encouraging them to continue doing harm to Israel and escalating it to invent and declare more and bigger lies to hurt Israel.
    You know about their Holocaust denial right? Now they say the 3 boys kidnapped is a fabrication of Israel!!!

    “And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him that it is right.” Martin Luther King

    “This is a revolution, damn it! We're going to have to offend somebody!” John Adams

  28. Ora Cooper says:

    Why don"t you? it looks like you have plenty of time to tell others what to do! go ahead! do it! you're thus empowered!

  29. Ora Cooper says:

    We "know" that
    if Obama was not the president of the USA the Arabs would have been peaceful and "nice" right? and you would have been less hatefull . right? your are making your subject Obama not the Arab terrorists! and creating more enemies! Also your are showing how little you know about Judaism …

  30. After a through search, these houses/buildings should be immediately completely demolished and the lot confiscated from its owners.

  31. Alan Kardon says:

    Adela Pisarevsky Maybe we should put the home owners in the tunnels before we blow them up?

  32. Anonymous says:

    To hell.

  33. Chris St Pierre says:

    God's silver lining amidst the tragedy

  34. Just hope they find them very soon.

  35. Avi Hayon says:

    Ora Cooper 4 sure,they would not do that if obby was not the head men,its like they get the all clear from the white house,not only israel,buy the time this men finish,they won't have any thing to fix,yes this is golden tome for this jew haters,what gets me is all this nice jewish people ,that worry for our haters.

  36. Avi Hayon says:

    Judith Dowla its people like u ,i have the most contempt for,their was never ever A Palestine,( one day u will pay for misleading people )this was all jordan,jerusalem was freed from Jordan, now one of our best allies,& yes juan has the right idea,u do for terror ,u pay for terror,thank god,we not have such as u,in the holy land,DOWLA,israel is for jews ,like it or not.

  37. Avi Hayon says:

    Judith Dowla go live in the wild west

  38. Avi Hayon says:

    Ora Cooper ora cooper from LA,maybe u want teach us About Judaism since u so knowledgeable,the days jews lay down for some one to kill them,ARE Over,nows days we fight back.JUST FAIR WARNING.

  39. Avi Hayon says:

    yes,we find out how many jews that live far Away,have stil some bad to say about Israel,see u when hit the fan,my lost bro & sis

  40. Avi Hayon says:

    Judith Dowla yes their too if we have too,All ready been their,see in the day only muslim can go their,But at night………


  42. God did this for a purpose. IDF has found even dangerous things to harm Israel. Thank you Father.
    God is loving and will bring the teenagers back home as He plans. Keep praying and rejoicing!!!

  43. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Who thre parts of the bible in there but has nothing to do with Ismael..And they dont worship our GOD but a moon god..so there it is..evil man made religion of fanatics..

  44. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    And nothing to do with Abraham, just somerhing they want to believe to be equal to Gods chosen people…There is no record of them in the old or new testament..none

  45. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Unless they were one of the many pagan religions..they are not specifically mentioned which ones they were but they were many..

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