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Joshua Broomberg and is debating team, complete with Palestinian flag.

A Facebook picture of a South African Jewish high school student wearing a traditional Palestinian scarf has triggered outrage and a petition calling for his removal from an honorary position, as well as a dueling petition in his defense.

Joshua Broomberg, deputy head boy of the King David Victory Park High School, a Jewish day school, and the captain of the South African national debate team, was tagged in a Facebook photograph wearing a traditional Palestinian scarf and a badge of the Palestinian flag, according to the Independent Online, a South African news website.


The caption of the photo stated: “Team South Africa wearing Palestinian badges and Keffiyehs to show our opposition to the human rights violations carried out against the people of Palestine.” Broomberg and the debate team were in Thailand competing in the World Schools Debating Championship.

In response to the posting, a petition was posted online at calling for Broomberg’s removal as deputy head boy, an honorary student post. The petition quickly garnered 2,000 online signatures. In response, an opposing petition was also posted at, opposing Broomberg’s removal. That petition has garnered more than 4,000 signatures.

Rabbi Craig Kacev, general director of the South African Board of Jewish Education, which oversees King David Victory Park, said that Broomberg would not be suspended and defended the student’s right to free speech, telling South Africa’s Eyewitness News, “We encourage critical thinking, we encourage our learners to debate and there’s no censorship in our school.”

In a post on Facebook, Broomberg apologized for creating an “uproar,” which he said he did not intend, but defended himself as a proud Jew and as a Zionist, and stated, “While I apologize for the hurt we seem to have caused, I do not apologize for standing with Palestine on this issue.”



  1. They may be standing with “Palestine”-but if they ventured into Gaza or any “Palestinian” area they would be treated as Jews and would need to pray that they come out alive.

  2. He supports Hamas Barbarians.

    Hamas Executed Dozens of Terror Tunnel Excavators
    Hamas executed the Gazan tunnel excavators so they couldn’t pass any information on the terror tunnels to Israel.
    By: Shalom Bear
    Published: August 11th, 2014

    Over the past few weeks, Hamas executed dozens of tunnel excavators, according to a Mako report.

    A source in Gaza, familiar with the tunnel industry, told Mako that Hamas suspected these tunnel diggers had information on the location on the tunnels, including their entrances and exits. Hamas was afraid the diggers could have passed the information on these tunnel to Israel.

    The source said that most of the workers who dug the tunnels did not know their actual locations.

    Truckloads of blindfolded workers were brought inside buildings, and searched to make sure they had no phones, cameras or GPS devices on them. They were not allowed outside as they dug the tunnels, so they would not know their exact location.

    The Hamas terrorists were always masked so the workers couldn’t identify them.

    A tunnel being dug in Rafah in 2013.

    The workers were paid between $150 to $300 a month for 8 to 12 hour shifts. The workers employed were the professional (smuggling) tunnel diggers from the Rafah and Khan Younis areas.

    At the end of the tunnels construction, Hamas murdered dozens of the tunnel diggers they suspected as collaborators with Israel, even if just based on rumor.

    Some were murdered when it was discovered they simply had previous connections to Israeli civilians.

    The Gazan source said that Hamas was “very cruel”.

    A 2012 report said that at least 160 children were killed while digging out the terror tunnels for Hamas.

    During Operation Protective Edge, Israel captured 300 terrorists, including dozens that were involved in digging the tunnels or part of the rocket launch crews.

  3. I hope and expect that all King Davidians I know will consider the pandering and defeatist response of the school’s administration before deciding whether their largess is well spent on the next King David fundraising appeal. If this is their attitude, their mission has been lost

  4. This is no free speech. It is sheer stupidity. a bunch of morons. what kind of BS are they teaching in this school? i guess the morons dont know anything about our history. AM ISRAEL HAI!

