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October 25, 2016 / 23 Tishri, 5777
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Nearly Half the Dutch Believe Israel Trying to Exterminate Arabs

The Dutch believe Israel is the greatest threat to world peace and that it is trying to exterminate the Palestinian Arabs

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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (L) at the President's Residence in Jerusalem, with Israel's President Shimon Peres, Dec. 8, 2013

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (L) at the President's Residence in Jerusalem, with Israel's President Shimon Peres, Dec. 8, 2013
Photo Credit: Mark Neyman/GPO/Flash 90

In response to an alarming finding from a study conducted last year by the University of Bielefeld, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has sent a letter to the deputy prime minister of the Netherlands, calling on him to take immediate steps to counter the spike in ugly anti-Semitism and anti-Israel attitudes amongst the Dutch.

That study revealed that nearly 39 percent of Dutch citizens hold extreme, inflammatory ideas about Israel.  Among other appalling views, this large cohort of Dutch believe that “Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians,” Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper reminded Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Frans Asscher.

In other words, about five million Dutch believe that Israel is engaged in a genocide against the Palestinian Arabs.

Cooper discussed the disturbing results of the Bielefeld study with Asscher when Cooper visited the Netherlands last April, shortly after the results of the study were made public. He also discussed the issue with various parliamentarians when he visited the Hague last month.

But although Asscher publicly called the issue “worrisome” and “unacceptable,” according to the SWC, no action has yet been taken, and that in itself is unacceptable.

“An important first step should be a government-ordered study to trace how such an utterly false and insidious image of Israel was created,” Cooper wrote to Asscher in a letter he released on Thursday, Feb. 13.

“Those who conceive and promote an unjustified extreme criminal view of others should be exposed and held accountable in the Court of Public Opinion,” added Cooper.

“We know too well from the 1930s in Germany what can happen when the delegitimization and demonization of a people goes unchallenged.”

Austrian-born Israeli scholar Manfred Gerstenfeld has written a great deal on the subject of contemporary European anti-Semitism.

Gerstenfeld pointed out in an article last year that an earlier study of European hostility towards Israel, one carried out for the European Union and carried out by Eus Gallup Europe as a flash survey of the EU’s Opinion Polls had an equally astounding finding.

That Eurobarometer revealed that most European countries believe Israel is the biggest threat to world peace. The only European country at that time in which fewer than half of all citizens believed Israel constitutes a threat to global peace was Italy, for whom a mere 52 percent did not feel that way.

According to that Eurobarometer, which was published in 2003, a whopping 74 percent of the Dutch believe that Israel constitutes a threat to world peace. That’s more than believe North Korea constituted such a threat (70 percent), or that Iran was such a threat (64 percent), or that Russia was such a threat (a mere 25 percent). The United States was considered a threat to world peace by 64 percent of those living in the Netherlands.

Cooper told the Dutch politician he will be sending Gerstenfeld’s book “Demonizing Israel and the Jews,” which analyzes the results of various studies dealing with European anti-Semitism.  The lack of an aggressive response to understand and correct the misconceptions will have dire consequences.

The rabbi also offered the SWC’s help in undertaking a study that “would focus on how this climate was created and what can be done to remedy this unacceptable situation. I believe it would spark a necessary national discussion among Dutch leaders and citizens.”

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the U.S. correspondent for The Jewish Press. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email: Lori@JewishPressOnline.com

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. Ronnie Pleet says:

    Where are these lies being printed/how spread?

  2. Clo Clo says:

    Oh the Dutch & their Oslo accords!!!

  3. Elise Ronan says:

    Everyone thinks that the Dutch are such liberal and understanding people. But we need to remember that the Jewish community of the Netherlands was more devastated by the end of WW2 than the Jewish community of Poland. That only happened because fo the complicity of the Dutch themselves. It seems they really haven't changed.

  4. Are they aware of the numbers in that scenario? Have they ever looked at a map?

  5. This is so sad at one time they were very pro Israel

  6. how can this world be so brainwashed??

  7. My husband and I don’t believe that. … but I’m greatly disturbed that they are not the only ones who think this. I fight the denominational church on their horrendous idea that the church has replaced Israel, that all the promises to Israel now belong to the church. Thinking Christians don’t believe this.

