Photo Credit: IDF
IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot discusses security issues after three personnel were killed and a fourth seriously wounded in a terror attack at Har Adar on Sept. 26 2017

New security protocols are to be implemented next week when the Jewish community of Har Adar reopens its rear gate in the wake of September’s (2017) deadly terror attack.

For a start, from now on, those who choose to employ workers from the Palestinian Authority will be required to supervise them at all times, and will need to file an updated request.


Work permits issued to PA citizens prior to the terror attack that left three people dead two months ago at the rear gate of the community, are no longer valid.

The entrance, known as the “Biddu Gate,” has been closed since the attack. It will reopen Sunday with new, advanced inspection and protection protocols.

Palestinian Authority citizens entering to work in the community will need to produce work permits and identification papers — but they will also have to walk through a metal detector as well — and they will no longer be allowed to enter the community alone.

The employer will be required to pick up the PA worker at the gate, and will also have to accompany that employee throughout the day.

An approved, armed guard will be required at any site where two or more Palestinian Authority workers are present. No Palestinian Authority citizen will be allowed through the front gate without advance approval.

The security measures, while strict, were implemented “for the sake of everyone’s safety,” said Har Adar local council head Chen Filipovitz in a letter to Har Adar residents, who live less than an hour from Jerusalem.