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October 1, 2014 / 7 Tishri, 5775
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Meir Panim with Soldiers 5774 Roundup: Year of Relief and Service for Israel’s Needy

Meir Panim implements programs that serve Israel’s neediest populations with respect and dignity. Meir Panim also coordinated care packages for families in the South during the Gaza War.

John Kerry Offers to Broker Truce

Fresh off failed attempt to re-launch Oslo process, Kerry offers his expertise to achieve ceasefire with Hamas

US Secretary of State John Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry
Photo Credit: State.gov

American Foreign minister John Kerry has offered to broker a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Unity Government, Israel Radio reported Thursday.

Kerry, undeterred by nine months of failed attempts to re-ignite the failed Oslo process, said the United States – and particularly John Kerrry – could play a major role in stopping the rocket fire at Israel.

In addition, White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki noted that Kerry stressed the Obama administration’s concern about the excavation, but also stressed that Hamas is responsible for the current situation and noted that Israel has acted in order to limit harm to innocent civilians, whereas Hamas has tried specifically to harm civilians in Israel.

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158 Responses to “John Kerry Offers to Broker Truce”

  1. Keep him away from here, he caused more than enough trouble.

  2. The joke of the century. His son in law is an Iranian-american with ties inside Iran. His boss is muslem.

  3. Camie Davis says:

    Let me guess, it will involve letting terrorists out of prison.

  4. Joe Truzman says:

    Waiting for something other than ‘ I support Hamas’ to come out of the mouth of Obama.

  5. John Kerry is a nobody with no credibility and should find some other hobby.

  6. Randy Adams says:

    John Kerry is a nothing.

  7. Avis Johnson says:

    You said it brother !

  8. Eddie Ancona says:

    Its time to add Hamas to the list of enemies that no longer exists.
    It would benefit everyone, their barbaric nature towards Israel and their own people, is a disgrace to humanity.

    Rid their evil from this earth, once and for all, and let that be a warning to all the other terror organizations that seeks death for others and themselves.

  9. Tell him to stay HOME, he is a liar!!!!!!

  10. Kathy Boling says:

    John Kerry needs to keep his dumb a** out of it

  11. Karen Bryant says:

    Kerry go soak your empty head!

  12. Oh d devil has come again……

  13. Gloria Lenon says:

    And it will involve giving away more Israeli land.

  14. Joe Truzman says:

    There is a saying in the U.S. That goes ‘ he doesn’t know the difference between his ass and his elbow.’ This is the understand of the Obama Administration when it comes to Israeli security and the Middle East.

  15. Jay Grosflam says:

    You are an idiot about our President.

  16. Jay Grosflam says:

    So much stupidity here.

  17. Gaza was far from being a “concentration camp” . Israel left it in great shape until they started firing rockets-immediately. Then Hamas used all the money they got to buy missiles and rockets from Syria and Iran instead of for their citizens. Arms smuggling was more important to them than anything else. There would not have been any blockade if they did not aim to kill as many Jews as they could and many times. It is in their charter.

  18. No, Camie, it will require the Israelis to turn over Israel to Hamas.

  19. Im an American. Dont let this traitor into your country Israel.

  20. Allen Hall says:

    Were you there to see it for yourself? I’d hardly call it great shape from what I saw.

  21. It’s time to sent Kerry to his maker fool that he is

  22. I wouldn’t give this guy the time of day! I say, Israel do what you need to do and tell the rest of the world to take a hike!

  23. Kerry and Obama has done enough damage already

  24. PFFFFFFF, hasn’t he done enough damage already?

  25. Why doesn’t he just stop it! What is his real reason for pushing peace so hard???

  26. Allen Hall says:

    Talk about uninformed… and it’s “Muslim”

  27. Catch a Plane, that has no wings!!!
    John Kerry

  28. Peter Resz says:

    Stay home Mr kerry you have no idea what to do except tell israel to stop protecting itself.

  29. No more Kerry. Please!

  30. We’ve asked Egypt to take back Gaza and their people…who now want to call themselves Palestinians…but they don’t want the land or the people. Imagine that. The “Palestinians” living in what you call the west bank are Jordanian and Egyptian. It is not their “homeland.”