  8. What? They need to read the Koran and see how the Muslims have a goal to push Israel into the sea.

  9. I have read the Koran, Israel is not the evil one here, the Arabs are.

  10. Al Resnick says:

    Islamic propaganda

  11. Jo Torres says:

    They need to count how many Arabs there are trying to exterminate one tiny country called Israel. It should be obvious that their premise is false.

  12. 15 million trying to kill 1.5 billion? really?

  13. Well would the arabs exterminate Israel?

  14. Thats the jihad taking Eurabia

  15. May be the europeans deserve to live under sharia

  16. May be the europeans deserve to live under sharia

  17. Lani Lowell says:

    They must be smoking a lot of weed, or blinded by the lights in the red district.

  18. So what if they are. Israel is attacked daily. What about that Jack.

  19. David Cutler says:

    Are those folks FOR REAL???? How can supposedly educated people be so stupid??

  20. Allen Miller says:

    The Dutch are Anti-Semites!

  21. they must have been indoctrinated with censored news and more

  22. do they have their heads stuck some where. The arabs have made it no secret that they hate Israel and want it eliminated.

  23. don’t forget what the Dutch did to the Jews the half of them sold the Jews for a pound of sucker to the Germans during ww2

  24. The fruit of the years of propaganda made by their journalists and politicians.

  25. The Dutch thats hard to beleive they were usually nice to us

  26. Len Forster says:

    I’ve spent a lot of time around the dutch, when I lived in Spain (where many of them live) and in Holland. Most dutch believe no such thing and those who do are either stupid and easily led astray by anti-semites. The rest are very supportive of us Jews and our Jewish homeland.

  27. Val Anderson says:

    God has Israels back

  28. Obviously the facts are not reaching them but Pallywood is.

  29. Alex Salomon says:

    full of islamics, BUT Belgium and France much worse

  30. This is the real Zionist Occupation. While they intentionally use the term only in application of the gov’t of the State of Israel, which is indeed under the British sphere of influence; the rest of the British Imperial atrocity all over the world, goes unnoticed and taken for granted.


  31. Alain Attal says:

    the dutch, I went to Germany and Austria 5 times and they are still mean and perverts…

  32. Alain Attal says:

    Doreen you know what the zionnists think of people like you ? … I let you guess ..

  33. Then Dutch media must be as honest as ours is!!!

  34. Lisa Kamins says:

    so the Dutch must be not only ignorant, but really, really stupid. I guess that must be the case as they have outlawed ritual slaughter, yet they are very big on exporting animal skins for fur.

  35. That’s called projection from the Dutch ! They have fallen prey to the enemy !

  36. Are the Dutch that stupid .!

  37. Dumb ass retard Dutch.

  38. The Dutch not good at the Math..

  39. Sigh… I wish you would do some exterminating of that muslim bunch!

  40. There are a lot of Dutch people who love Israel. I am one of them. My Parents in law hit in the second world war a Jews lady, who is now living with her children and grandchildren in Israel.
    Shalom Israel. We stay behind you and pray for you.

  41. there are some Dutchman who smoke weed, but 95 % does not do this, so we are not blinded speak not so generally about my country.
    Please don't blame the Netherlands for something we did in the past. We love Israel, the only problem is,the media do not hear our voices, but listen to some anti-Semites, that is what you hear and read in your newspaper. Shalom Israel

  42. Jacob Zimmerman says:

    As a dutchman I can assure you that the majority of the dutch people love the jewish people. Do not believe the lies of some media! The results of this "research" are not true.It is true that some are being brainwashed by bds-activist etc. They are a minority,but they make noise as if they are a majority. I just read an article of a dutch writer I admire : An Open Letter To The Friends Of Israel
    by LEON DE WINTER posted on FEBRUARY 14, 2014
    There are many wonderful and enlightened friends of Israel who know exactly what Israel should do to secure everlasting peace with the Arabs. First thing is to remove its military presence in the West Bank. Next thing is to open the borders with Gaza.

    Israel’s friends know precisely that this will lead to the same peace Luxemburg has with Belgium or France, which is a boring peace—those are the best.

    Israel’s friends are completely convinced that the problems Israel has with the Palestinian leaders in Gaza and in Ramallah originate in Israel’s stubbornness regarding the Gaza blockade and its insane safety demands on the West Bank. Israel’s friends claim: open the border, withdraw, and eternal peace can be welcomed.

