Photo Credit: Screenshot / IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Terrorists are seen emerging from a terrorist tunnel just a few meters away from a kibbutz near the Gaza border.

A new tunnel detection system in development for the past 18 months is now in the field testing phase, after having passed laboratory tests.

A senior IDF officer said Monday the system is comprised of two parallel technologies based on sensor that detect underground excavation and underground cavities.


The system, which has already been tested in the sewage system of Tel Aviv, carries a hefty price tag; up to NIS 2.5 billion by the time all is said and done. It will take at least another year to implement along the 64 kilometer border with Gaza if all goes well.

The IDF soon hopes to carry out tests on the new and improved sensors in order to deploy the system.

The IDF will also recommend pairing an additional physical infrastructure with the new system to prevent Gaza terrorists from digging any more tunnels under the border into Israel.



  1. Israel does not need this system. Israel has to destroy Hamas completely this time. No matter what it could cost to Israel. If it would not happened now, every year it’s going to be worth and worth.
    Arabs almost bought all Europe and sooner or later they will be strong in US. They have oil money and in a while they will want power.
    Israel should do what Putin did, stand for his own country interest, no matter what the rest of the world think and does. Israel also needs to finish Hamas and after Palestinian would have to start negotiate. Even if the world would make economical blockage and would have nacist mood, even it would be very difficult for the Jews to leave in other countries, Israel have to finish Hamas completely. This is the only way to survive. If not all the bad will happend anyway. U can’t not be democratic and fair with the enemy, which is worth than any wild animal

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