  31. for the idiot,who is responsible for this war send him to a rooftop in aza with the other terrorists.and go boom.

  32. Marco Singer says:

    **** of Israel and take that that Gaza scum with yue to USA !

  33. Dc Tony says:

    It’s standard policy from the US for years to broker a truce happened under Clinton, GWB and the current POTUS. This is not the first or last time the US will be involved.

  34. Wait Palestine made an alliance with The Hamas and Hamas is about to make an Alliance with Fatah are we beginning to see a pattern here ? This will escalate even more when Fatah becomes aligned with Hamas . They seek their Holy War which is only Holy because Evil is about to go to War with the Holy People and non Holy People of Israel that’s what makes this their Holy War .

  35. This son of a bitch has no right to say anything. He should shut up and go away

  36. Bud out, America! Let Israel do what it needs to!

  37. Why am I so apprehensive when this man speaks?

  38. Rick Lutes says:

    You have a typo. Should it not read “John Kerry Offers Broken Truce?”

  39. Kerry is a WMD Tell him to FO!!

  40. He’s kidding right? Why would Israel out their security in the hands of an Anti-Semite?

  41. Yes, and keeping Jonathan Pollard IN prison!

  42. Kerry should mind his own business and stay out of it.

  43. To the President, Vice President, the Secretary of State, all members of the Senate and House of Representitives:

    Inasmuch as it has come to my attention repeatedly in the last decade that the Palestinian peoples have been treated unfairly by the Israeli Government and peoples and forasmuch as it is known to all that the Palestinian people have equal rights to statehood as other nations and peoples, and since there will never be peace between the palestinians and the Israelis, I propose that we aide the nation of palestinian peoples by giving them New Mexico where they may have their own statehood. Let us, before the United Nations and all countries, give them our solemn oath that we will allow all the palestinian peoples to move to New Mexico with all of their possessions and that we will not force them to be humiliated by having to go through any checkpoints to enter this country. Let us further promise that in the event that they fire rockets into neighboring states we will use great restraint, even if their rockets are aimed at our local elementary schools and such bombing continues for years without end. We should promise them that we will not use our Air Force, drones, ground troops or special forces to retaliate in any way. In the event that they are found to be receiving more weaponry from other countries by air, rail, or boat, we should promise not to intercept such weaponry so that we don’t injure any of the said operators of boat, plain, or trains. We should promise to seek peace with them at all costs, even up to giving them half of the neighboring states, which we got possession of in a war long ago anyway. In the event that they stone american citizens to death that are passing by New Mexico we should promise not to retaliate in any way, even if they kidnap and brutally murder our school children. I think this is very fair and that all Americans would support this proposal. Hoping to see legislation on this matter speedily, insincerely,
    S. Cox, Washington State, USA.
    United States, stop playing politics and support our ally Israel

  44. George Riesz says:

    This horse face Kerry should stop the idiotic idea of a two state solution,land for peace junk.

  45. George Riesz says:

    This horse face Kerry should stop the idiotic idea of a two state solution,land for peace junk.

  46. Ed Kaplan says:

    Sandra Blackburn Cox let’s not do that. Please make it easy and just cut off all supplies close all the borders and starve them. In a few years it will all be fresh sand and time to make that land beautiful again.

  47. Ken Figa says:

    The only truce I want to see is after hamas is gone!

  48. AH – Then explain how the “Gazans” built a $3.5 billion mall. How Israel is sending in 20,000 tons of food and medicine (and made one today) per week into Gaza. That’s a concentration camp. Let me ask you this. What color is the sky in your twisted world?

  49. And in more pressing news..tomorrow is Friday. SHABBAT SHALOM!! John Kerry, stay HOME!!

  50. And in more pressing news..tomorrow is Friday. SHABBAT SHALOM!! John Kerry, stay HOME!!

  51. Omg hard to believe the White House is supporting Israel in this horror started by Hamas. What is going to happen to the the envoy mr Gordon who adores Hamas and abass.

  52. Sheila Cole says:

    Dislike! I don’t want a ;spokesperson” I want to hear the President!

  53. Ram Maraj says:


Comments are closed.

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