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October 1, 2014 / 7 Tishri, 5775
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Meir Panim with Soldiers 5774 Roundup: Year of Relief and Service for Israel’s Needy

Meir Panim implements programs that serve Israel’s neediest populations with respect and dignity. Meir Panim also coordinated care packages for families in the South during the Gaza War.

Suicide Squads Deployed Near the Border in Anticipation of IDF Invasion

An SMS from the Islamic Jihad to several Israeli Journalists has warned that the Gaza Strip will be the IDF's graveyard.
Soldiers of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigade, of the Hamas.

Soldiers of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigade, of the Hamas.
Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90

The website Yoni Alper – Terror Watch reported tonight that sources within the terror organizations in Gaza are claiming that thousands of warriors have been deployed in the suburbs of Gaza and along the border with Israel, in anticipation of engaging IDF ground forces, should Israel decide to turn the Pillar of Defense operation into a full scale invasion. Those sorces are saying that suicide squads have been positioned in the area, as well as other “surprises.”

An SMS from the Islamic Jihad to several Israeli Journalists has warned that, should the IDF commit a “stupid mistake” and send ground troops into the Gaza Strip, it would become their graveyard. The SMS also promised to ignite Gaza in a hellfire.

The military arm of Hamas has announced that its forces have been deployed near the border with Israel, including suicide units, special units, observation units. The Hamas has promised a “tunnel war” against the armored vehicles, should those dare enter Gaza.

According the Terror Watch, the Islamic Jihad is convinced that the IDF is not planning to enter Gaza, and that the entire operation is merely a form of psychological warfare. They insist Israel is interested in bringing an end to the fighting.

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76 Responses to “Suicide Squads Deployed Near the Border in Anticipation of IDF Invasion”

  1. Chaiya Eitan says:

    Ah ha! So you acknowledge that we Jews have been in the Diaspora… You want to quote Torah to me? What about the Quran? It says that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people! Actually, we were in Galut for 2,000 years…however…there have always been Jews living in the Land. When the Muslim hordes invaded in the 7th century, they forcibly converted the Jewish inhabitants – descended from those who didn't leave when the Romans conquered the Land and changed the name of Judea to Philistina – by the sword to Islam. Thus, today, a very large percentage of the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria are actually descended from those Jews…and they practice Judaism secretly!

  2. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is a joke funnily told. So, you acknowledge that North America (USA and Canada) are lands of the aborigines from Indians; and Australia is the land of Aborigines, Spain is the land of Muslim of Andalusia.You said 2.000 years you were in diaspora and you came to reclaim the Land. But your Torah does not accept your dwelling in Palestine and you are not allowed to gather in one land. This if you believe in Torah.

  3. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    the Zionist Entity in palestine is making a nuclear bomb. Who can judge it. (I don't even admit something of the name Israel),

  4. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    you pass away

  5. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    The facts speak for themselves. Israeli Attack Forces who started this ordeal, Hamas only reacts to the blatant assaults and killings of their people. Hamas was elected democratically by Palestinians. But democracy has other meanings when it reaches the doors of Muslims and Arabs. There is no excuse for killing people. So it is normal that Israelis kill people in Gaza, the world should just take it like that. Israel is occupying Palestine. They are not defending their territory, they are colonizing a county. This is pure colonialism, not a territorial dispute.

  6. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    Where are you Jews… You are all and I am one Muslim here.

  7. Donnie Wayne Clemmons says:

    God has their reward.

  8. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    For you God is already dead. You believe in this. Aren't you?

  9. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    The apartheid regime in South Africa had the audacity to put Nelson Mandela in the terrorist list along with his political party, the African National Congress, for the simple reason that he defied barbarism and dehumanization. While the apartheid regime went deep into the dumpster of history, Nelson Mandela remains and will be highly respected as a vanguard of freedom and dignity. Now, the apartheid regime in Israel is using the same and worse tactics with the unarmed civilians in Palestine. Civilians in Gaza are labeled as terrorists because they are defying occupation of their land. History always repeats itself and justice always prevails.

    "History repeats itself" is but a universal truth. No way, the Zionist invaders' offspring will certainly realize one day this fact, and will tremendously repent their brethren misdeed and atrocities against the Palestinians, the Land's owners, De facto and De Jure.

  10. Abdellah Samir says:

    Long life to our brothers in Palistine. Death to children killers. Cowards. You kill babies it s really a shame. I wish death and hunger to you pigs.

  11. Abdellah Samir says:

    hi you dogs barking here, watch this video and judge who is the real terorrist :http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=506195522739165. it s really a shame , you don t deserve to be called humans.

  12. Abdellah Samir says:

    Children killers you worth nothing but ****.

  13. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    See this video and judge who is the real terrorist.


  14. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    El régimen del apartheid en Sudáfrica, tuvo la audacia de poner Nelson Mandela en la lista de terroristas junto con su partido político, el Congreso Nacional Africano, por la sencilla razón de que él desafió la barbarie y la deshumanización. Si bien el régimen de apartheid se internó en el basurero de la historia, Nelson Mandela sigue siendo y será muy respetado como vanguardia de la libertad y la dignidad. Ahora bien, el régimen de apartheid de Israel está utilizando las mismas tácticas y peor con los civiles desarmados en Palestina. La población civil de Gaza han sido etiquetados como terroristas porque están desafiando la ocupación de sus tierras. La historia siempre se repite y la justicia siempre prevalece.

    "La historia se repite" no es más que una verdad universal. De ninguna manera, descendientes de los invasores sionistas "sin duda se dará cuenta de que un día este hecho y se arrepiente enormemente sus hermanos fechoría y atrocidades contra los palestinos, los dueños de la tierra, de facto y de jure.

  15. Nicole, IT IS PALESTINE, if there's a Israel! You people are so damn hateful. Americans have much more to be concern about than Israel's six. The money given to Jews is the money that should have gone to the families of America's slaves. If anything, the Jews should be relying on Germany! Stop the occupation and blockade, and by all means, ALLOW THE REST OF THE WORLD TO LIVE AND PROSPER.

  16. Ethan Perks says:

    Any time motor mouth!

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