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The White House will free Pollard but bar him from traveling to Israel for five years.

Jonathan Pollard will be a free man in November, but not totally free.

His supporters were happy to hear this week that parole will be granted in November, but hopes that he would move to Israel were squelched by the Obama administration.


The White House said that Pollard had committed “very serious crimes” and Alistair Baskey, a spokesman for the White House’s National Security Council added:

The president has no intention of altering the terms of Mr. Pollard’s parole.

Parolees are not allowed to leave the United States for five years without permission

Pollard was convicted for providing Israel with sensitive classified information. but spy charges were dropped. Nevertheless, prosecutors equated his crime with those of some of America’s most notorious spies.

Obama administration officials deny that Pollard’s pending release is tied to the nuclear deal with Iran, which Israel vociferously tried to prevent. The American government previously has tried to use Pollard as a wild card to tempt Israel into serious concessions to the Palestinian Authority.

In November, Pollard will have served 30 years in jail, making him automatically eligible for parole and switching the burden of proof from those appealing for an early release to prosecutors to provide evidence why he should not be freed.



  1. It is called among other things (1) Anti Semitism (2) Vindictiveness (3) Spite. He was found guilty of treason but treason is clearly defined as spying for an enemy state and spying for a non enemy state or ally is a lesser charge. Charging Pollard with Treason would be akin to charging a person the Police considered as culpable of manslaughter with 1st degree murder.

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