Photo Credit: Issam Rimawi / Flash 90
King Abdullah II of Jordan meets with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in 2012.

The Jordanian government announced it rejects Australia’s dropping of the word “occupied” in connection to eastern Jerusalem.

Jordan’s position is rather hypocritical, as Jordan illegally occupied eastern Jerusalem from 1948 until 1967, after capturing half the city in its 1948 attack on Israel.


Since the year 1805, if not earlier, Jews have made up the majority of the residents of united Jerusalem.

Whereas, 80% of Jordan’s citizens define themselves as Palestinian, making Jordan a de facto Palestinian State.



  1. USA and UK are responsible and must pay for their mistake, they inserted an illegal state in the ME which is Israel making the ME unstable and full of terror and violence and it will keep so as long as ISRAEL exist, Palestine must be freed and occupation ended as a first step to create peace environment in the ME . USA and UK are responsible for all Israeli crimes as much as Israel is since they always support Israeli Aggression’s.

  2. =
    The mixture of arabs called “palestinians” is a Arab League problem.
    Not only a Jordan problem.
    The origins of the muslims-“palestinians” are from all over the lands under Allah Dictators Islam Occupation.

    As long as The “palestinians” represent the Arab League Jihad against the free world including Israel .
    The Allah Dictators will pay lip service to the “palestinians” issue.

    But The moment the “palestinians” Jihad is directed against Allah Dictators,
    Allah Dictators will persecute, oppress & expell them as they did expell the “palestinians” from Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait & as the “palestinians” are now biting the dust under Assad & the Syria Jihadis.

    As long as there is no agreement within the Arab League to absorb & intergrate the “palestinians” within the lands under Allah Dictators
    Arab League Occupation,
    Jordan & the Arab League will reject dropping of “Occupied” term.

    “Occupied” a shariah compliant term, a Islamic Fatwa portrayed as UNGA resolution meant to Islamise or to muslimise conscience.
    In other words: the Mental Dhimmitude enslavement, that serves the interests of Allah Dictators at the expense of Israel & the free world.

    Those Israelis & Westerners that speak of political correctness, multiculturalism, tolerance, coexistence, inter-faith dialogue, tikkun olam, inclusion, binational city-Jerusalem, etc…
    Are the usefull idiots doormats for Islam expansion

    Because they have erred when they failed to consider Islam in depth; would they have used the same arguments to justify Nazism?

    The national media (CNN, CBC , ABC, NY Times, La Presse etc..) are guilty of misinformation and complacency in favor of the followers of this evil belief system. Human Rights defenders bear a heavy responsibility because they choose to ignore the threat posed by the followers of Islam ,

    The Jewish Press had already published an article on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum sanitising, whitewashing Arab-Nazi Ties

  3. (Jordanian King) you’re so stupid, your rejection sounds nonsense, you belong to a fiction religion ( Islam) filled with lies.The truth has been said, and” what is said is said”Palestinians shares the land of Jordan and not Yudea and sammeria.

  4. King Abdulah should remember that Israel saved his Father King Hussan life on many of occasions when other Arab
    Countries wanted to kill him Who did he go to to protect him Well Once again it was Israel No other country in the world helped him . People have such short Memories when it suits them !!!!!!!!!!

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