The much-anticipated Palestinian Authority unity government is not happening – at least this week.

Sources within the PA say the announcement, which was to take place today (Thursday) is likely to be delayed, according to Israeli government-controlled public radio.


Ramallah-based Fatah spokesperson Jamal al-Mahsan reported there is disagreement among representatives from the Gaza-based Hamas terrorist group and Fatah officials regarding the appointments for ministries in the hoped-for unity government.

Similar difficulties were encountered in exactly the same way during previous attempts to “reconcile” the two factions. All resulted in failure to reach agreement on a resolution, and no unity government has been established since Hamas ousted Fatah from Gaza and seized control of the region in 2007.



  1. They can't even get on with each other! Peace is not part of their lexicon. It does not even exist within their own entity?!!!!! How can israel be expected to have peace with such barbarianss? The only thing they agree about is killing anyone who don't agree with them!!!!

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