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October 1, 2014 / 7 Tishri, 5775
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Meir Panim implements programs that serve Israel’s neediest populations with respect and dignity. Meir Panim also coordinated care packages for families in the South during the Gaza War.


Missionaries Try to Convert Jerusalem Kashrut Supervisor – Lose Certification

It's never a good idea to try to convert the Rabbi.

Letter about Kashrut Revocation for Cafe Porta

Letter about Kashrut Revocation for Cafe Porta
Photo Credit: HaKol HaYehudi

Following an investigation by the anti-missionary organization Yad L’Achim into ‘Cafe Porta’, located in the Clal building in Jerusalem, the organization reported to the Kashrut division of Jerusalem’s Religious Authority that the cafe appears to be a missionary center.

Missionary activity is frowned upon in Israel, and illegal in certain circumstances.

At first, the Kashrut division had no proof, nor any legal steps they could take against the cafe.

But when the Kashrut division sent its own inspectors to check on the report, they were taken by surprise when the owners gave missionary material, including a New Testament, to the Kashrut supervisor, apparently in an attempt to begin the proselytization process on the Rabbi.

Needless to say, the Kashrut certification for the cafe was immediately revoked.

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200 Responses to “Missionaries Try to Convert Jerusalem Kashrut Supervisor – Lose Certification”

  1. Lou Loomis says:

    Jews are easy targets (Pew Report). Too many are either uneducated about their Judaism or just don't care. Maybe it's time to start doing Jewish missionary work, first on our own, and then on the gentiles.

  2. Wow! Just handing out a book and some material about his religious faith in the Messiah is enough to convert a person. Who knew it was so easy? All believers in Yeshua should try doing that, by 2015 the whole world will believe in him! For a country like Israel that is supposed to be free this is a disgrace. Either the leaders believe the people are so weak minded that they can't think for themselves or they believe that the evidence is to compelling.That messianic ideas might prove sound in the light of day if given a fair chance. I think I'll go to Jerusalem and pass out booklets about unicorns. Perhaps I can get everyone to believe in them. No one can make you believe in Yeshua. Only G-d changes the heart.

  3. Yair Lax says:

    Whats wrong with offering poision, to the uneducated ?

  4. Yair Lax says:

    Your a special kind of special !!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    If a Jew believes that J.C. was Mashiach, he/she is NOT "Torah observant," by definition! Hashem clearly states what will happen when Mashiach comes, and they ain't happened yet. In addition, Hashem clearly states what to do when someone comes along and claims to be Mashiach but is merely a wannabe, as happened in that case.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bravo to Yad L'Achim and bravo to Jerusalem's Religious Authority!

  7. Yair Lax says:

    Goldberg wants to buy his worker a present. He goes to the jewlery store and sees a cross. He asks the salesman How much is dat vun ? He hears the price and says its to much, How much without the "MAMZER" ?

  8. Dotti Lamont says:

    What were those Yad L'Achim people doing there…they were just asking for hearing the Messianic Yeshua news…just what they wanted…don't they know that restaurant in the Chal bldg. is Messianic? Yes, they did…they didn't belong there, they are trouble makers!

  9. Tabitha Elkins says:

    Malkah Sorel It's a sad history that a small Jewish offshoot group run by a rabbi (Yeshua) was overrun by pagan Romans and turned into a tool of oppression against Jewish people. If you could separate the pagan crap out of the REAL message of Yeshua, you would see that his teachings are VERY Jewish.

  10. Christianity compared to Jusdaism is like comparing Physics to tinker toys – The DEEP infinite and mysterious Universe to an inch of water in the gutter. Oh, and Jesus was the bastard son of a whore…

  11. It's been done sir with stunning success. First there was Jesus, testified to and confirmed in Scripture. Then came Peter, the illustrious Saul of Tarsus (Paul) and countless other Jews we Lee our faith to. As Jesus says….salvation is from the Jews.

  12. There is a wonder organization, Jews for Judaism. Great info and they are good at speaking to teenagers. Temples have to be much more welcoming to gentiles , even if it's only to get to know us. My temple is great at that. We have a number of interfaith families who are raising their kids Jewish and gentile spouse is usually incredibly active in our community. We don't pressure about conversion but many grow to love Judaism with their involvement until conversion becomes a natural step. We have a terrific Confirmation program for post b'nei mitzvah kids so they stay involved.
    When my son was in high school at Taft in Woodland Hills , large Jewish demographic, there was a missionary handing out pamphlets. Most Christians think we're "just being stubborn" about not accepting Jesus. They have no idea there are valid reasons why we don't. I have a printout from Jews for Judaism that explains why. So, after I dropped my son off at school I got out and spoke to the young man handing out the material. I had my pamphlet which I held out to him and said " I'll read yours if you'll read mine."
    I din't know what happened but he wasn't there the next day.