    Israel’s dear friends cannot imagine that the Hamas leaders don’t care for peace; it may be so that the Hamas guys are only happy when they wage wars—that they abhor peace. Peace would be a capitulation, the acceptance of the loss of Haifa and Jaffo, and this humiliation is worse than eternal warfare, at least, in the eyes of the Hamas gentlemen.

    But who says that true friends of Israel like Martin Schulz and John Kerry are totally wrong? In theory they could be right. Never exclude a theoretical truth.

    So we have to ask questions. The first question is: can Israel’s friends take responsibility for the actions they want Israel to take? The next question is: what happens if they are wrong?

    It may be time to come up with a proposal Israel’s dear friends in the powerful corridors of the EU and Washington DC should make. It is a serious thing they should consider. They should offer it to Israel together with their peace proposals.

    As Israel’s friends know, there are many European Muslim men fighting in Syria. They know how to pack a bomb in a backpack, decapitate the enemy, fire a homemade rocket, rape women. In other words: creative, courageous young men, these fighters. But it will be difficult to re-integrate them the moment they return to their wonderful homes in Hamburg or Rotterdam or Lyon or Leicester. They are fighters. And they need a job.

    In order for Israel’s friends to convince Israel that Israel is wrong about the sweet men running the shows Gaza and the West Bank, that these men just want get their Amazon orders as fast as the Israeli’s, Israel’s friends should hire the returning and very experienced Syria fighters.

    And they should propose the following: ‘Dear Israel, we are totally convinced that you are the problem. Make an end to the Gaza blockade, withdraw from the Jordan Valley and remove your ridiculous roadblocks. You will notice: the Palestinians are going to love you. We understand you are concerned about your safety, dear Israel. But we believe you are over-concerned. You are obsessed with safety and you cannot see anymore how lovely the Palestinian leaders are. They like Beyoncé as well. The watch Breaking Bad as well. But you are wrong, Israel, and we are right. So we promise: in case the Palestinians shoot rockets to your towns, we will deliver the same rockets to our Syria veterans, and they are free to shoot these rockets to Brussels and Washington DC. Same distance, same weapons. Because: why would we ask from you what we don’t believe in ourselves?’

    ‘So: do what we say. No blockade. No roadblocks. And if there are shootings and rockets, we will punish our own population. We are so convinced that we are right and you are wrong, that we can say: one to ten, okay? If one of your people dies, we will ask our refined Syria veterans to shoot and fire rockets until we have ten deaths ourselves.’

    It would be wonderful if John Kerry, at his next visit to Jerusalem, would propose such an arrangement. It promises interesting employment for the Syria veterans, and it creates real believability. John Kerry should say: ‘There will be peace, and if not, I will give some Jihadi’s a green card so they can do to us what I forced you to do to yourself.’ Oh, boy, in that case we easily can put our trust in him. I am looking forward to John’s next speech. It is called: ‘I would never ask you to do something I would never do myself’. It could also be the title of a Broadway Song.

  43. They are lazy to read and lazy to find the truth.

  44. Kath Stieber says:

    :'( Such lies, why are they believing the lies? Can’t “any” of them read or hear or think?

  45. Not true!!! Its the other way around!!!

  46. Peggy Green says:

    If you do not learn from History you are going to repeat it. Was not the holocaust, including Jews from Holland not enough. Or are there too many there who are Islamic that you are afraid to stand up and be counted. Anti semitism kills. Ask the Corrie Ten Boom family.

  47. Yeah but they allso believed Tulips were valuable.So no changes there then?! 😉

  48. wonderful what money buys…

  49. John Staring says:

    Considering half of the Netherlands is occupied by dole bludging islamists it is no wonder they came up with this statistic.

  50. I blame the media, with their constant bias and systematic lies about Israel, they also fuel antisemitism by association. The media should be held responsible for creating a climate of hate and racism.

  51. Moishi Cohen says:

    the europeans are very gullible, yes indeed, but aside from that we have already seen enough of them over the past two millennia and as much as we tried its no use with them so we really don’t care anymore what they think, we are a too ancient people for these newcomers who are on their way out, if they ever want to survive past the 21st century, they first need to learn how much they don’t know

  52. Some people will believe anything – a propagandist's wet dream.

  53. two questions:
    1. Of those 39% how many are muslims?
    2. Are Dutch really stupid enough to believe that if Israelis tried to exterminate "Palestinian" Arabs, they would be this incompetent?

