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Journalist and author Eric Lichtblau.

U.S. spy agencies hired at least 1,000 ex-Nazis during the Cold War, journalist and author Eric Lichtblau wrote in a new book, “The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men.”

It was excerpted Monday in The New York Times and alleged that the CIA and other American agencies employed large numbers of Nazis as spies and informants and through the 1990s protected from deportation and prosecution some who were living in the United States.


Citing newly disclosed records and interviews, Lichtblau reports that the FBI and CIA knowingly recruited officials who had occupied high positions in Nazi Germany, including some known to be guilty of war crimes. One such spy was involved in the Lithuanian massacre of tens of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust; another worked closely with Adolf Eichmann. Several spies were rewarded with U.S. citizenship.

On several occasions, the book notes, U.S. intelligence officials refused to cooperate with the Justice Department’s Nazi hunters and urged them to drop investigations for fear of exposing their ties to American spy agencies.



  1. People need to be more aware of history. WWII was not about Jews or saving them. America was not about Jews or saving them. During the war in Europe the US was full of white, racist, Christians organizations, including the KKK and the American version of a Nazi party. Christian churches were no friends to Jews, and the same types of prejudice were pointed toward Jews as Blacks. The current Judaeophilia is driven by the creation of a Jewish state by the UN which Christians see as prophetic and a signal to convert Jews. Point is many Americans were very identical to Nazis in theology and ideology. So how were there 1000 Nazis on the US dime for decades? Easily.

  2. This hiring had much to do with the Cold War. The large scale corporations such as Krupp, that directly profited from its association with the Nazi Party, were initially prosecuted during the Nuremberg Trials but then put back in business. Similarly, others associated with the Nazis were hired in this manner. Unfortunately, The Allies felt that they could make use of these individuals in the competition with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. This information is nothing new, and has been the subject of various documentaries, such as on the History Channel
    The policy was also followed in scientific areas. Werner Von Braun was a scientist in Germany and played a big part in the development of weapons during World War II. He was later "rehabilitated" and employed by the US Government in the Space Program.

    Peter Stein

  3. why not add that the father of president kennedy/senator Kennedy, congressman kennedy was an ally to Hitler conspiring to overthrow the US government to set himself up as the irish fuhrer of the USA just like Kerry is doing with his german Nazi wife. Hence, are you surprised that the state department did this dirty work with the Nazi's instead of working with the Jews?

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