German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been named the world’s most powerful woman by Forbes Magazine.

Merkel topped the magazine’s ‘100 Most Powerful Women in the World’ for the fourth year in a row.


Second on the list was Janet Yellen, chairperson of the American Federal Bank, followed by Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.



  1. I like her. We call her Mutti over here in Germany. I would count Mrs. Gates, Madame Lagarde and Mrs. Yellen all part of the New World Order, but really not Frau Dr. Merkel. If she would be part of it, Germany would already have succumbed to banking union in europe and whooping up all the debt of foreign nations. She has a very small power circle, hard to penetrate even for the Rothschilds who have former chancellor Schröder on their payroll.

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