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Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio) reports that Ramat Gilad, an outpost in Samaria that was under threat of destruction by the end of this month, may not be destroyed in the end.

In negotiations with the government, the residents and the Yesha (Settler) Council have agreed to move a few of the caravans. In exchange, the Ramat Gilad outpost would be joined to nearby Karnei Shomron and recognized as legal.


If there are no surprises in the coming days, the State will inform the Supreme Court that an arrangement has been reached that resolves the need to raze Ramat Gilad as per the court’s order.

Last week, violence broke out in Ramat Gilad and at a nearby army base when at the conclusion of an agreement being made between Minister Beni Begin and the Settlers, Defense Minister Ehud Barak sent IDF forces to Ramat Gilad, ostensibly to destroy parts of it. Prime Minister Netanyahu reportedly had to step in and personally order Barak to withdraw the troops.

The land of Ramat Gilad was privately purchased by Moshe Zar and named after his son Gilad who was killed by terrorists ten years ago in a drive-by shooting.




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