Yesoday HaTorah Senior Girls School in Hackney, England has been redacting evolution related questions out of their standardized science tests, according to a report on the BBC website.

The school removed evolution related questions from 52 tests.


The testing body said that in the future they will allow the school to officially remove evolution related questions.

The British Department of Education wants to ensure that the girls are learning the entire curriculum.



  1. Mr Son, I'm assuming from your post that you think evolution is true. If you do believe so, show me any evidence for one kind changing into another kind. In other wards, not a fish to a different fish or a bacteria to a different bacteria, but one kind changing to another kind. There is NO evidence for this anywhere. Evolution is a belief system not based on scientific facts.

  2. Richard, bacteria and viruses are constantly becoming resistant to our defences. A population only evolves when it comes under some pressure or stress. We are a species of chimpanzee that because of changing environment found it more advantageous to become bipedal. There is an almost unbroken fossil record from a so called, primitive anthropoid to Cro magnon. I believe that Genesis( B'rashis) is nothing more than stories told by men who had insufficient knowledge.

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