Photo Credit: Amaq News Agency
ISIS claims responsibility for Orlando attack.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Orlando terror attack via ISIS’s Amaq News Agency, according to a Reuters report.

The Amaq News Agency is the official media arm of Da’esh (ISIS).




  1. Isis will claim responsibility for anything that has caused death, even if my Aunt Tessie stepped on cockroach! …I think these POS will jump on anything, and with the media being told how to report the news by corrupt Officials, I have no reason to believe anything other than this maniac killed all those people and needs to be hung by his balls! PERIOD!

  2. Ofra Bendavid If your parents brought you to talk that way to people, I can tell you that they have done a very bad job ! Someone your age should be wise, you could have the age of my mother, but still you are acting like a teenager ! What I said was not a claim I made, it is base on the article I read, so next time when you talk, please bring facts, do not attack people and spread your hatred !
    Here is an article providing some statistics.

  3. Here we are talking about the mass-shooting. As for the kiilings, yes, you forgot the hundreds of thousands killed by the US in Afghanistan, in Iraq and and and ….. the list is long. As for the killing I totally agree, yes they are perpatrated by extremists, you can call them Muslim extremist if you want, but keep in mind that the first victims of those so called Muslims extremists are Muslim innocent people, yes they kill Muslims more than any other people, so you only count the non-muslim victims, but you do not hesitate to spot any so called muslim-extremist. What hypocrite world we are living in !

  4. PERFECT POETIC JUSTICE ! – All the ideals championed by the Anti-Christ, obama turning against him; This killer was a registered democrat, a muslim and a homosexual pervert – and he was a hypocrite and became a JUDAS mass murdering and injuring fellow sex pervert, gays. ALAHUAKBAR !!! – ALAHUAKBAR !!!

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