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September 22, 2014 / 27 Elul, 5774
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“Moderate” Muslims Silent on Brussels Attack

Islamic groups fail to follow Jewish example, do not condemn terror attack
"Moderate" Muslim leader Feisal Abdul Rauf

"Moderate" Muslim leader Feisal Abdul Rauf
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“Moderate” Islamic groups have remained silent on the murder of four people at the Brussels Jewish Museum on Saturday.

In contrast to Jewish groups, which have roundly denounced price tag vandalism in response to nearly every incident, as of this writing not one major Islamic organization in Europe, North America, Australia or the Middle East has condemned the yesterday’s murders in Brussels.

Non-Jewish leaders in Belgium spoke out immediately about the attack.  Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo said, “Our country and all Belgians, regardless of their language, their origin or their beliefs, are united together to face this despicable attack on a Jewish cultural center.”

The country’s Interior Minister, Joelle Milquet, spoke out immediately upon hearing about the attack. Belgium would  “apply to a maximum level of protection to Jewish sites,” he said.

While many left-wing activists, including the Haaretz daily, cautioned that “it is too early to jump to conclusions aver the identity of the shooter in Saturday’s terror attack,” even the left-wing mouthpiece was forced to conclude that “for now, the scenario of radical Muslim attackers… is most likely.”

But that does not seem to have moved “moderates” like Feisal Abdul Rauf, the author of “What’s Right With Islam” and spiritual leader of The Cordoba Initiative who gained notoriety by trying to build an Islamic prayer centre on the ruins of the World Trade Center. Rauf’s website fetters statements about violence at the Boston Marathon and condemning the burning of Christian homes in Pakistan. But the murder of Jews by Muslims appears to be off the Cordoba radar.

Same could be said for the Islamic Council of Victoria (Australia), despite the fact that leaders of that group have protested their depiction as radical terror sympathisers for many years. Other “moderate” groups that have yet to condemn the shooting include the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, Native European Muslims Assembly, the Islamic Center of Southern California, the Organization of the Islamic Conference

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69 Responses to ““Moderate” Muslims Silent on Brussels Attack”

  1. Afraid to tell Israel will attack your museum to

  2. “Moderate” Muslims will all quietly celebrate the death of every single Jew as it’s in their DNA! They can’t help themselves! Do you ever, ever hear of extremists being shouted down by the so called moderates?? Never unless it is to fool the infidel to bring jihad closer! Trust them at your peril

  3. Gene Strong says:

    Muslims do not want peace with Israel
    Muslims want another holocaust.
    Stop . appeasement and concessions.remove all Muslims from Jerusalem and gaza. Oslo is dead. Shut down all liberal news media in israel..liberals are an insidious cancer in israel..

  4. silent means tacit agreement. they’re just one,lump together. .they are not moderate but moderators between terrorist and would be victims.

  5. Ken Kelso says:

    Guaranteed it was with Neo Nazis or Muslims behind this attack.

  6. Scott Soffen says:

    The moderate Muslim never coming condemnation means nothing anyway. Most Jews will always remain tolerant of Islam despite their blatant hypocrisy.

  7. Peter Looman says:

    In Israël verdedigen ze zich….

  8. Timmy Boone says:

    Theirs a word for the moderate muslim. And that word is spy…

  9. What is a “moderate” Muslim?

  10. Shame, but that’s

  11. ‘Moderate Muslims’….their the ones who hold the victim down while the ‘Extremist Muslims’ hacks/chops the victims head off…that’s correct isn’t not……

  12. shameful but not surprising – just surprised that it was even reported

  13. Silence means agreement!

  14. Robin Zinke says:

    moderate muslims!?!… what the Hell is that!!!… AIN’T NO SUCH THING!!!… THEY ALL WILL KILL YOU OR HAVE IT DONE, AND THAT BE THE SAMETHING!!!… You think I be wrong… Just tell a mod muslim the Truth about that demonic profit mohammed or Burn they holy book of lies of Lucifer there god… AND YOU’LL SEE A MOD muslim!!!…

  15. Are there moderate Muslims. Then speak up if you dare.

  16. Ken Reeves says:

    Sunni and shiite are all cowards,islam is a virus.

  17. How can anybody be considered moderate when they worship and adore a 7th century pedophile, killer and liar whose very existence created every terrorist act in the world for the past half century or more? Moderate Muslim equals garbage.

  18. I would love to hear Muslims expressing sirius for that horrible attack in Brussels

  19. They are useless too and coward.

  20. Edit Lipcs says:


  21. They NEVER speak up, unless it is to whine about discrimination.

  22. Alan Kardon says:

    What is a "MODERATE MUSLIM"? Have not met one yet.

