Dozens of leftwing activists and anarchists protested Israel’s defending itself against Gaza, near Kiryat Arba-Hebron on Saturday, according to a report in HNN.

IDF and Border Police broke up the protest, at which point, one of the protesters reportedly got into his car and tried to run over a soldier, who jumped safely out of the way.


The driver was arrested, and the IDF has filed a charge against him with the police.



  1. My first protest was 500 miles away in Washington, and I missed my first week of high school going. I did my stint with anarchy and counter-culture all during Viet Nam and a bit since. And I still don’t care for what a lot of people here represent. But stupid never turned me on. I suggest that people who think Hamas and Islamic “liberations” go and be with them a while. It should cure stupid fairly quickly. Try doing what you do and say among those fine folks. If you without getting dead, fine. But don’t expect Israel or anyone else to give a sh1t and bail you out. When entering notice exits.

  2. These are the kind of people you don’t leave in the helms of affairs. You’d think they would protect you. They hate IDF’s defense of Israel yet I am sure they run into bunkers when they hear the sirens.

    Woulda’ be nice to sit out in the open to demonstrate their protests in the hails of Hamas’ rockets.

  3. Shawn Paul Owens, what do you know about Judaism? Any leader, Jewish or otherwise would be abdicating their responsibilities to allow their Country and citizens to be attacked without defending them. Hamas ans the other grous have launched thousands of rockets, sent Terrorist gangs through tunnels into Israel to kidnsp and murder and use the Gaza Civilians as human shields as they launched their rockets. You are an idiot.

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