I said, Why? And he said, the shalom beis (tranquility of the home) you’re going to bring, the shiduchim (matches) you’re going to make, from what you do.

He said it like that. And then he looked and saw that my birthday was beis Iyar (the second day of the month of Iyar), which in the Omer count order of sephirot (the Kabbalistic emanations of God into the world, whose order is recited between the Seder night and Shavuot) is Tiferet sh’b’Tiferet (the Glory level of the Sephira of Glory – meaning the most beautiful point on the most beautiful vector, very simplistically put, of course – YY).


So he says, This is what you need to do. And he kept saying, shalom bayis and shiduchim.

I went back to my wife and I told her the story, and she said, OK, now you have your answer, now you’re settled.

So I went through all the required training, and now I’ve been quite successful performing cosmetic surgery for some time, Baruch HaShem. And what the Rebbe said has exactly come true. I see women after childbirth – and when a woman’s body has been ravaged by childbirth, I can really be useful in restoring her – and there’s your shalom beis (meaning she is desirable to her husband again – YY).



Before and After

Yanover: What does it say about us as a nation that we are willing to spend so much money to look less Jewish?

Salzhauer: That’s a very good question. You know, I go through the comments in these articles, not just the ones in the Jewish Press, and there’s a certain percentage in the population which is against plastic surgery lechatchilah (as an option altogether). Something about it doesn’t sit right for them.

Yanover: My own natural response would be, Why would someone want to mutilate themselves? And why would anyone wish to turn themselves into a sexual object this way?

Salzhauer: There were also comments by people who said that it is gneivas da’as (deception). You fix her nose, you make her pretty, and then the kids end up looking nothing like her.

People are afraid they’d be deceived when they pick a spouse. There’s a deep seated psychology there, they want to know what they’re getting.

On the other hand, what was the aim of Hitler, may his name be blotted – he wanted the purest blood, the purest genes, he wanted everyone to look a certain way. And in fact, there was a case in Ohio where a plastic surgeon was murdered by a neo-Nazi for making people look more Aryan than they naturally were.

The question, then, is, are we Jewish because we have a big nose? Is that what our identity has come down to? That we would be compelled to say, I’m not changing because looking this way means I’m Jewish, because of the way that my genes are expressed externally?

If you get down to it, I think it’s wrong. Our Judaism is expressed in our actions, in the deeds that we do. But there are people, and let me tell you, some of them are among the most secular Jews you’ll ever meet, they won’t step in a shul, but you offend their nose, they’ll let you have it – because that’s the identity that they’ve latched on to.

Beauty is not entirely subjective. Psychologists have dome studies where they take images of faces and they show them to people from different cultures all over the world, and there are certain patterns, certain symmetries, certain facial shapes, that are more attractive than others in everyone’s eyes, no matter where they grew up.

There is something in the human psyche that prefers a certain kind of beauty.

When you said “mutilate” before, you cut right to my heart. The point is not to mutilate, the point is to enhance. The techniques we have today involve a knife, but if it wasn’t surgery, if they didn’t have to be put to sleep, if there wasn’t any risk involved, if you could just walk into a box, press a button and suddenly you’d look different, I don’t think there would be as much objection. But there would probably be some objection, still.



I’m issuing a real plea to shadchanim, to send me their clients who might need cosmetic surgery but can’t afford it.

Yanover: How can you afford it, though? What will you do if 20 young women show at your door for their free nose jobs?

Salzhauer: They may not all get it the same day…



  1. Nice of this surgeon to offer, but all these people’s noses were perfectly fine! They were all nice looking people. What kind of world do we live in where people think that noses like that are not-good looking???

  2. Let me get this straight. Not only are the guys in question dweeby, unemployed with nothing of worldly value to offer a wife, and unable to date without their MOMMIES doing basically everything for them, but when (aggressively pre-screened) women line up for them them out of a sincere and innocent belief that they stand to gain a place in heaven-something that would NEVER happen in any other culture- what do we get but complaints that the women aren't pretty enough!

    What a bunch of ungrateful pigs!

    I am so sick of the constant emphasis the frum community places on men and their taavos for female beauty! What about women's taavos? Your typical person in America knows surprisingly.
    little about the female orgasm. Where is the article about that? Why isn't this plastic surgeon offering anything for male enhancement? Apparently taava only goes one way.

    By the way, my Chinese mother in law absolutely does not believe that the kollel system exists. She cannot accept that a mother would let her daughter marry an unemployed man.

  3. On the one hand, it seems that Mr. Salzhauer is offering a kindness with his free service (although this does give him free advertising), but it is outrageous for Jewish women to be objectified like cattle and for beauty to be reduced to such a limited standard. The woman in the photo has nothing wrong with her nose! It is an inoffenive aqualine nose. What about Jewish men who are bald, short, or fat, and that is the majority. You are not publishing articles on hair recovery or the need for frum men to have more physically active life styles. Also, what message does this send to girls? The fact is, men who put such a premium on beauty and weight are unworthy. I am not opposed to cosmetic surgery when it makes individuals happy, but it should not be the result of societal pressure and by publishing this article, that is what the Jewish Press is endorsing. You are harming our Jewish community of both women and girls.

  4. Having been fortunate to be assigned a nice nose, I grew up with many girls who didn't! No one was religious so it had nothing to do with anything other than how unhappy they were with what they saw in the mirror everyday. This was not plain old vanity….This was plain old god-awful ugly! And something that could be almost easily be taken care of. I have known lots of Long Island Jewish girls who got nose jobs after they were 16-17 years old. The self-confidence it gave them was amazing! There is nothing wrong with doing something that makes you feel good about yourself as a human being. Comparing penis size to a girls looks is ridiculous! Maybe if the guys had to wear them on the outside, that may be different! Frum guys need to be more concerned about their either way to skinny bodies or their way too fat bodies at such young ages! Girls wanting nose jobs is about girls wanting nose jobs. If you can change your figure so you fell better about yourself (dieting, which ain't easy! Lot harder than a nose job) then do it! If you are a girl and don't care then by all means, don't do it! And NEVER do it for anyone other than yourself!

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