  54. Hang on to your hats, folks. We are in for a REALLY bumpy ride.

  55. Lina Deza says:

    Not true, I read in the news, Iran wanna annihilate the Jewish people!

  56. Alan Kardon says:

    This attitude didn't happen overnight. The Dutch attitude was never pro Jewish. Do they have a large foreign population of anti semites living there? What is being done to get the truth out?

  57. I believe that European fantasies about Israelis "exterminating Arabs" are projections of what some gentiles want to do to Jews.In a strange turnabout – which secular Jews will not or cannot understand – the less Christian Europe becomes the more anti-Semitic it becomes. Ironic are the paths of history as well as are the ways of the Holy One.
    Ephraim Yisrael Rubinger

  58. Well if it is, it’s not doing a very good job!

  59. Edward Lobel says:

    nearly half the dutch are idiots!

  60. “Nearly half the Dutch believe Israel is trying to exterminate the arabs “ … nearly half the dutch are now muslim …. where are the true demographic stats ??

  61. The Arabs are Exterminating the Arabs ? WTH ?

  62. With all the news they must see on how Islamatics have a blatant disregard for human life, they seem a little too eager to believe Israel is the monster in the room. Either they've been holding on to anti-Semitic beliefs all these years and are easily persuaded to believe whatever lies they are told or they are fearful and know that since the Islamatics won't budge on the issue of Israel, they think the best option is to have Israel do the budging.

    But as ethnic cleansing is something only monsters commit, the danger is that while Europe has been apathetic to Israel's security issues in the past, when they view Israel as monsters, that apathy will turn to action against Israel and the Jewish people in those lands. Europe, wake up. Who is raping your women? Who kills your artists for expressing themselves or exposing the truth? Who straps bombs to children? Who believes they can gain a life of hedonism in heaven for an act of terrorism on earth?

    I think they're just afraid of confronting the real monster themselves, so like a beta who supports an alpha bully, they're either going to stand back and let the bully have his way or they'll join him in an attempt to win favor with him. And that's giving europeans the benefit of the doubt that they're just cowards, not monsters themselves…

  63. That’s odd, they breed like rabbits so they can blow themselves up to kill everyone that doesn’t follow them yet people think they are being abused….not even laughable.

  64. Yoshua ten Berge says:

    I am a Dutch Jew and a GREAT fan of Israel , after reading this article I was flabbergasted, OK there are a lot of dutch ( morocans, arabs etc.) who are realy anty Jew but the Half of the Dutch population? No sir, that is far to much there are a lot of dutch people who are very pro Israel.
    Unfortunately they don't dare to speak anymore because a small group of
    palestinian lovers most are from the same politic group (PvdA) a small group but with very big mouths and they over shout every normal debat about Israel So please don't say : "the Half of the Dutch population"
    because you offended a lot of Dutch people.

  65. Earl W. Littlefield Jr says:

    An ignorant population is the goal of tyrants and their propaganda machines disguised as "the media"……

  66. One needs to point at the origin of this blood libel comes from…anti-Semitism of whom? Just the Dutch people or the Dutch people who are now so well mixed with the Moslems in their midst? They are despicable

  67. Mimi Stein says:


  68. Half the Dutch population are Muslim.

  69. Debunking the Israel commits Genocide Blood Libel
    The narratives that Israel commits “genocide against the Palestinians,” “Israel commits ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians,” and “Israel is a Nazi state,” implying Israel exterminates the Arab-Palestinians, are all blood libels.
    Arab-Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria a/k/a "West Bank" and Gaza has increased approximately 250% since 1967, from approximately 1 million to approximately 2.5 million. This kind of population growth is commonly referred to as a population explosion.
    Check out Ben Zimmerman, Mike Wise and Roberta Seid’s book on the population in Judea and Samaria a/k/a "West Bank" and Gaza.
    It is on line at: http://www.biu.ac.il/Besa/MSPS65.pdf:
    The Arab population in Judea and Samaria a/k/a "West Bank" and Gaza grew from 942,000 in 1967 to 2,466,000 in 2003. It is also found that the Palestinian Authority had inflated their population numbers, so that instead of the 3.8 million they claimed were in Judea and Samaria a/k/a "West Bank" and Gaza in 2003, the real count was 2, 466,000.
    Either way, there was substantial population growth, with the population growing over 250% in that time period according to our data. The Palestinian Authority data would suggest even higher growth – almost 4 times the original population.
    This Blood Libel needs to be taken to the International Court of Justice.

