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Arabs continue to riot and destroy things in Shuafat

Arabs rioting in Jerusalem has spread from Shuafat, Beit Hanina and the Temple Mount into the Old City (near the Kotel), Abu Tor, Wadi Joz, and Issawiya.

In addition, Arabs rioted in Nazareth, the Wadi Ara region (northern Israel), Kalanswa, Tira, Baqa al-Gharbiya, Tul Karem, Kalkilya, Qalandia, Kfar Kassem and Taibe.


The rioters threw stones, burned tires, and just generally destroyed property.

In Jerusalem, the Arabs continued to try destroy the Jerusalem Light Rail, by cutting down the train’s electric poles and destroying the tracks. One-third of the train’s daily passengers are Arabs from Shuafat and Beit Hanina.

At the moment, Israeli police are concentrating on a policy of containment, limiting the Arab riots to their neighborhoods, and not letting it spill over to other neighborhoods.

Police have restricted themselves to using riot gear. Though in one case a policeman opened fire at a car that tried to run over some policemen. One of the car’s tires was hit, but the car escaped.

Police special forces were in Jerusalem on Friday, after guns and rifles were openly seen at the funeral for Mohammed Abu-Khder.

If nothing else, perhaps this puts an end to some of the delusions and illusions that Israel has about many of its Arab citizens.



  1. Proof that civilized countries should not let these kind of people in at all…for any reason, for any length of time. Sorry to sound so blunt…but the truth is what you do, not what you say your religion does….and the truth is all over the news for decades now.

  2. They are destroying their own areas. Let them. Israel tried improving their lives by building the light rail through parts of east J’lem so their workers can get to their jobs faster. and they wrecked their part of it. Too bad now they will have to take a bus, walk or drive. Israel should not pay sheqel 1 to repair their roads or infrastructure. Cut off their electricity and water. They don’t pay their bills anyways.

  3. KIll the violent ones. If you imprison them, Netanyahu will continue to release them in the hundreds. He is much too much concerned about a world that hates his country and his people to constantly give in to their worthless entreaties.Why not stick to 5-10 for an Israeli life, and two for an Israeli body? After all the released will return to killing Jews and to supporting the Muslim fifth column in Israel. Stop trying to sidle up to the haters in Europe and Obama’s administration and protect your own people already. Any fifth columnists should be repatriated to pals. territory.

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