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September 23, 2014 / 28 Elul, 5774
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Meir Panim with Soldiers 5774 Roundup: Year of Relief and Service for Israel’s Needy

Meir Panim implements programs that serve Israel’s neediest populations with respect and dignity. Meir Panim also coordinated care packages for families in the South during the Gaza War.

Palestinian Authority (Fatah) Calls For Obstructing IDF Search for Children

Fatah Kidnapping Obstruction

Fatah, the military wing of the Palestinian Authority (Mahmoud Abbas) has called on shopkeepers to destroy their CCTV camera footage to prevent the IDF from using it to help find the kidnapped children.

This is a directive, posted on the official Facebook page of the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah organization, which is under the direct command of PA President Abu Mazen. It instructs local shopkeepers to burn and destroy all evidence that might enable Israel to identify and track down the kidnappers and the boys.

Press Fatah Network News Appeal to all owners of shops leading to the area that had been burned car in which the need for the burning and destruction of records for fear of surveillance to identify the kidnappers. God Crown success .. Multiply the Son of Hebron and resisted You are free and Ptsawm

UPDATE: Reports now add that Fatah terrorists confiscated security cameras from Hebron residents to avoid their seizure by the IDF.

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88 Responses to “Palestinian Authority (Fatah) Calls For Obstructing IDF Search for Children”

  1. Time to put the foot down with this palestinian menace

  2. when will this fakestine crap end, take the land back, they know where those boys are so punish them

  3. Boston Dan says:

    I want the IDF to be very forceful with Fatah – lots of force.

  4. these palestinians are evil people straight from hell

  5. David Brooks says:

    Raze Ramallah to the ground!

  6. Tear the friggin’ place apart if they hinder the search, and let the world be damned.

  7. Tear the friggin’ place apart if they hinder the search, and let the world be damned.

  8. They warned Israel time and again that they were going to kidnap Israelis, so that they could have prisoner swops and reign terror on Israel. And the World ” did nothing” they were silent. What did the World Not Understand???? Wait until it happens on their Home turf? Then they will sing a different tune

  9. Time to start dropping the bombs.

  10. They should just go in and clean house. This will get ugly really fast if those boys aren’t returned soon. BYW , one is an American. Let’s see what Obama has to say.

  11. Mary Prine says:

    Such a shame. PA has not heart!

  12. I know that very soon the language will change because Israel knows how to do the job without fear or favour.

  13. I’m about to march over there and go all “ZIVA DAVID” on Fatah!

  14. Shows who & what they are

  15. What horrible people. Just drop a bomb on those ****ers. They’re worse than the ****ing Nazis!

  16. Destroy them once and for all

  17. Paul Gelsman says:

    These are the ‘people’ who want peace?

  18. Langat Enosh says:

    Hashem is everything and he is an instrumental!,let us know/note it clearly seventy times seven…

  19. These are just young children really
    Bless the IDF in their search

  20. oh no…not a good idea!

  21. Click on this link to say Tehillim for our boys http://tehilimyahad.com/m.jsp

  22. Marcel Murad says:

    Colleen has it right

  23. Gayla Weese says:

    The Judgement of Almighty God,Creator of All living things seen &unseen, Creator of the life of every human being, His great judgement is upon those those who kill, steal & destroy His people the Jews! He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel! And God has not changed a His mind! God help the Muslims to truly see God and know him personally as their Lord & savior!

  24. I beseech every Psalm applicable. May they be found safe and whole. Safety for the military. Amen.

  25. Hope the boys are found safe. As far as PA/pUG are concerned, eat traife you poor excuses for human beings.

  26. We took it directly from the Fatah Facebook page.

  27. No negotiating with such blind hatred!

  28. We need to remember what happened to Haman and his sons. Nuff said?

  29. This is what Obama supports the terrorists of Hamas and Fatah as a solution of peace?Let us be rational.

  30. If it wouldn’t be wrong…I’d say kidnap 3 of their kids, disappear them well…and pass out treats, dance like fools, and so forth….”hinder” any search etc….until the other kids are returned…but it would be wrong…and they don’t care about children the way the rest of the world does, apparently.

  31. Tragic really, they are showing their true face which the world needs to see,

  32. One of them is a US citizen. There has been no word from this Administration about that.

  33. Tehila Muntz says:

    Charles Wagner, I don’t think they care hes not a military traitor…

  34. Mandy Jacobs says:

    Obama will do nothing !
    The I D F will do things in there own way as usual may god bless Israel and who ever cursed Israel and its people it will fall back on them Four Fold
    Look what’s happening to every country in the Middle East that wants to destroy Israel they end up destroying themselfs !!!

  35. If true, shameful.

  36. The PA is the problem.

  37. The PA is the problem.

  38. The PA is the problem.

  39. The PA is the problem.

  40. The PA is the problem.

  41. Dan Summer says:

    Level the mosque in Jerusalem

  42. Guy Moshe says:

    And let’s not mention the mosque that they building in ground zero, the same people who celebrated the death of 3000 innocent people in sep 11th.
    And Obama ok with that!!
    And the coast for this mosque more than $70 millions dollars , and who pay for that you think??

  43. Such sick and toxic minded leadership. Their behaviour is senseless and perhaps the Israelis need to cancel out their attempts at making peace with such a demented mentality.

  44. You know I am for one am tired of the palestinian’s, It is time that all of there space is mad into a parking lot.

  45. Who called it the PA or the terrorists? Does make a difference you know!

  46. What else would you expect from these animals???? Cooperation?

  47. If they get in the way of finding them,then blow them out.Enough is enough.

  48. Anonymous says:

    And the pusillanimous Israeli government continues to supply electric, water and money to the Jew hating Arabs. We are ******'s.

  49. Charlie Hall says:

    There is no mosque being built at ground zero. There WAS a mosque 4 blocks away that was in operation before the World Trade Center opened.

  50. Charlie Hall says:

    Wrong. It was discussed at the State Department’s regular daily press briefing Friday afternoon.

  51. Israel give up on peace there are not capable of the truth, the Fatah , Humas and Palestines are lier’s, the land is not there’s God gave Israel that land for all time read your bible ,

  52. Israel give up on peace there are not capable of the truth, the Fatah , Humas and Palestines are lier’s, the land is not there’s God gave Israel that land for all time read your bible ,

  53. Guy Moshe says:

    If There is a small chance to built or to restore a mosque, that is wrong!!
    And the “sharia law” in Florida , that is sooo wrong !!
    What I’m trying to say is… That they are spreading their stupid religious and their stupid laws all over the world,and it’s a little bit shocking and sad for me to see it happening in America

Comments are closed.

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