  13. WOW. What an extraordinary change to make.

  14. Oriana Cottard says:

    Missionaries are just like muslims, trying to converte the whole world whos is not from their so call belief!!!
    Let us Be in peace. We Jews are G-d's people do get it once for all now we don't need your sick sects!!!!

  15. You cannot be both a Christian and a Jew. Read the Shema….G_d is ONE ,can't be split, can't believe in a trinity .

  16. Ronny Mol says:

    Not sure who is right? Watch Torah and Science in English, Hebrew, Turkish and Russian at http://www.divineinformation.com and know that the Torah is divine for once and all.

  17. Yechiel Baum says:

    the checks to the Rabbinut seems to be the criteria before an inspection. It leaves people to doubt the credibility of the kashrut organizations.

  18. Hadassah Lerner says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I live here and hadn't heard about this yet!

  19. Sheera Blitz says:

    Jewish missionary for Jews is not missionary – it's restoring faith in their own religion.
    Judaism is not a religion for missionary – not everyone should be Jewish, it's not our way. Christianity & Islam seek to bring the whole world to their respective religions but it's a sheer misunderstanding of Jewish principles to seek the same for us. We need to fix the world, not convert it.

  20. Nicolle Simon says:

    Robin Schwartz – only by Nazi calculation.

  21. Nicolle Simon says:

    Firoze — Stick to subjects you know something about. There is more freedom of expression in Israel than in any other democracy — go research — and stay away from the keyboard until you learn something. Thank you from all of us.

  22. Nicolle Simon says:

    Melody Briggs-Wisdo — Well said! Thank you.

  23. Well, not quite zero but it's worked the other way too. We had a speaker at our temple once who had been a Christian missionary. A VERY scholarly man who studied Hebrew & Aramaic, went to Israel and even lived on a kibbutz ( with the caveat that he not proselytize). The more he read and learned the more he was drawn to Judaism. He eventually converted. However here's the kicker, his father is a Baptist minister. When he told his father he was going to convert his father's reaction was "If you're going to be a Jew , be a good Jew." What a mensch !

  24. Responding to Mr. Loomis, I meant to say we Christians owe our faith to the Jews who accepted G-d's fulfillment of the covenant, as only G-d could do, as he did when he put Abram into a deep sleep and performed the rite H-mself.

    The Church came out of Israel and established in Rome. It is the little rock Daniel spoke of, carved from the fourth empire that would become a mountain filling the whole earth. Hey, It's in your own book.

  25. Melody Briggs-Wisdo And it's a beautiful place open to everyone.

  26. Malkah Sorel says:

    uunlisted The important thing for these poor xtians to know is that Yeshu wasn't unique, at the time the temple stood miracles happened, even today miracles happen for the Jewish people. The religion is so childish, its no wonder that the xtian big holidays heroes are father xmas, easter bunny ……. and yes you got it Jesus Christ. All made up characters suitable for goyishe fairy tales.
    Any Rabbi who was mistaken for moschiach and turned into an idol would be tormented in his grave. If these people really love a renegade rabbi from Israel who lived 2000 years ago they should let go of the myth and let his soul rest in peace!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Israel depicts itself as a country that treats all religions equally, then we take pride in removing the Kashrut certification from a Christian owned cafe. The certification was removed because the inspector was handed a New Testament and possibly other Christian literature upon entering. It is illegal in Israel to try to proselytize while giving something material, which is considered a bribe (such as money, food, clothing, etc.) or to proselytize minors under 18. Since this is a restaurant where food is being sold, not given away, the people there were within their right to share their faith (even if you don't agree with their method). Unfortunately, this type of action, by a minority group, (albeit a minority group with an unproportional amount of power in this country) puts Israel in a bad light with the Christian world. These people are following the laws of the land, but are being punished anyway. Even more unfortunate are those of us who support these actions as being positive for our community. There is enough antisemitism in the world without us giving people reason to dislike us for being petty and overbearing. We don't need to imagine our outrage if the situations were reversed because we see examples of antisemitism everyday. Yet when we have our own country, and our own authority, we turn around and treat Christians like second class citizens.

