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This is the first time in the nation’s history that residential camps have been included in security grant legislation.

Trump Square to be Inaugurated in Petach Tikvah

Kikar Trump will be inaugurated in a special ceremony on the eve of the Hebrew month of Tamuz, the night before the Fourth of July this year.

Upper Nazareth to Receive a Hebrew Name

The decision must still be approved by the Prime Minister’s Office, and requires a signature from the Interior Ministry.

Judges Rule Sex-Segregated Pool Schedule Unlawful at Condo in Lakewood, NJ

While they stopped short of ruling that any gender-segregated pool is unlawful, one of them expressed “vehement disapproval of segregation” over the “separate, but equal” policies.

Watch: Ashkelon Pedestrians ‘Walk on Air’ to Cross the Street

The optical illusion been installed in a number of spots around the world since its debut in India in 2016.

Lakewood Hires First Orthodox Jewish Police Cadet

Lakewood is a hub of Orthodox Judaism and home to one of the largest Yeshivas in the world, the 6,500-student Beth Medrash Govoha.

Group Rallies To Stop Jewish Expansion In Lakewood

RUOC consistently denies being anti-Semitic, but many find its Facebook posts and videos unmistakably anti-Jewish.

Egged Ordered to Fire Employee for Refusing to Grant Wife a Jewish Divorce

A Jerusalem panel of rabbinical judges headed by Rabbi Uriel Lavi ordered the Egged bus cooperative to fire the husband within 30 days.

Red Alert Siren Test in Jerusalem and Surrounds

Residents and passersby will hear the Red Alert siren activate in Jerusalem, Ma'ale Adumum, Kedar, Ramat Rachel, Givon HaChadash and Givat Ze'ev.

Report: Dysentery Outbreak in Northern Negev City of Arad

“The mayor’s office says the vendor’s contract has been terminated . . . but at the end of the day, the parents don't trust the food at this point."

2nd Anti-Semitic Attack This Week in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Yaacov Behrman: "What’s wrong with Crown Heights that innocents are being beaten in the streets?"

IDF to Protect Rare Iris by Moving Iron Dome

“Combat troops appreciate the importance of preserving nature in the area in which they operate.”

Flight Delays Due to Massive Con Ed Transformer Explosion in Queens, NY

No injuries were reported, and by 11 pm power was partially restored at the airport.

Israel Health Ministry Issues Measles Alert

The exposure to the measles virus took place on the train starting from Ashkelon departing at 07:29 am and returning to Ashkelon at 4 pm.

Ashkelon Mayor Says of Sgt. Yosef, z’l: We Lost One of Our Best Sons

"Israel must calculate a new course in dealing with terror, because it is obvious that something is not working here."

Terror Attack Foiled at Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv

They discovered the suspect had hidden the knife in a very creative way, in his belt buckle.

Investigation Into Texas Synagogue Fire, 5 Torah Scrolls Saved

Two of the Torah scrolls were damaged by water. No injuries were reported in the blaze.

11-Year-Old Jewish Boy in NY Attacked in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Neighborhood

Volunteer medics from the Hatzolah emergency response medical service treated the boy for cuts and scrapes.

Remembering IDF Soldier Ron Kukia, Arad Terror Victim

"I cannot judge the moves of the Bedouin mother, but I always wonder how she or others really feel about the Jews."

Chabad-Lubavitch Yeshiva Boy ‘Sucker Punched’ in Crown Heights, Brooklyn Attack

The attack took place at around 9:40 pm on Troy Avenue, between Empire Boulevard and Montgomery Street.

‘Live’ Anti-Tank Mine Discovered in Shfaram in Northern Israel

Police and military sappers were summoned to defuse the explosive.

Barzilai Hospital Moves Pediatrics to Bomb Shelter

The city of Ashkelon has come under heavy attack from Hamas, with at least two Israeli civilian deaths and numerous injuries reported.

Yair Netanyahu Sues Driver Over Recording

His remarks reflected his sense of entitlement, but were clearly intended to be private and not shared with the entire world.

Professor Alon Chen Appointed President of Weizmann Institute of Science

Prof. Chen will take office on December 1st, 2019, when the current president, Prof. Daniel Zajfman, who took office in 2006, will complete his term.

Measles Documented in Ashdod Elementary School

A number of the children at the Rimonim Elementary School were not vaccinated.

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The only candidate to support the move was Faso, who also took exception to Delgado’s remark about Israel not being a Jewish democracy.


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