  23. Ron Grant says:

    The silence seems to be deafening from the Islamic world whenever there is such violence,wherever,whenever,whoever,however.Have they condemned the massacres in Northern Nigeria,the shameful abductions of Christian and Muslim schoolgirls,there?There are many reasons to condemn Israelis for their injustices to the Palestinians.And there are times when Muslims or Christians must be condemned for their attacks on Jews,Israeli or not.Now is one of those times.

  24. There’s no such thing. Killing jews is a central tenant of Islam.

  25. David Cutler says:

    Does their silence TRULY surprise anyone?? Look at what they are and always will be!! Kind of a foolish statement.

  26. David Cutler says:

    Does their silence TRULY surprise anyone?? Look at what they are and always will be!! Kind of a foolish statement.

  27. David Cutler says:

    Does their silence TRULY surprise anyone?? Look at what they are and always will be!! Kind of a foolish statement.

  28. David Cutler says:

    Does their silence TRULY surprise anyone?? Look at what they are and always will be!! Kind of a foolish statement.

  29. Elaine Sipes says:

    What will the pope say about this?

  30. Elaine Sipes says:

    What will the pope say about this?

  31. Elaine Sipes says:

    What will the pope say about this?

  32. Elaine Sipes says:

    What will the pope say about this?

  33. Moderate Muslims (if you can find them) are usually silent, unless they can claim they are being insulted. When they insult or kill you can hear the silence.

  34. still looking for them. If there are any they are afraid to speak. The ones that kill jews can easily extend there hate

  35. Moderate nazi; Moderate islamic! Are you kidding? There is no such animal…evil 'IS' and is known by its works. "Its" reward can only be death…theirs, not ours! "They Must Go!"

  36. The Muslim who harms a Jew is doing what Mohammed, in the Koran, says not to do.
    Jews and Arabs have the same father, Abraham, and are cousins. Mohammed in the Koran quotes from the Hebrew Torah. Mohammed was educated amongst the Jews whom he called "the people of the book".

    Anyone who kills will suffer and so will three or four generations thereafter.

    The desert land was barren for 2,000 years until the Jes rturned to their homeland.

    This truly shows G's wish. This must be obeyed.

  37. Robert Davis says:

    muslims and socialist whether national or otherwise we know what they are! as to haaretz they could earn a few dollars less if they utter the word "muslems"! It is about time their friend netanyahou starts working for Israel instead of "palestinians" who did not elect him and checks who is financing haaretz! netanyahou does not waste a single opportunity to work against Israel's interests:why did he accept the pope enters bethlehem from …jordan where he had no reason to go there! he only did it because it was convenient not to arrive in Israel first.On topof that he is a liar pretending his visit is solely religious whereasit is solely…political very cleqarly! the PM accepted because it works against Israel's interests!he would not have accepted his visit if it benefitted to Israel…

  38. Noel Eliscu says:

    If Muslims do not speak up against this hatred toward Jews then they are just as guilty. Maybe its time for Jews to set up a system where if one is killed their should be reprisals CASTRATION then their are no virgins at death and if their are he cannot enjoy after life

  39. Leda Tilton says:

    Wow. What a surprise.

  40. As radical Islamists are violent ;All the so-called Moderates are Silent.Sharia-Free it has to be. thank you.

  41. demolish all mosques in Brussels.

  42. Sam Cohen says:

    wow no condemnation on terror attack in Brussels from moderate muslims wow! !come on muslims you can fake condemnation it will make you look good in the eyes of the infidels.

  43. Cowards, that means they really hate Israel or are afraid to stand up against injustice.

  44. Moderates muslim is a muslim who spends 1 minute saying he disapproves fundamentalist terrorist and then changes the topic to evil zionism and USA imperialism for an hour (while ignoring muslim regimes and fundamentalists are bloodier to muslim world).

  45. No such thing as a tolerant moderate Muslim..their Quran has no mercy in it…

  46. Abbas Diba Amazing how irrational beliefs can be so popular, despite their incapacity to forge a credible lie… It´s in the emotions, I guess.

  47. Of course . The chicken ****s

  48. the muslims are in the epoce of animals

  49. Islam fundamentally opposes Christianity and Judaism. Fundamental opposition. Why is everyone so surprised that these things happen when a Muslims holy documents tell them to do such things. If I had a book that told me God wanted me to chew gum and whistle at the same time I would probably eventually try it.

  50. Muslims absolutely do not want peace with Israel. They are dedicated to wiping Israel off the map.

  51. Please define the term ‘moderate Muslim.’ Thank you.

  52. Jane O'grady says:

    We all need to correct our own if they need it! The peaceful loving Muslims need to get the radical hate filled Muslims in line! It goes for the radical Christians, Jews, Hindus, the peace-loving peopke of all religions need to speak up and take a stand or evil will dominate! Evil will continue if the good people do nothing!

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