  28. Nefertiti Egitto says:

    nn si potrebbe, gentilmente, tradurre in italiano? nn capisco bene, grazie :)

  29. Moishe Sachs says:

    That's where the comparison ends; hundreds of millions of Muslims are genocidal in their fervor, while zero Christians are. On the contrary, there are Christians, like pastor Hagee, God bless him, who, along with thousands in & out of his congregation, give millions to Israeli organizations with absolutely NO proselytization in mind. We Jewish people have a Torah obligation to share the 7 Mitzvos of Noah to the non-Jewish world population with whom we may have relationships. We are also told to not forget good people do for us & to always be kind & considerate of & to them because we were so mistreated in Egypt. I hope as I read these comments I don't see sweeping generalizations about Christians, many of whom, particularly in US, like Chriistians United for Israel, go out of their way, far more than any Jewish organization anywhere does, to support Israel with all of their heart, soul, & might. A look at their website shows that they have over 1 million members & do so, so much to support Israel. Do they have a Christian scripture page? You bet, but, & that's because they're Christians. But, they are involved in huge ways in support of Israel with NO proselytization of Jews whatsoever. Oh, that Israel would have such support from Jews in America as from http://www.cufi.org/site/PageServer?pagename=about_AboutCUFI

  30. Mary Hale says:


  31. Mary Hale says:


  32. David Negley You will be surprised to what lengths they will go!!!!!!

  33. tiborspitz says:

    One’s a group of Protestant clergymen asked me to give them a
    lecture explaining principles of Jewish Kabbalah.As an introduction, I asked them if they were
    JESUS’ FOLLOWERS to which they agreed. When
    I asked them about religion of Jesus, they were well aware that he was Jewish. Then
    I said, “I am Jewish and you are not.Are
    you sure to be followers or Jesus or rather am I?” After few minutes of embarrassing silence, they
    admitted that I WAS.As theologians, they
    knew that Jesus did not have even a slightest intention to create a new
    religion or change Judaism in any way. He did not participate when his name was
    hijacked and much misused by
    anti-Semites. Then I proceeded to my lecture.

  34. Florica Rudinescu says:

    lies and more lies, they are missioners ymah shmam vezihram and they do proselyte jews to convert them. Xtians were even more genocidal than muslims, they murdered jews, indiens and even the "heretics" xtians. And dont tell me that they were not "real xtians" LOL. Stop your xtian propaganda.

  35. Malkah Sorel says:

    Just think about this. The first thing that hits a xtian when his soul leaves the body and he can see clearly it that he was wrong in his belief and has been worshiping a nonentity idol. Imagine!

  36. Malkah Sorel says:

    Judahdaniel. If xtians are cooking the food unsupervised the food simply is not kosher, not fit for combustion by a Jew. He had no choice but to remove the certification. The food win kosher, no certificate

  37. Malkah Sorel says:

    Moishe Sachs Zero xtians hoimcidal. Pogrom, inquisition, crusade, Hitler went to Church you know! The catholic church as apologized for its complicity in the holocaust. Every country where xtian colonialists left their foot print are in a state of war or war readiness all funded by xtaian countries with church going leaders. All in the name of xtain democracy

  38. Malkah Sorel says:

    the food was not kosher. no certificate

  39. Moishe Sachs says:

    Your understanding of what constitutes the breaking of missionary laws in Israel seems at odds with how the secular Israeli government in the as-yet-not-Jewish-run state understands them.
    When moshiach comes, we'll have a Jewish state. The Prime Minister is not very much a practicing Jew – he breaks fundamental Jewish laws, including empowering Israel's enemies & not repatriating them to Jordan & Egypt. Whatever he says goes in Israel. I guarantee you that you don't have to worry about good Christians disliking Israel because of this particular case. Those who support Israel do so because there's no reason why not to, except that they should, as I do, regularly protest not solving the existential threat posed by millions of extremely hostile Arab Muslims west of the Jordan River. Israel's leaders have chosen instead to allow daily attacks for decades resulting in the death, dismemberment, & loss of properties of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of innocent people, with no end in sight.

  40. James Nollet says:

    The revocation of the hechsher was ENTIRELY APPROPRIATE, and I'll tell you why.

