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Injured civilian being evacuated by IDF 669 Rescue Unit.

UPDATE: 1:55PM  The Israeli citizen, a Bedouin from the town of Rahat, who was shot by a Gazan sniper has died.



A shooting attack from Gaza has left an Israeli civilian wounded near Nachal Oz, along the Gaza border. He was fixing damage done to the security fence by the recent storm.

The seriously wounded man, age 22, is an IDF civilian contractor working on the Gaza security fence, which is where the sniper attack happened.

An IDF 669 unit rescue helicopter evacuated the wounded man from the site.

Video of evacuation of the wounded man:



  1. When terrorists are released the Torah is shamed Crime is paid with freedom and fame. Netanyahu bolstering obama in his peace to make ISrael cease is saying no to independent statehood even as terror spreads to tel aviv
    The Bedouins, drivers,walkers.

  2. DO NOT let go of East Jerusalem, or fail to protect ALL of your borders. Re-take Gaza and expel all known and suspected terrorists. Gaza belongs to Israel. The West Bank belongs to Israel and should be retaken in all ways if true peace does not come soon.

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