  70. JD Ledford says:

    The Dutch are idiots!

  71. Stooopid. Just stupid.

  72. Moa Sahli says:

    not really. most of the business is with the saudies 🙂

  73. Eduardo Mazo says:

    they had nuclear others not.

  74. Israel is the size of New Jersey… Think about that for a minute!

  75. The most ignorant people in the world. Unbelievable.

  76. Mike Raleigh says:

    Well you have consider the have about a 35% muslim population now so go figure

  77. Stu Katz says:

    Right, that is why the Nazi’s conquered Holland in hours, because those morons don’t have a clue what is happening around them.

  78. Joel Zelnik says:

    They had many quislings who turned in their Jewish citizens to the Nazis.

  79. Ira Berkowitz says:

    that, "1/2 of the dutch", that believe this may well be all their, "immigrants", from morroco, turkey, syria, indonesia, etc.

  80. dumd Dutch………..do they live on the moon?

  81. Pedro Acosta says:

    I thought the Dutch were smarter than that.

  82. With the drug availability there I am surprised they know up from down.Israel just wants to be left alone.

  83. Gil Cuffari says:

    not only the Dutch..I have serious concerns about Bibi

  84. It is a shame that they can’t.

  85. The Israelis could build 100 camps for extermination and they could not exterminate the Arabs if they ever even considered such an absurd thing. I talk to Muslims. I have respect for them—more than I do Christians by far, although we fuss and argue over Israel. I don’t hate Muslims, and I would hate any type of wholesale murder of anyone. And children? Never, never, never.

  86. Nathanial van Hout says:

    as a third generation dutchman, i am absolutely appalled that my fellow 'countryman' are saying this… i second your first point, especially since europe is been overtaken by muslims..

  87. the so-called "Dutch" are muslims. see pictures of who the media call "British". it is all flowing from a media sewer that will disseminate anything anti Jewish regardless of how foul and fake. and the internet where the anti semite crackpots all hang out.

  88. John Fluger says:

    …their media must be as bad as ours…

  89. I am Dutch and love Israel and its people, though Mr Rubinger has a point as the Netherlands are partly taken over by the muslima and christianity is on the wane in Holland. the muslim have been told to either lean the language and adjust to the Dutch ways, or leave, as the citizens of Holland find themselves strangers in their own land

  90. Zvika Anosh says:

    It is a bad joke to hear such fabricated stories which are so removed from the reality as I know it !!!! Get ready Europa for what is coming to you as it is already showing so clearly in Denmark, Sweden,Norway, Netherlands , England ,France , where the Muslims are claiming their territories in those European countries … keep blaming Israel for your own dysfunctional governments via s vie the Palestinian and the Muslim problem in your own countries

  91. Alberto Calo says:

    The power of the Arabs information system

  92. Anonymous says:

    Those Dutch are either Islamic supremacists who want to kill all non-Moslems, or descendents of Nazi collaborators in the Holocaust.

  93. Kjeld Hesselmann says:

    Anne Frank and her family met their destiny, not due to German police but to a Dutchman. Whether it was of greed (money was awarded) or Nazi conviction, isn’t relevant here. Facts are that Jews at that time couldn’t trust their gentile neighbors.
    Today I think that the Moslem anti-Semitism plays a significant role. Counter-propaganda has to be launched, and it cannot be too fast.

  94. Larry Singleton says:

    “Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion and Promoting Terrorism” by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa and Prof. Ronald J. Rychlak

  95. Jane Smith says:

    Europe has always hated us. It wasn't even 100 years ago that they tried to wipe out every single one of us on earth. And not the first time either. Spain tried to wipe us out too. And Russia too. Etc. Makes me want to take up arms.

  96. Where are the numbers? look at Syria if you want to see Muslims dieing. and Jordan is harder on PA the Israel .

  97. I am also Dutch, not Jewish, and I love Israel! I'm rooting for you guys 😀 The rest are just idiots and should not be accounted for including our idiot government 😛 They haven't got a clue what they are doing so I hope we have re-elections soon and get a better (pro-Israel) government xD

  98. Well some of us have 😛

  99. Elise Ronan says:

    Debora Jansen I am glad to hear that there are sensible people in the Netherlands. Now can you help educate the rest of your country?