    The laws of kashrus are part of the body of Mosaic Law. In his letters to various congregations, the Christian apostle to the Gentiles makes it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that Mosaic Law is now a dead issue, now null and void.

    That being the case, no avowedly Christian-owned food business can be relied upon to keep the laws of kashrus.

    Therefore, they may not have a hechsher.

  41. Moishe Sachs says:

    Florica Rudinescu My comment is about Torah true Judaism & how it teaches us to consider good non-Jews. If you have a problem, take it up with God.
    I'll show you Muslims worldwide have murdered & maimed hundreds of thousands of people since 9/11. There are some anti-semitic Christians everywhere, but negligible compared to Islamists & the scale of harm they have been causing since WW2 is ZERO compared to Islamists.
    Please find me a Christian one of these before you spew your hatred,
    & this post goes for Malkah Sorel who thinks we're living in York in the 1200s or in the Inquisition. And, believe me, Malkah, it wasn't the field day living among Muslims for 1,300 years that they say it was. Read Dhimmitude, by Bat Yeor.

  42. Moishe Sachs says:

    Some observant Jews have been assisting Jews into Judaism. Chabad, for instance, has done so since the 1940's, & it's a fundamental part of Chabad philosophy to do so in every way possible. Aish Hatorah also comes to mind, R. Noah Weinberg, Amnon Yitzchok, Breslov, Lakewood Kollels, etc. I'm sure in Israel there are more, like Ohr Sameiach (also in Monsey, NY).
    We aren't allowed to go out to convert anyone to Judaism, ever. We are commanded to spread the 7 Basic Laws of Humanity, or Noahide laws. Non-Jews, we are taught, are rewarded in the World to Come for all good they do, but receive a higher reward for specifically keeping to the Noahide 7 (& their 80 or so offshoots), done because they've been told by Jew(s) that God told us this at Mt. Sinai.
    Those laws help to create a just, decent society & maintain this world. Jews are to also maintain but given the ability to elevate the physical universe in ways non-Jews were not given by God, the particularly Jewish soul having the power to accomplish this. We are to be humble because of this, not as maligned by neo-Nazis that lie & say that we want or do harm to people because we think we're superior, a claim that actually reflects its accusers' thinking & sometimes actual behavior.

  43. Malkah Sorel says:

    Moishe Sachs YOu worry about hostile Arabs who openly want to annihilate us, xtians want to annihilate us to, our souls are what they are after. xtians believe that Torah is not valid. They want you and every Jew to accept their man g-d as not just moshiach but as G-d. And they use fraudulent heshers to do it. No thanks

  44. Malkah Sorel says:

    Moishe Sachs Until 1957 Jews lived in Arab lands with relatively little violence compared to the Jews who lived in Europe. Noahides yes. Idolatory not included. And the wars being fought today, Iraq, Afganistan, Liyba, Nigeria everywhere the xtian country has its controlling hand. Because we are assimilated into the Western culture we are blind to the damage. Left and right we are in the middle. The cycle continues. Our business with Torah and Mitzvot and Am Israel.

  45. Moishe Sachs says:

    Mark Rigoglioso Christianity has hundreds of forms attempting to claim legitimacy. According to Judaism, none of them are valid & all of the claims made by all Christian groups from their beginnings have all been completely disputed. The book of Jonah shows that people are forgiven for sin by repenting, without need for sacrifices. There are two Jesuses in the New Testament. Take your pick. Was he the Mathew version where we see more of who he probably actually was, an observant Jewish patriot who could have been Moshiach, fighting the barbarian Romans on behalf of his people to re-establish the Jewish commonwealth? See Kosher Jesus, by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. Or, was he the severely anti-semitic Jesus of Mark, Paul, Peter, John, Luke, & James, not to mention of Popes who led mass murder against defenseless Jews & Martin Luther who called Jewish houses of worship dens of thieves & devils, or something like that, & that they should (& were subsequently) burned down?
    Christians have been peddling Christianity for 1,700 years & can never succeed in converting the Jewish people because we were given Judaism with its explanations & interpretations in its entirety in our language, which you don't even know how to read. If you did, you'd see that EVERY claim made by Christianity about it being a fulfillment of Judaism is completely false, & easily shown thus.
    While you may find it good & fulfilling to believe in Christianity, & as long as it isn't mass-murdering Jews as it did a number of times in history, culminating in the almsot Holocaust, enjoy yourself. But, to knowledgeable Jews, your beliefs are the equivalent to a belief that there is a mother ship above the earth ready to take all Black people to Africa, as stated by Calypso Louis Farrakhan, the Christian anti-White, anti-Semite lover of Islamism.

