Photo Credit: Hillel Maeir/TPS
Benzi Gopstein. (April 10, 2016)

Attorneys for the far-right organization Lehava accused police and state prosecutors for pandering to “Reform and left-wing” activists by arresting 15 group members, including leader Bentzi Gopstein, overnight between Shabbat and Sunday.

“It is clear that dragging Gopstein into court was done for show, in order to have something to show the High Court of Justice,” said Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, representing Gopstein. “In two weeks the police are scheduled to respond to an appeal filed by the Reform Movement, who are demanding that Gopstein and Lehava be brought to trial.”


“It is not unthinkable that as part of the pressure from members of the radical left, the police are doing what [the left is demanding] and falling into line by making a big show of arresting Lehava activists without even having summoned them for questioning,” Ben Gvir said Sunday.

Police units obtained search and arrest warrants last week for members of the group on suspicion of threatening and harassing Arab men who they suspect have formed romantic relationships with Jewish women.

Ten detainees were released Sunday morning, with a hearing scheduled for the Jerusalem Magistrates Court at 3:30 pm, but Gopstein remained in custody.

“There is no logical to releasing the activists and bringing only him to court when they were all arrested on suspicion of the same crime.”

“This illustrates more than anything the police considerations,” Gopstein said.