The Jerusalem municipal building committee passed a development plan Wednesday that calls for construction of 2,200 housing units for Arabs in the Arav al-Swahara neighborhood.

The plan allegedly includes restrictions on building sizes, and the residents are referred to as those in a ‘village.’


Mayor Nir Barkat supported the move, saying, “The planning of neighborhoods … by the Jerusalem municipality is a clear expression of Israel’s sovereignty over every part of the city and the unified strength of Jerusalem.”

An order from the Jerusalem District Court was required in order to bring the plan to a vote. It was repeatedly blocked by council member Aryeh King, head of the Israel Land Fund, and Bayit Yehudi party member Mati Dan.



  1. so are those home for Israeli-Palestinian Arabs, or Israeli-Druz Arabs or the Israeli Muslim Arabs that have forgone their own religion and culture to survive in Israel, or are they for the Armenians (who don’t quite consider themselves Arabs or …..who did I miss or should I ask who will Israel miss in this mass rehoming of Arabs – or are they for the Palestinian refugees – many of whom are Arab Christians???!!!

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