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September 2, 2014 / 7 Elul, 5774
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TV Interview: Hamas Defender and ‘Human Rights’ Lawyer Lies and Claims Truth is Racist

Diana Bhutto goes on CNN and lies, repeatedly, about the conflict and calls her interviewer racist for telling the truth

Diana Bhutto, "human rights" lawyer and former PLO adviser. July 10,2014

Diana Bhutto, "human rights" lawyer and former PLO adviser. July 10,2014
Photo Credit: YouTube

While CNN is not known as being “fair and balanced” on the Arab-Israeli conflict as a general matter, one of its reporters, Jake Tapper, did a pretty amazing job when interviewing a Palestinian Arab “human rights” lawyer and former PLO adviser, Diana Bhutto, on two fronts.

One, Tapper repeatedly called her on the fabrications she uttered in response to his questions, but two, he revealed her to be a completely – some might say pathological - straight-faced liar about facts which are verifiably confirmed. Over and over, in just a short interview, Bhutto lied and on each point claimed Tapper was racist for stating the truth about what Palestinian Arabs do.

Watch the clip, then go to just some of the links to see how completely the woman lied.

Now take a look at the proof:

Here is a video extolling the love of martyrdom and praising the drinking of Jewish blood:

And here is one naming their culture of death:

Here is just one example of many proving Palestinian Arabs teach their children to love death:

And here is the clip Tapper referenced of the Hamas leader calling on Gazans to remain in their homes even when the Israel Defense Force sends a message to leave because bombing will take place there. Bhutto claimed she did not see or know of this:

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools.

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124 Responses to “TV Interview: Hamas Defender and ‘Human Rights’ Lawyer Lies and Claims Truth is Racist”

  1. Shame on CNN for letting her off the hook so easy.

  2. ZionOps says:

    yup cnn grilled her …you kow am enjoying the huge political and partly media vicory yesterda…but we aint there yet….

  3. Jay Lj Cull says:

    Really? I thought Jake Tapper did a great job – he was very good at not ‘attacking’ her, but allowed her ignorance to shine! I would be surprised if we see her again! Shalom-

  4. Karen Bryant says:

    If she is a muslim she follows the Koran. If she follows the Koran she’ll lie. It tells its followers that lying to the infidel (you and me) is fine and dandy. As long as what they (the muslims) win in the end, that’s all that counts.

  5. This lady is an ******* Liar, stupid, idiot she doesn’t know what she’s talking about piece of ****!

  6. She has been doing it for years

  7. True Jay, he was on the right side but he could have been way more demanding of explanations. Especially when she said, the rockets fired toward Israel are harmless since they are archaic. I would have asked, “would you find it reprehensible is they were dangerous?” another point; twice she said she never saw the videos where Hamas is encouraging human shield. Really!!?? she never saw the videos and is not aware of this sick method? it is all over the net… my thoughts….shabat chalom to you.

  8. Ronald Raff says:

    She should go stand on the Israel side of the boarder

  9. what dog droppings did this thing crawl from

  10. She doesn’t know any other way as this is how she was raised.

  11. It is their religion to lie and cheat and steal and what would you expect from someone that worships a made up god!

  12. Liar….like Lois Lerner.

  13. we all know what we have to do

  14. What else can you expect? It’s CNN, a Muslim, and a lawyer. A lying trifecta.

  15. She kept saying she hadn’t seen the video telling the people to stay in their homes DESPITE IDF warnings to leave.
    The winning part was that she admitted it WAS reprehensible IF there Were such a tape (which everyone knows there is) . She fully showed herself to be a liar – so what else is new??? And what does it give us???
    Another Muslim liar??? Outed for once?? On national TV. Feels good!!!

  16. Wait…
    How come she doesn’t have her Islamic clothes on?
    And how come she doesn’t have her face and hair covered as required by Islam?

    And I bet she won’t move to Iraq!
    And I bet she doesn’t speak out against all of the atrocities committed by ISIS on Islamic women in Iraq!

  17. Ed Kaplan says:

    I saw this interview yesterday the Palestinians should be completely embarrassed or at least this lawyer should be embarrassed she has no clue

  18. What a cow…send her to syria !

  19. What a cow…send her to syria !

  20. What a cow…send her to syria !

  21. This is the face of a cynics Arab humans rights, ah,ah,ah, liar.

  22. This is the face of a cynics Arab humans rights, ah,ah,ah, liar.

  23. Tony Mark says:

    And the world wonders why the Pals are still living in the 12 th century,,, with people like that defending them ,,,, I’d have committed Hari kiri by now.

  24. Tony Mark says:

    And the world wonders why the Pals are still living in the 12 th century,,, with people like that defending them ,,,, I’d have committed Hari kiri by now.

  25. Tony Mark says:

    And the world wonders why the Pals are still living in the 12 th century,,, with people like that defending them ,,,, I’d have committed Hari kiri by now.

