Photo Credit: Nati Shohat/Flash90
(Archive July 12, 2014) Central Israel at night, as a rocket flies overhead.

12:12pm Channel 2 reports rocket impact in Central Israel, in open area.

There are additional reports of a second rocket strike in an open area in Central Israel.


By the way, there may be a cease fire in place now.

12:05am Hamas claims responsibility for an M75 rocket launch at Tel Aviv and Grad missiles at other cities.
No warning sirens went off.

Shockwave explosion heard near Ashkelon from possible interception.

11:57pm Reports of Rocket Explosions Throughout Gush Dan.

Citizens are reporting hearing two loud explosions, possibly rocket strikes in the Gush Dan. It was heard in Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Rishon L’Tzion, Bat Yam, Holon, Herzliya.

No rockets sirens were heard.

It’s not known what the explosions were.

Details to follow.



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