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Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) took offense to president Obama's reference to "donors" pushing for sanctions.

“Neocon” used to be the code word for Jews, now it appears to be “donors,” at least when used by certain politicians, including U.S. President Barack Obama.

Obama attended the Democratic Senate retreat Senate Democratic Issues in Baltimore, Maryland on Friday, Jan. 16.


During a discussion about Iran sanctions, the president urged senators to resist imposing additional sanctions against Iran. He vowed to veto legislation being drafted by Mr. Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey, and Senator Mark Kirk, Republican of Illinois, that would trigger sanctions after multiparty talks are set to end this summer.

Obama said pushing for sanctions would undermine his authority and might derail negotiations with the Iranians. Mr. Obama also said if the U.S. were to enact increased actions it could lead international observers to blame the Americans, rather than the Iranians, if the talks collapsed before the June 30 deadline.

But then the president made what was interpreted as a veiled reference to Jews, which triggered a heated exchange in the otherwise courteous debate.

He said, according to the New York Times, that “he understood the pressures that senators face from donors and others.”

As Matt Brooks, the president of the Republican Jewish Coalition pointedly erupted: “What exactly was President Obama suggestion when he said opposition to his Iran policy is due to ‘donors’? No one would say opposition to his Russia policy is due to ‘donors,’ or his Cuba policy is due to ‘donors,’ or his general foreign policy is due to ‘donors.’ So why did President Obama single out those who seek tougher sanctions on Iran and ay their viewpoints are based on ‘donors’?

It was reported that one Senator in particular, Robert Menendez (NJ), rose to his feet and announced he took “personal offense” to Obama’s statement.

“The threat Iran poses to Israel and the western world is a national security issue. Attributing opposition to his Iran policy to the views of ‘donors’ is an inappropriate statement and it underplays the serious threat that Iran represents,” the RJC’s Brooks pointed out.


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  1. I guess it’s ok to butcher people, keep women as subjects, but prevent a nuclear disaster—? Mr. President, preach to you quire! I hope by now most Jews realize you really do not care for them. You will not stand up to tyrants and villains, but attacking Israel for protecting itself is ok. I have no respect for you and you are a disgrace to those that have held the office before you. BTW, keep your feet of my desk!

  2. Why should this even be surprising? At least Carter waited a few years to publish his asinine book on "Palestine Apartheid." Barack Hussein Obama will not even wait to exit the White House before lashing out at the Jewish menace and tying Israel's hands. As Israel learned a harsh lesson in 1973 kowtowing to American wishes and delaying its defense, when will the uber liberal Jews in the Diaspora stop voting to assassinate us and destroy Israel? Unlike the enemies of Israel–and the Diaspora, we cannot make one mistake without jeopardizing our people. This lesson was recently reiterated in Paris, where so many Jews think they are really assimilated.

  3. BHO clearly ABUSING his authority as president and twisting Sen. Menendez motives when it comes to things Islam. AS IT MENENDEZ OPPOSITION IS NOT BECAUSE ATOMIC BOMBS IN THE WRONG HANDS ARE UN-DEBATABLY CATASTROPHIC. Sen Menendez stated he'd been consistent in his stance for 20 years. What was BHO doing 20 years ago? Americans need to express more outrage at BHO's actions (or inactions, like not sending representatives to Paris demonstrations against terror.)

    Glen Beck is wonderful (to me) in vocalising and clarifying what is going on – the big picture.

  4. In the same Baltimore that Obama made reference to JEWS as"donors", he appeared at *Jewish(sic) fundraiser for Obama at 10.000 a plate at the mansion of a *Howard Tzvi Friedman of Baltimore ,who is modern Orthodox run amack! !!! Reminds us of the Judenrat Kapos! In the era of Chanukah there were ilk as him, the Maccabbees Bais Din pronounced capital punishment for them! May he and his ilk receive heavenly punishment and be in Gehenom forever. Kain Yehe Ratzohn

  5. What does Obama, the US, UN, EU and the rest of the free world really think? That Iran really has only peaceful intentions? That Iran with all the Fanatics at the helm would hesitate for one second to release an Atom bomb/missile if it is in their best interest? Do you all really think the a weapon of mass destruction would be safe in their hands and would not be available to terrorist that will seek to KILL? Just like the peace loving Koran states: “I will instill terror in the hearts of the infidels, strike off their heads then, and strike off from them every fingertip.”- (Koran, Sura 8:12)

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