Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Ministry of Defense
The confiscated contraband substance

A new laboratory established by Israel’s Land Crossings Authority in the Ministry of Defense at the Kerem Shalom crossing between Gaza and Israel is already proving its worth. On Wednesday, the ministry announced the new lab had thwarted an attempt to smuggle several tons of explosives through the crossing into the hands of terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

The new chemical laboratory established at the Gaza entrance for goods, began it operation in recent weeks, examining chemical substances. Shortly after the lab’s inauguration, a truckload of car lubricants arrived at the crossing and raised the suspicion of security checkers, who took samples of the oils and transferred them to the nearby lab. A short while later the lab discovered a dangerous substance intended for the production of large quantities of explosives.

The new security lab at the Kerem Shalom crossing / Photo credit: Courtesy of the Ministry of Defense

The laboratory is a joint project of the Crossings Authority in the Ministry of Defense and the Shin Bet security service. Lab experts examine a wide range of substances, using advanced equipment: gases, liquids, powders, metals and other substances – before the trucks carrying them are allowed to enter the Gaza Strip.

Sampling the confiscated contraband substance / Photo credit: Courtesy of the Ministry of Defense

Head of the crossings authority, Brig. Gen. (Res.) Kamil Abu Rokon, said that the establishment of the laboratory would expand the toolbox available to the security forces in dealing with smuggling attempts into the Gaza Strip.

“The Laboratory capabilities are added to the larger discovery system, which includes a variety of means, the most important of which is the human factor – the security checkers at the crossings,” Abu Rokon said, noting that “with well-informed work, we are now able to locate any contraband substance which could aid the terror elements in the Gaza Strip.”