Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
An IDF tank along Gaza's border.

The IDF has been dropping leaflets and letting Gazan citizens know they had better get out of the way, particularly in Northern Gaza.

Hamas has been using civilians as human shields, and their homes and schools as storage and launch sites for their rockets, in many cases with their cooperation.


Until now, the IDF has been preemptively warning Gazan citizens of imminent attacks on the sites used in terror attacks, but these warnings have also unfortunately let the terrorists escape too.

If the IDF is warning Gazans to completely evacuate the area, it means the IDF is very likely about to escalate the attacks and destruction of the rocket launchers and terrorist infrastructure in those civilian areas.

The IDF has been taking unusual steps to minimize any civilian casualties, despite the best efforts by Hamas to try to maximize them.

It is well known that Hamas has a military command bunker set up underneath Gaza’s Shifa hospital.

Israel has begun targeting senior Hamas terrorists. On Saturday, the IDF eliminated the head of the Hamas police in Gaza.



  1. I see some demonstrations in different areas around the world. It’s not overwhelming but its enough to get some attention. These protesters, which most of the are Arab/Muslim, always talk about Israel killing Palestinians. Why don’t they ever talk about why Hamas is putting Palestinians in this situation? Why don’t they ever talk about suicide bombings, kidnappings and rocket attacks at Israel that force her into defending itself? They don’t talk about hiding weapons in Mosques, schools, hospitals, civilians’ homes. For all I am concerned, these protests are an excuse for them to come out in public and say that hate Israel and Jews. Until the own up to the problem of terrorism within the Palestinian people, their protests will fall on deaf ears.

  2. It is Israel that’s responsible for putting Palestinians in this position, stealing their land, blocking their resources and now quelling a legitimate fight back with impunity. May you all receive worse than this from the All Empowering God, God of Abraham, the one who instructed you to follow his command yet you follow your own wishes whims and desires…

  3. They would not be dead if they were not used as a human shield. If Hasa would use the money ,that countries like mine give, to provide for the Palestinian people instead of buying rockets then we would not be having this conversation

  4. Just 120 pity remember you killed 3 innocent Jewish boys and started this also read your history books the land belonged to the Jews before the Muslims and Arabs arrived I wonder why when the land was occupied by the British you did not feel the same way just saying.

  5. Why does it trigger your hate to face the truth, its cos it will always be Islam bloody borders even within their own borders… the teaching of Islam is finish off everyone who dont think like u cos they are your enemy…. Islam is not about peace as we know but only peace on from their own terms…

  6. Com’on Wagar. Be real now. It’s the Palestinians people that has put themselves in this position by supporting a terrorist group called Hamas. Israel hasn’t stolen their land , Israel has given them land. For the past 10 months they have been attacking Israel with rockets. You speak of the God of Abraham like you know him. THe God of Abraham said, “I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you”.

  7. ok. basic question. why send a warning? no one cares and it doesn’t change the mind of even one of israel’s critics. i say go in without warning so you don’t give the terrorists any time to escape. find them, kill them. give no quarter. did the allies give warning to germans prior to massive carpet bombing? did the u.s. give warnings before it dropped two atomic bombs on japanese civilians? screw the warnings and go in and clean gaza out once and for all.

  8. Both wrong. Muslims lived in peace when there was an all-powerful leader who enforced peace, but also Muslims lived with Jews in peace longer than Christians did. Although they too had periods of abuse against Jews. Christians and Muslims like it best when Jews are dependent on them as inferiors and quietly accept domination over us. This is the historical case over centuries and both Muslims and Christians are not good for Jews overall.

  9. I think the innocent Palestinians should have spray cans of neon and glow in the dark paint then sneak over and spray the places that Hamas is using for weapons and rockets – that could greatly assist the bullies to get what they deserve!

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