Photo Credit: YouTube
The pool at the residential annex of the US Embassy in Libya.

Islamic militants from a group named “Fajar” (Dawn of Libya) appear to have taken over the US Embassy in Tripoli, Libya. The group claims to have occupied the compound last week.

In the video below, the Islamic militants are taking advantage of the pool in the Embassy’s residential annex.


US personnel were evacuated from the embassy a month ago.



  1. Enjoy. Knock yourselves out. Obama has given you a pool ….with the 40 hilux trucks, so after a hard day of killing innocent women and children with the trucks….you can come cool off and wash at the pool. Hope you brought your kettles and mats in case of ….

  2. Do you Obama haters not think we saved the lives of all embassy officials by evacuating them quickly? Do you really want our soldiers surrounding an empty building and being killed and maimed by terrorists for wood and stucco? Give it a rest

  3. G-d help America if Hillary Clinton becomes President!!! I remember Sen. Paul giving her a drilling after the Embassy debacle and murders! She said the "Administration" would see to it that nothing would happen again to the Embassy in the future…excuse me while I have a chuckle!!!
    What is it with these politicians? "Out to Lunch" signs on their office doors???

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