  5. I quote the Deputy Head Boy of King David Victory:… “In my eyes, this criticism is not a betrayal, but actually the only honest and true way to show my patriotism and commitment to Israel, as well as my belief in human rights and the entitlement of all citizens of all countries to those right. To improve, we must criticise.”……… My opinion:….. To criticise you must have “walked in the other persons shoes”…did you? You can show your “only honest and true patriotism and commitment to Israel” by putting “your money where your mouth is”:..Don’t talk – do…. Will you make Aliyah and will you join the IDF? Will you defend the State of Israel and her people with your life? About human rights: Israel has the right to “human rights” by defending itself and her people when other people want to annihilated the state of Israel and with that the Jews.

  6. No matter how much he sucks up to the anti-Israel crowd hysteria, he will still be a Jew in the eyes of the anti-Israel crowd, and therefore deemed evil. Hope he enjoys himself living in a country riddled with violent crime and disease,state anti-Semitism, and one with no future for the Jews. Where ever he will eventually flee to, the Jewish community has a long memory of those who betrayed it when under siege. Hope his parents are proud of him because few if any others will be, other than the fascists, anarchists, fanatical Islamists and the self-hating Jews of the far left movement. He will have a great future.

  7. In a post on Facebook, Broomberg apologized for creating an “uproar,” which he said he did not intend, but defended himself as a proud Jew and as a Zionist, and stated, “While I apologize for the hurt we seem to have caused, I do not apologize for standing with Palestine on this issue.”

  8. As a teacher, a debating coach and a debate adjudicator I cannot believe that you chose your so called freedom of speech but also had the chutzpah (which means audacity or damn cheek) to don the terrorists’ dishcloth on your head and wear their flag badge! You just slapped Hashem in the face! As a debater you should know that you argue for or against the topic. You have contradicted yourself by being on both sides of the fence. How can you be pro Jewish and Zionism while being in radical Palestine an garb? Oh sure you will say you feel sorry for the citizens of GAZA and not Hamas. Well what about patriotism? May I with more experience, wisdom and knowledge inform you that the youth are always outlandish when it comes to politics with their wow wow and ra ra speeches of how they are going to right the wrongs of the past. This is the foundation for future corrupt politicians. You were overseas for a debating competition, representing not only your school but your country of citizenship. Therefore you were not acting in your personal capacity. You have brought disrepute to both! Before you ever wear a Yamulke or Tallis again first ask Hashem’s forgiveness and blessing. You are a first class schlemel for what you have done. I hope this will bring you the notoriety you so obviously desire.

  9. Imagine that. A person who defends and supports those who want Israel and Jews eliminated! Attack them immediately. Perhaps. But every damned day there are people whose “love” is to entice Jews to loathe their faith and heritage to worship another god than our own and twist His words into lies like weapons against us. Hamas and Palestinians are certainly no worse than Christians, anarchists and leftists enticed by Islamic propaganda are surely no worse than those alligators on whose back many Jews quietly sit riding through the stinking swamp. Are Jews so lonely and afraid that we have to embrace one enemy to survive the other. Isn’t God (or other Jews) enough?

  10. Poor Media brainwashed youths, if only they had been in Israel they would not take such a ridiculous stance against their own people’s right to defend their tiny nation. And if those Christians being buried alive by ISIS does not open the world’s eyes to the cruelty and intolerance of Islam I don’t know what will???

  11. Judith Collins is right. My experience with sheltered spoiled far away from reality youth is that they often hold these utopian leftist ideas they get from charismatic teachers and others….upon experiencing life down in the trenches and bomb shelters with his own people, he just might change his ‘intellectual’ tune…hopefully. Anybody remember the old saying, “A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged”? He should read, “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” by Golden. Maybe he’ll see the similarities of what’s happening in the arab-jihadist states and what happened leading up to and during WWII. Does he know nearly all those arab jihadist states aligned themselves with Hitler’s so called “axis”. Some of today’s Fatah, Hamas, and Hisb’allah had mentors who actually went to Berlin during WWII to learn Nazi methods!!! He needs some hard core history education, by people who were there!!!

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