  100. This is what I have been writing about for years.
    With Arab oil wealth, they have the best propaganda brains in the world.
    They have convinced the world that Israel is causing a genocide against the palestinians.
    And the world belives them.
    But, strangely, the palestinians are living free from persecution. THeir numbers have trebled over the years.
    It is the PA terrrorists who have been trying to cause a genocide of Israelis.

    But the world belives every lie that is written by the PA and Arabs.


    I have read so many disgusting commenst about Israel and Jews, written by Christians that I wanted to vomit in thei faces

    Thank G-D that there are millions of Christians who support Israel and Jews.

    Thousnads of Christians visiT Israel every year. They march thru Jerusalem with banner sying WE LOVE ISRAEL WE SUPPORT ISRAEL AND THE JEWS.

  101. Ruth Hirt says:

    Please educate your people with balanced news.

  102. Ruth Hirt says:

    A balanced news dissemination is enough to bring up deceptive informations. May they be shook to reality.

  103. You all have the need of a small history lesson, pun not intended, about the Dutch. I'm Dutch and carry two passports, US and Netherlands. To understand what is happening one just needs to
    look at their WWII history. After the bombing of Rotterdam there was very little resistance to the Nazis invasion. Since 1931 a political party known as the NSB had been organized with their philosophy joining the Nazi party of Germany. It is believed that more than 40% of the Dutch believed in the principles of the NSB. After the invasion, a Dutchman, Anton Mussert, head of the NSB was put in charge of keeping the Dutch in line. He was never given political power, yet he was the number three man after the Nazis. After the war he was arrested tried and executed for high treason. He was the only Dutch national to be executed for war crimes. It was the Dutch that were responsible for the transportation of all the Jewish Dutch to the concentration camps, they were very successful in that task supported by the NSB and Anton Mussert. After the war many of the known NSBérs were humiliated, the women had their heads shaved, some were shot, yet the majority just drifted back into the Dutch society not answering for the association they had with the party and Nazis.
    So the 39 % referred to in the article seems quite reasonable since, they and the generations they have influenced are still there. Now as to the response of Muslims in the Netherlands, they are a very small percentage living there, yet they get the most attention mostly related to youth crimes. Religious faith and activity has been on the decline for several decades since the war. Muslim population only accounts for 4.8 percent of the population in the Netherlands. Christianity is about 48 per cent and 42 percent of the population saying they do not actively participated in religion.
    The Dutch always feel, think and believe that there has never been a greater person on the planet than a Dutchman. They are a proud people and when confronted with some of the infamous inhumane things they have done they bury their heads in the sand or attempt to project the fault to someone else. Items like slavery have just recently been apologized for with a small monument place in a nowhere place. Military leaving thousands to be slaughtered in Bosnia is still under discussion. The Dutch do like to discuss as long as they do not need to act today. They have a saying, you can tell a Dutchman, but you can't tell him much.
    The Dutch would like to say they are very tolerant of others, yet history inticates that claim cannot be substantiated. The Dutch would like to see all non- Dutch removed from their country regardless of political or religious beliefs. They feel they have been polluted and their culture destroyed by all the non ethnic Dutch. If you question them about the tolerance they will ignore you and state they do not want to discuss it. Very tolerant indeed!
    As a Dutchman it does not surprise me about this article.
    P.s. The NSB party was disbanded and forbidden for ever on May 6th 1945, Mussert was executed May 7th 1946 on the place where the Nazi's had executed many Dutch.
    Also the Dutch are very proud of the Royal House which has existed of non-ethnic Dutch for decades. Current King is one eighth Dutch and the rest a German mix. The Queen is Argentinean, so the next Queen of the Netherlands will be even less Dutch. That is something they do not want to discuss.

  104. Ken Kelso says:

    And the West freed Holland from the Nazis.
    I wish i knew this back in 45, i would have told Stalin take Holland and teach these Dutch a lesson.

  105. Michael Elofson says:

    It really starts to sound like Europe in the thirties where the Jews were accused of murdering Christian children. It's disgusting to see how the old anti-Semitism is back in a new guise.

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