Arab Messenger Rips Mezuzah Off Customer’s Door, Tosses in Trash

The Waze Delivery company, located in the nearby Israeli Arab town of Baka al-Gharbiyye, immediately fired the man.

Beit Shemesh Mayor Evacuated as Haters Riot, Torch Her Car

Bloch: “It was very unpleasant, but we cannot allow such behavior to affect us.”

50 Years After Carving His House into a Cliff, Israeli Man Faces Eviction

Kahlon, now 77, was recently served with an eviction notice by Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry.

Sinkhole Opens in Area of Tel Aviv Light Rail Excavations

In September, a large sinkhole appeared on the Ayalon Highway's Hashalom Interchange exit in Tel Aviv, leading to closure of the highway for several days.

Jonathan Pollard Engaged

Mazel Tov to the happy couple.

Tel Aviv Mayor Says New Shelter Could Help Address Street Gangs

The new Gagon shelter provides psychosocial and material support to those who are on the streets, including members of street gangs.

Gush Etzion Music Festival to Feature Music and Meaning

The line-up will include Quarter to Africa, Bini Landau, Lea Shabat, Shakoof, Aharit Hayamim, Nachat Ruach, David Lifshitz, Shuli Rand, and many more.

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station Slated for Closure by Dec. 5

The station is in legal proceedings in the absence of a license and required permits from two ministries and the Fire and Rescue Service.

Lessons From Surfside: Holon Building Evacuated Day Before It Collapses

The event had an eerie similarity to the June 24, 2021 collapse of the 12-story Champlain Towers South condo in Surfside, where 98 people died.

Beit Shemesh Mayor Fires Likud, UTJ Council Members for Sabotaging her Education Program

"I cannot allow further damage to the city by those who have authority but have no responsibility."

Holon Neighborhood to be Named for Benjamin Netanyahu

The "Jesse Cohen" neighborhood will become the "Kiryat Binyamin Netanyahu" neighborhood if all goes well.

Tel Aviv is Finalist in Bloomberg Philanthropies 2021 Global Mayors Challenge

"Without culture, we don't have a nation, a country, nor humanity. . .If the younger generation does not engage in the arts, we are facing short and long term threats."

Arab Abductors Attempted to Grab 2 Jews in Rehovot

The suspects stopped next to two young Jews who were walking along the Menachem Begin bypass road. . . and tried to force the pair into their vehicle.

Attempted Ramming Attack in Lod

"This business in Lod will only calm down when there is a harsh and immediate response to any violence."

Sinkhole Appears in Floor of Ramat Gan Living Room

About two years ago a sinkhole also appeared in the middle of Ramat Gan's Jabotinsky Street, a main thoroughfare in the city.

Hesder Yeshiva Head Beaten in Jaffa, Attackers Then Post Photo to Social Media

“The police and law enforcement system must act aggressively in the face of this criminal violence. We must not be silent about this violence!”

New Trend in Jerusalem: Arabs Attack Jews, and Then Post It On TikTok

Within 72 hours four Jewish men were attacked by young male Arabs. All the attacks took place in and around the Old City of Jerusalem.

Happy Birthday, Tel Aviv!

The city today has a population of some 451,000 residents.

4 Injured in Dead Sea Hotel Fire

The cause of the fire is not clear.

University of Haifa Researchers Say 45% of Israelis Admit to Polluting Natural Treasures

When the average Israeli is asked why they pollute they reply: "Because there was no trash can." When asked why others pollute they say: "because they enjoy it."

20% More Decomposed Elderly and Destitute Israelis Discovered in 2020

Most, but not all, were elderly people living alone, with no one to care for them or check on their well-being – a situation exacerbated by the isolation and lockdowns that characterized 2020.

Elderly Man Shoots Wife, Self at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center

The shooter's wife, who was terminally ill, was hospitalized in critical condition at the medical center.

Tel Aviv Launches ‘Hundreds’ of Weekly Cultural Activities for Winter Season

"We will hold hundreds of events every week to provide a livelihood for thousands, medicine for the souls of tens of thousands and hope for an entire sector."

New Masterplan Approved for Druze Township in Galilee

"Organized, forward-thinking policy of this kind is in the best interests of the residents themselves."

Jewish-Owned Home Destroyed by Fire in Monsey, NY

No one was home at the time, according to local reports, and no residents were injured, although one firefighter was reported injured.

Report: Woman Threatens US Ambassador David Friedman

“I didn’t do anything," she said. "I have the right to walk around here. I never said I would hurt anyone. I don’t know what you want from me.”

Tel Aviv-Yafo Invites Couples to Marry Outdoors in Beautiful Local Venues, Free

The picturesque sites will be available for wedding ceremonies six days a week. But that's not all.

Tel Aviv-Yafo Shows Solidarity with US, Thanks for Support to Those Affected by COVID-19

Tel Aviv's partner cities in the US include Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Miami Dade County, Philadelphia and San Antonio.

City of Tel Aviv Salutes MDA in Appreciation for COVID-19 Coronavirus Service

"It's exciting to see a sign of recognition and appreciation for the organization's work, especially during this period."


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