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PA official Jibril Rajoub says on Lebanese television he would nuke Israel right now if he had a nuclear bomb.

Israel will not release the final round of terrorists on Saturday, Palestinian Authority official Jibril Rahoub is claiming, according to an AFP report.

Israel has not reacted to his statement, whether it is true or not, or if Israel is simply delaying the release.


The Israeli government is facing a lot of internal pressure to not release this fourth round of terrorists, which includes Israeli Arabs and some very horrible mass murderers.

The Palestinian Authority says that without the release of these terrorists, they will refuse to extend the U.S. brokered peace talks with Israel.

Israel pledged to the U.S. to release a total of 104 terrorists who murdered women, children, innocent civilians, IDF soldiers, US and Canadian citizens, and even fellow Arabs, in exchange for the Palestinian Authority sitting down to talk. Israel has release 78 terrorists so far.

Unfortunately, Jibril Rajoub’s choice of words may indicate the release is only postponed, and not cancelled.



  1. This comment about IF you had a NUKE you would use it this very morning,just goes to show the world just what sort of IDIOTS your lot is,I PRAY to MY G – D that you NEVER get your state & will be wandering for the next 2,000 years as we had to do in the past

  2. Attwa Fagor oh…you think I'm a zionist…just because I have a brain…and challenge the stupidity of a big mouth liar like Jibril Rahoub. Perhaps you would like to to be in Gaza when he drops his purportedly wished for bomb…murdering his own people in his hatred of Jews. You sir are simply a hater.

  3. You need to realize time is so short now and a comment like that will bring judgment on yourself from God, I'm praying for you now to love Israel and the Jewish people, they have always helped the world. (God is on their side)

  4. Gil Gilman When you come across an obvious anti-Semitic cretin such as this, better just to ignore his comments, and let him stew in his own hate juices. It is a waste of your energy to even tap the computer keys to respond to such scum.

  5. Haven't understood from the beginning of these "peace" talks why Israel 1. Would be expected to make any concessions in advance
    2. Why in the world Israel would actually cave to ridiculously 1-sided pressure from the U.S. and release those who have murdered its citizens.

    Israel's agreeing to these concessions implies that they have something to "make up for" or apologize for–nothing could be further from the truth. A sensible place to start these negotiations instead would be for Israel demand the PA actually recognize them, as any other country in the world would require before any diplomatic talks can begin.
    Then Israel should offer the original Balfour Declaration boundaries as "starting points" for the land negotiations. The most catastrophic mistake Israel could make now is to make ANY land concessions, or give 1 inch of its tiny country to people sworn to destroy them.

    Israel is the only country in the history of the world asked to 'give back" land which it won in a war in which it was attacked and whitch historically, legally and culturally, belongs rightfully to them.
    There are multiple huge Arab/Islamic countries in the Mideast, including Jordan which was carved out of the original British Mandate
    as the part of it for the Arabs. Israel is already left with but a small fraction of what it was originally supposed to be.

    DO NOT cave to Obama, who harbors only contempt for Israel (as all honest American Jews understand) and wants desperately to diminish her while strengthening her Islamic enemies, while he still can.

    Just hold on until this jerk is out of office.

  6. The State of Israel must kill all the Arab terrorists, including those who are imprisoned, because the Arab terrorists are making war against Israel, so that they are war enemies, and it is written in the Torah, in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 20:10-18, that God commanded Israel to kill all the war enemies. The war enemies must be killed immediately, and not submitted to trial. The State of Israel must kill the Arab terrorists, instead of arresting them.
    Binyamin Netanyahu must explain to Barak Obama and to all nations that God gave to Israel all the Land of Canaan, which includes all the Palestine, as it is written in the Bible, in Genesis 12:6-7, 15:13-21, 17:1-8, 17:19, 26:1-5, 28:10-14 and 35:9-12 and Numbers 34:13-29 and Deuteronomy 3:8, and that Israel possessed that land since the year 1466 BCE, and that the Arabs invaded the Land of Israel (Palestine) in the year 635 CE, so that all the Palestine belongs to Israel, including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and the Arabs are invaders and must go back to their land, that is Arabia.
    The State of Israel must not make pact with the Palestinians, because it is written in the Torah, in Exodus 23:32 and 34:12 and Deuteronomy 7:2 that God commanded Israel not to make pact with the inhabitants of the Land of Canaan, that is the Land of Israel, also called "Palestine", and it is written in the Torah, in Numbers 33:50-53 and Deuteronomy 1:8 and 30:5, that God commanded Israel to possess all the Land of Canaan, that is the Land of Israel, also called “Palestine”. Therefore, the peace talks with the Palestinians must cease immediately.

  7. Attwa Fagor, you are mistaken. The Jewish people (the people of Israel) is the people of God, as it is written in the only true holy book, the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh, also called Old Testament). All persons, of all nations, who love God must convert to Judaism, because Judaism is the only religion which obeys the commandments of the true God, that are in the only true holy book, that is the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh).

  8. Ha ha ha ha,

    I Thank G.D, in your case Allah, you do not have a nuke!
    In fact G.D, in your case Allah gave alot of nuke to Israel.
    You better thank G.D, in your case Allah, that Jews is no where violent like you people, otherwise you would be with Allah long time ago.

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