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"From the river to sea..." Oct. 13, 2023

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Federal Judge Roy Altman were busy on Monday helping to clean red paint and graffiti off the windows of a downtown kosher bagel shop in the city.


The restaurant, Holy Bagels, was vandalized over the weekend — again — by an antisemitic goon.

Owner Josh Nodel, who also has a second bagel shop in Miami Beach, says both stores have been vandalized four times by antisemitic since the start of the October 7th war against Israel launched by Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists from Gaza.

“We’ve been targeted because of hate, because they know we are Jewish, we are supporters of Israel,” Nodel told reporters.

“FREE PALESTINE” and “STOP GENOCIDE” was slathered across the store windows in bright red paint, presumably intended to symbolize blood.

The antisemitic, genocidal message – see in countless similar attacks across the country — is clear.

“My grandparents went through the 1940s in Europe, and this is how it started, spray painting Jewish businesses, we will not allow antisemites to silence us here, to convince us that the West is broken or bad,” Altman told reporters, explaining why he came out to help.

“I think this is meant to scare people, to try to give the impression that we don’t control our city, that our city can be overrun by acts of illegality and hate and that’s not acceptable to us,” Suarez added.

Security company owner Auggie Mejia, meanwhile, has offered to provide free patrols, calling the vandals “cowards.”

Police have released the security camera footage showing a man spraying the windows and doors, and then ripping down a “Stand With Israel” banner displayed outside the shop.

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