  26. ISIS will know very well how to treat you.

  27. Lani Lowell says:

    Up next is mg dodge Clooneys wife to be Amal, She calls herself the same,” human rights attorney” and is anti Israel.

  28. Aurel Iovitu says:

    where do they find all these city ring prostitutes?

  29. She has to justify the huge amount of money she gets for lying in favor of Hamas.

  30. She is one stupid person …!!!

  31. John Hanson says:

    bringing out that ol worn out race card, the American liberals must have sent her their handbook when they wished her well !

  32. Paula Martin says:

    Just goes to show whos side they’re on…

  33. Please we Americans do not want to hear that Bull. Palestine/Hamas is the aggressor. God Bless Israel and her IDF.

  34. He should have made her watch the video !

  35. What else can we expect from CNN?

  36. You mean to tall me that a Hamas lawyer would lie regarding Israel??? It’s hard to believe (anything but that she would lie).

  37. This is the screwed up world we live in. No respect for Truth. Good called evil and evil is called good.

  38. Ricky Joe says:

    Just look at her face ,shes mrs stupid

  39. Just another stupid jungle monkey acting foolish ; I didn’t no I have not seen the tap.

  40. What do you expect from a bunch of jungle monkeys act stupid and lie is about all their brains can handle.

  41. 5774, #TAMMUZ 13 #Shabbat Shalom to My Beloved Choosen People of the Nation of ISRAEL RIGHT NOW. PUNTO.

    Diana Buttu
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In a November 2012 op-ed for the Globe and Mail, Buttu called Gaza “an open-air prison” and charged that “Israel’s latest bombing campaign…does not distinguish civilian from combatant, adult from child.” She accused Israel of setting “policies on the minimum number of calories needed to prevent malnutrition” and of strictly limiting Gaza’s access to the sea.[18]

    Buttu reiterated in a January 2013 interview that the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, both before, during, and after her involvement, had failed “primarily because we had two very unequal parties.” In the same interview she expressed the desire that Mahmoud Abbas would “sign on to the International Criminal Court,” “hold Israel accountable for the settlement construction and expansion,” and “declare this apartheid.”[19]

    In a July 2014 interview with CNN, Buttu clearly demonstrated a lack of knowledge of facts on the ground, calling into question her integrity and ability as both a commentator and negotiator in the conflict. When questioned about the widely condemned Hamas tactic of using (and encouraging) human shields, she said it was not true, would be a war crime if it was, and that the simple question was a racist slur. Tepper replied that CNN had two senior Hamas officials on tape making calls for their own civilians to put themselves in danger as human shields, and that Buttu was denying proven facts. [20]

    Criticisms from CAMERA[edit]
    In 2005 Ricki Hollander of CAMERA, under the title “Countering Propaganda: Focus on Diana Buttu,” charged that Buttu “sidesteps or reframes challenging questions to bring the discussion to her own turf” and “glibly dispenses figures to bolster her points.” She also accused Butto of “invert[ing] Palestinian and Women in Green (Women for Israel’s Tomorrow)
    li actions,” insisting, for example, “that the Palestinians never rejected a valid Israeli peace offer, but that Israel has repeatedly repulsed Arab peace
    proposals.” Hollander refuted in detail several claims by Buttu, for example that from 1997 to 2000, “not a single Israeli died of a suicide bombing inside Israel” and that Israel “ethnically cleansed” 75 percent of Palestinians in 1948.[21]

    In November 2012, two writers for CAMERA, Samantha Rose Mandeles and Aviva Slomich, detailed what they considered “lies” in a Harvard lecture by Buttu. “In her telling,” they wrote, “Qassam rockets don’t have explosive heads and cause no casualties in Israel; Grad rockets were not fired into Israel in the years 2008 or 2009; Richard Goldstone hardly retracted any portion of his eponymous report; and not one Israeli was murdered by a suicide bombing in Israel from the years 1997-2000.”[22]

  42. Uzi Kattan says:

    Crescent Nazi News (CNN) are complicit with the Arabs.

  43. Here is another female, Arab ‘lawyer’ calling for Arab men to sexually harass Israeli women and justifying the rape of Israeli women by Arabs as a from of ‘resistance.’

    Interestingly, at one points she points out that their are no sexual harassment laws in Arab countries, therefore ‘if Arab women are fair game, Israeli women should be, too.’ I would bet you 100 camels that this women has been a victim of sexual abuse. She has no outlet for her anger or revenge, and which she now projects on to Israelis.


  44. What a liar! What was more amazing was that someone on CNN was asking her what I think were tough questions.

  45. Libtard description here.

  46. August Ayala says:

    Yes they know to treat you. cut off your head

  47. maybe she needs to see this and learn and know how they teaching young kids how to hate ,

  48. Scott Soffen says:

    Always fos, these people have no soul. Lying is in their bloodline.

  49. Scott Soffen says:

    CNN FRAUDS? they still havent figuired out the Boston bomber!

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