  46. Moishe Sachs says:

    If true, WOW, what a stupid, suicidal Israeli govt. that permits itself to allow Israel to be harmed.

  47. Moishe Sachs says:

    Malkah Sorel There are many, many nice things in Chritianity, much, if not all of which, come from Judaism. For example, every verse in the nicest part of their book, the Sermon on the Mount, is from the Torah directly or from our sages from before & during that time. Rabbi Boteach in his new book Kosher Jesus sources each verse. So, to say that it's utter evil is incorrect. Some of it is, but some is simply not.

  48. Doris Wise Montrose says:

    No, Mary, not a single Jewish knee. The Jews are already perfect.

  49. Moishe Sachs says:

    Watts, this oldie but goodie, a Christian favorite, is a complete mistranslation of verse 25, which says it will be 7 weeks, not 69. The rest is also nonsense. See the book You Take Jesus, I'll Take God, pages 28-32 for a complete refutation of the lies you quote from your book that has some good in it but also has many lies. It also, btw, contains the famous verse by Jesus, "I have not come to bring peace on Earth, but the sword…" Sorry, that ONLY shows someone who could NOT have been moshiach, our righteous redeemer, who will actually come, hopefully today (or, at least today in Las Vegas, where it's still very much day).

  50. Moishe Sachs says:

    While I agree with how we should respond to someone offering us something we don't want, we are spiritually one entity, kenesses Yisroel, so what cuts away a part of us, easily duped Jews, hurts us viscerally & may very well harm creation by delaying our ability to fulfill our mission to make the world into a home for God, as it says in the medrosh.

  51. Ahron Ebert says:

    What is it about Christians and Muslims that they are unsure of their faith that they must get everyone to believe like them? In trying to convice us they are right they are try to convice themselves. We are sure of our knowledge (belief) and do not need to convince others.

  52. Moishe Sachs says:

    David Negley Any thinking, decent person knows emphatically without the slightest hesitation or question, that it's completely utterly impossible to be Torah observant & a Christian simultaneously regardless of your silly contention. It's exactly the same as holding onto something that makes one spiritually defiled while immersing in a mikvah, a ritual bath that cleanses one of impurity. You're just emulating, Paul, the biggest hypocrite in history, who said that he appears as a Jew to Jews but as a non-Jew to non-Jews. Messianics are truly unquestionably & totally confused. Any Jew who won't take the time to truly delve into the absolute refutations of Christianity, but takes the time to learn about it, is a very, very sad unfortunate case.

  53. Moishe Sachs says:

    To a knowledgeable Jew, that's like saying that one day every Christian will bow & acknowledge the Pillsbury Doe Boy as Lord, & as likely.

  54. Moishe Sachs says:

    Notice in the comments Christians comparing Israel to Islamist countries, Jews comparing modern Christians to contemporary genocidal Islamists. People! Neither of you is accurate, at all. And, for God's sake, we have far, far more in common than either has with Islamism. If you don't believe me, please show me among Christians or Jews the equivalent of http://www.thereligionofpeace.com !!!

  55. Doris Wise Montrose says:

    It is this kind of statement that puts a cloud over Israeli trust of Christian support for Israel. It is unfortunate b/c it is not true of all Christians who support Israel. Those are the ones who understand that Christianity came from Judaism.

  56. Bruce Killey says:

    Not much has changed since the Acts of the Apostles.

  57. Malkah Sorel says:

    it is islam that is wrong and it is xtiaity that is wrong, not the people. their religions are tools, of the people pick them up and use them to damage the world it is a problem.

  58. Malkah Sorel says:

    Moishe Sachs No it is like saying that when they leave the confines of this world and pass through the rectification they will realise that they were wrong. We will all realise something including you or I. They will just know that JC aint messiah and that G-d is one

  59. Anonymous says:

    Cara Nefertiti – copia lo scritto da tradurre ed incolla nel traduttore di Google – che troverai cercando nel browser.

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Israeli transportation and tourism employees will carry out a work slowdown on Wednesday in solidarity with striking postal workers.

A 30-year-old man is listed in serious condition after setting himself afire at the Savion Junction in central Israel on Tuesday.

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