After a week of medical tests in the hospital, Jonathan Pollard was returned on Sunday to his prison cell.

After falling seriously ill a week ago, Pollard was taken to a hospital were tests were performed,including an MRI of his brain.


The results are not yet in, but his condition stabilized enough that the authorities decided to return him to his cell to await the results of the tests.



  1. This does not belong under the "Antisemitism" category; there is absolutely zero evidence that Jonathan Pollard is being treated any better or worse than any other convicted spy serving a life sentence. (And there are four non-Jews currently serving life or longer terms for the same crimes.)

  2. I agree. If people are mad at anyone, it should be Israel for dropping the ball and letting him take the heat. Israel should have made a HUGE deal about the fact that he shared with them stuff that they should've been informed of in the first place. He committed treason, plain and simple. Was he righteous in that crime? Sure, I think so. But part of doing something like that is being willing to face the consequences of doing so and take it like a man and feel good about what you did.

  3. "He committed treason, plain and simple."

    Technically it was not treason, the only crime defined explicitly in the US Constitution:

    "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." — Article Three, Section Three.

  4. Rachel Meidan "Not one has served a sentance as long as him. "

    This is a false statement. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg got the death penalty for spying for an ally. (And Ethel was probably innocent.)

    There are also four others currently serving longer sentences for espionage:

    John Walker, Aldrich Ames, and Robert Hanssen are serving life sentences. Walker has been in prison longer than Pollard. And Jerry Whitworth is serving 365 years (that is not a typo).

  5. Pollard will not be released early, because he embarrassed the defense establishment by revealing how low its standards were for civilian employees during the late Vietnam era and post Vietnam era. Pollard allegedly failed drug tests and DoD hired him anyway and gave him access to classified information. Moreover, some of the acts Pollard was accused of were actually done by Aldrich Ames. Some of the documents the USSR obtained could not have been provided by Pollard, as he had no access to them, but Ames did.

  6. Every former atty general congress et etc knows Pollard is being screwed by this ape and his friends in the white house..The only thing Pollard did wrong was get caught and yes he has to be a man about it which he has he spied agaisnt Iraq he is a patriot plain and simple.

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