Photo Credit: Ran Dahan / TPS
IDF rescue staging area outside village of Al Fawwer, which 2 female soldiers mistakenly entered on Nov. 8, 2017.

UPDATE 9:54 AM – The car with the two female soldiers has just left the PA village on its own.

Just before 9 AM, Arab sources in the Mount Hebron region reported that two female soldiers made a wrong turn and mistakenly entered the Al Fawwer “refugee camp”.


As of 9:30 AM the women have not been rescued.

Their car has been stoned and at least one firebomb was thrown at them. They are uninjured, according to a TPS report.

Members of the DCO (District Coordination Office), the IDF office that coordinates between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, are trying to get the two extracted through diplomatic means.

The IDF has set up a staging area just outside the village in case they have to go in, if the DCO’s efforts fail to retrieve them.

Reports came in at 9:54 AM that the car with the two soldiers exited the village on its own.